Chapter 286 : Another Companion


「Ah, welcome back, you two!」(Ruki’s sister)

When Ester and I entered the inn, Ruki’s older sister greeted us while busily walking around with a tray in each hand.

Ester and I went to the baked sweet shop on our way home, so Ruki and his sister arrived at the inn before us.

There are many people in the dining hall because it’s almost dinner time.

At the center of the dining hall, I saw Ruki wiping a table. He was pouting his lips. He didn’t look so happy, but when he noticed me, he raised his hand and smiled at me.

「Welcome back, Mark, Ester~ *hic* I’m sorry, we started eating without you.」(Celine)

When I waved back at Ruki, I heard Celine’s voice. I turned to the direction of the voice and saw Celine sitting at a table in the corner of the dining hall, holding a wooden cup and looking at me with a red face. She seemed to be drunk.

『Welcome back, Onii-chan. How’s your date with Ester~?』(Nicola)

『It wasn’t a date. We just ate baked sweets and played with the local kids. You should have come with us.』(Mark)

『Nah, I prefer to take a nap. By the way, what kind of baked sweets did you eat? Did you buy one for me?』(Nicola)

Without answering her, I approached the table where Nicola and Celine were sitting and handed her the baked sweets I bought on the way back.

「Here. I got some baked sweets for you.」(Mark)

「Waaaaii~! Thank you, Onii-chan!」(Nicola)

But before Nicola could take it, Celine snatched it away.

「Nicola-chan, you shouldn’t eat sweets before you finish your dinner.」(Celine)

「Uhh… Okay…」(Nicola)

Well, Celine’s certainly right.

I put the baked sweets back into my Item Box.

Nicola lowered her eyebrows and pouted at me.


『Well, I’m sorry. Tell Celine if you have complaints.』(Mark)


While I was talking with Nicola via telepathy, Ruki’s older sister approached us.

「Hello, guys. Are you going to sit at the same table as these ladies?」(Ruki’s sister)


Ester and I sat at the same table as Celine and Nicola.

Celine was drinking red wine while eating something that looked like a pie.

「What is that? A pie?」(Mark)

「It’s onion pie. It’s a local dish here in Lev Village. It’s good but the locals here are tired of eating this kind of pie since the specialty product here is onions and we have too many of them. However, we serve this pie here because it goes well with wine.」(Ruki’s sister)

While Ruki’s older sister was explaining, Celine thrust her fork into a piece of onion pie on her plate and took it into her mouth.

「It’s pretty good, you know~ *hic* Onee-san, I want to buy three more of this pie to eat on our way home tomorrow. Can you wrap them up for me? *hic*」(Celine)

「Of course, but onion pie doesn’t last very long. Please keep that in mind. So, you two, what do you want to eat for dinner? Personally, I would recommend the one that this girl is eating.」(Ruki’s sister)

Saying that, Ruki’s older sister pointed at Nicola’s plate.

It seems that Nicola is eating a meat wrapped cabbage roll with rich brown sauce. It looks delicious.

「Alright. I’d like some of this and some white bread. What about you, Ester?」(Mark)

「I want the same as Mark!」(Ester)

「Okay~ Please wait a minute.」(Ruki’s sister)

Ruki’s older sister walked back to the counter to tell our orders to the workers in the kitchen.

After that, a man with a red face called out to her.

「Oi, Tio, bring me more ale, please!」(drunk man)


Ruki’s older sister, whose name seemed to be Tio, immediately brought another wooden glass of ale to the drunk man’s table.

「Aa-ah… Thinking that I won’t be able to see this beautiful ass of yours for a while makes me sad…」(drunk man)

Saying that, the man tried to touch Tio’s butt, but Tio quickly dodged his hand with quick footwork and slapped the back of his hand.

「Geez, you never learn! You can’t touch my butt, but you can touch my brother’s, so please don’t stop being our customer, okay?」(Tio)

「O, Onee-chan!? What the heck are you talking about!?」(Ruki)

Tio seemed to be joking, but Ruki couldn’t help but be surprised.

「Oi, I don’t have such weird hobbies, okay? I’m not interested in kids! However, since the food here is good, I’ll come back again just to eat delicious food.」(drunk man)

「Me too, of course!」
「It’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to see you for a while, but it can’t be helped.」
「We’ll always wish you good luck, Tio-chan!」
「Guys, let’s drink to our heart’s content and see Tio-chan off with a smile!」

The customers who seemed to be this dining hall’s regulars raised their wooden glasses and shouted.

I wonder if Ruki’s older sister is going to quit her job and leave this village…

Seeing my wondering face, Nicola explained the situation with telepathy.

『It seems that she’s going to leave this village for a while. She will be riding the same carriage as us tomorrow.』(Nicola)

『Ah, I see.』(Mark)

『Judging from the conversation between her and her father, the inn’s owner, that I heard earlier, it seems that she will be going to work in her relative’s cafeteria for a while. Honestly, I’m also interested in that tight, beautiful butt of hers, so I’m happy that she’ll be in the same carriage tomorrow!』(Nicola)


Sometimes I forget that my little sister is a pervert…

Anyway, that reminds me of what Ruki said when we played together. He said that he would be busy helping his parents starting tomorrow.

He looked sad when he said that probably not because he didn’t want to help his parents, but because he didn’t want her older sister to leave.

While waiting for my food to come, I took a bite of Celine’s onion pie. I thought it would be good, but it was bland and didn’t suit my kid’s tongue. Perhaps I would like it if I had an adult’s body.

After waiting for a while, Tio came to our table with our food.

「Here’s your food. Enjoy~ Oh, right. Miss, by the way, tomorrow I will be riding the same carriage as you. I heard from my dad that you are a C-ranked adventurer. It’s reassuring to travel with a strong adventurer like you!」(Tio)

「Fufu. I’m indeed a C-ranked adventurer, but this boy is stronger than me, you know~? *hic*」(Celine)

「Ahaha! You must be joking, right? You shouldn’t drink too much. It’s not good for your health. Anyway, I just want to get along with you guys since we’re going to travel together. Well then, take your time and enjoy your meal~」(Tio)

Saying that, Tio waved her hand at us and returned to work.



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