Chapter 285 : Magic Show


The children gathered in front of the baked sweets shop approached Ester and me and surrounded us.

I wonder what they want…

「Hey, you. You’re not from here, right?」
「Where do you come from?」
「Whoa, you have weird ears!」
「She must be an elf! They have pointy ears like that.」
「Elf? Never heard of them.」(kids)

The children surrounding us were staring curiously at Ester.

「U, Umm…」(Ester)

Feeling the gazes from the children, Ester was frozen.

She’s not a shy type of person, but anyone will feel uncomfortable when people are staring curiously at them like that.

「Kids, you’re scaring her!」(baked sweet lady)

The lady selling baked sweets scolded the children from behind the counter, but the children didn’t seem to care.

「We’re not scaring her. We’re just asking her questions… So, where do you come from?」(boy)

When the short-haired boy who was a little taller than me asked the same question, Ester glanced at me with a troubled look on her face.

She didn’t seem to know what to do in this kind of situation, so I decided to answer the boy’s question in her stead.

「We came from a village far away from here.」(Mark)

After I answered the boy’s question, all the children who were staring at Ester turned their gazes toward me all at once.

「Is that so? How far is it?」(boy)

「A few days of traveling by a carriage.」(Mark)

「Ne~ ne~ Elves are good at magic, right? Can you show us some spells?」(girl)

While I was talking with the short-haired boy, there was a girl who seemed to be younger than me asked Ester with sparkling eyes. She looked excited somehow.

「Uhh… I’m not an elf. I’m a half-elf, and I’m not that good at magic…」(Ester)

Ester looked so nervous.

I think I should be the one to do the talking here.

「If you want to see magic, I can show you some of my spells.」(Mark)

「So you can use magic? Awesome! Please show us your spells!」(girl)

「Okay, but let me finish my baked sweet first.」(Mark)

「Of course!」(girl)

The girl and the other children look excited.

It seems that the people who can use magic are rare here. It reminds me of Secard Village.

「Alright. First of all, I can’t use my spells in the middle of a road like this. A large open space with a few people would be great. Is there a place like that in this village?」(Mark)

「Then how about the village square? Let’s go there.」(boy)

When the short-haired boy suggested, the other children nodded at him.

Apparently, he is the leader of this group of children.

I wonder if they named their team like we did in Fatia.

「Kids, don’t do anything bad, okay?」(baked sweet lady)

「Don’t worry, Oba-chan. We, The Pegasus Of The Grassland Team, will never do bad things! Let’s go, guys!」(boy)

Aa, they did name their team…

When the boy started walking toward the main street, the other children followed him.

Ester and I then followed them from behind, leaving the baked sweet shop.

「I’m sorry, Mark… Because of me, we got into this trouble…」(Ester)

Ester seemed to feel guilty even though she did nothing wrong.

I don’t want her to blame herself like this.

「It’s alright. Don’t mind it. No one likes to be surrounded by people and stared at like that. Anyway, let’s finish this sweet before we get to the destination.」(Mark)

「Un. Thank you, Mark.」(Ester)

Ester and I nodded at each other and started eating the baked sweets.

The surface of this sweet was kind of hard, but once I bit it, it made a crunchy sound, and the faint saltiness and sweetness of the sweet spread in my mouth as I chewed it.

「This is the first time I’ve eaten such a hard sweet.」(Ester)

「It’s indeed a bit hard, but it’s delicious.」(Mark)

「It is!」(Ester)

While we were walking, the short-haired boy turned to me and talked to me while walking backward.

「By the way, where are you staying in this village?」(boy)

「At the inn called Silver Bulb.」(Mark)

「Silver Bulb Inn? I knew it! My parents run it. It’s my home.」(boy)

Seems that this boy is the son of innkeepers like me.

「I see. Don’t you have to help your parents then?」(Mark)

「Nope. We don’t have many guests in winter after all. My parents won’t get mad even if I play all day long in winter. However, it seems that they will be a bit busy tomorrow, so I don’t think I can play tomorrow. Hahh…」(boy)

The boy sighed. He looked somewhat disappointed.

I can understand. It’s kinda depressing to have less time to play after all.

I wonder if the inn is going to take large reservations tomorrow.




By the time Ester and I finished eating our baked sweets, we arrived at our destination which was the village square.

There was a large empty building near the square that seemed to be the place for meetings and stuff.

「This is the village square. Other than the baked sweet shop, we also often gather in this place. Is it large enough to show your magic?」(boy)

「Yup. Alright then. First, I’ll show you my levitation spell. ーーLevitation!」(Mark)

I used wind-attributed mana to make my body float about three meters into the air.

「Whoaa! He’s floating!」
「Magic! It’s magic!」
「So cool!」(kids)

They seem to like it.

Alright, let’s do something else.

While floating in the air, I used light magic and created several spheres of light that looked like soap bubbles with the colors of red, blue, and green. They were floating in the air and reflecting the sunlight, creating a fantastic sight.

「They look so pretty!」
「I want those bubbles in my room!」(girls)

This spell seems to be popular with girls.

Come to think of it, I used the same spell when I first met Pamella to get close to her, but with smaller spheres.

Oh, right!

Suddenly, I came up with an idea.

It won’t be fair if I’m the only one to show my skills to these children. I want Ester to do it as well.

「Ester, do you want to show them your skills?」(Mark)

「Eh? But you know that I’m not good at magic, right?」(Ester)

「No, not magic. But your amazing physical ability.」(Mark)

Saying that, I made a ten-meter bouldering wall just like the one I built in Schultria Village.

「Ah, I see! Alright, let’s do this!」(Ester)

Ester looked so excited when she saw the bouldering wall.

She then immediately ran toward it and started climbing it quickly like a ninja.

「Uwooh! Look at her!」
「How can she move so fast like that!?」
「She’s amazing!」(kids)

After that, I made another bouldering wall but smaller, about two meters high, and then softened the ground under it with earth magic for the children who wanted to try bouldering.

Not only a bouldering wall, I also made a slider, a jungle gym, a seesaw, and many more with my earth magic.

The children were so happy. They were grateful to me.




As dusk approached, a young woman came toward us. She looked somewhat angry.

「Ruki! How long are you going to play!? Go back home already! We have guests today!」(young woman)

「O, Onee-chan!」(Ruki)

By the way, the short-haired boy’s name was Ruki. He introduced himself while we were playing together.

And this angry young woman seems to be his older sister. She seemed to be twenty years old.

The woman noticed Ester and me. She turned her face toward us and clapped her hands together.

「Ah, you must be our guests today, right? It’s almost time for dinner, so do you want to go back to the inn together with us?」(young woman)

Ester and I looked at each other for a moment and then nodded.

「Yeah, sure.」(Mark)

「Eeehhh…? But I still want to play! Mark, let’s stay for a while longer!」(Ruki)

「No, you’re going home, you little rascal!」(young woman)

「Ouch, ouch! It hurts! My eaaarr!!」(Ruki)

The young woman pinched Ruki’s ear and started walking toward the inn while pulling her little brother’s ear.

With the leader returning home, the rest of the children went home as well.

「Well, I guess it’s time for us to go back to the inn.」(Mark)


Before going back, I quickly turned the bouldering wall and the other playground equipment back into soil.

After that, Ester and I then followed Ruki and his older sister to the inn while enjoying the scenery of Lev Village.



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