Chapter 272 : Kazuul


After relaxing in Tori-san’s living room for a while, someone knocked on the front door.

ーKnock knock

「Tori-san, it’s meー」(?)

「Oh, he’s finally here. You may get inー」(Tori)

The door opened and a gentle-looking man with a brown hat covering his ears entered the house.

He is the peddler, Kazuul-san.

He looks young as if he is still in his mid-twenties, but since he is an half-elf, he is probably way older than he looks.

「Hello, guys. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」(Kazuul)

While greeting us, Kazuul-san rubbed his hands together. Seems like it’s getting colder outside.

Tori-san’s house has no fireplace, but there are magic tools that emit heat attached to the walls, so it’s quite warm here.

By the way, I ordered the same thing a while ago before winter came.

My container house was made of concrete, so it was ridiculously cold even in autumn.

At first, I thought of making a fireplace, but then I changed my mind after Tori-san told me about these magic tools.

「Hello, Kazuul-san!」(Ester)

「Kazuul-san, thank you for listening to our sudden request.」(Celine)

When Ester and Celine replied to his greeting, Kazuul-san smiled at them and sat down on an empty chair, joining us at the rounded table.

「Don’t worry about it. I always go from town to town alone, so I’m happy to have companions this time. ーAh, thank you.」(Kazuul)

While Kazuul-san was talking with Celine, Tori-san poured him tea.

He then sipped the hot tea and continued talking to Celine while smiling.

「I’m looking forward to having a great journey with you guys.」(Kazuul)

The first time I met him was when he came in the late summer.

He didn’t bring any goods that piqued my interest at that time. Because of that, I’ve never had many conversations with him, so I didn’t know him that much.

However, he seemed to be a humble and friendly man.

「Kazuul, if you don’t like being alone, you should find a wife and go from town to town with her as a couple.」(Tori)

「That would be great, but Tori-san, not many women want to marry a peddler who doesn’t stay at one place, you know.」(Kazuul)

It seems that Kazuul-san is the type of peddler who doesn’t have a permanent place to live in.

Indeed, it may be difficult for him to find a wife who wants to follow him traveling around this country.

「Well, it’s not that I give up on searching for a wife. I still hope I will meet a woman who likes traveling someday.」(Kazuul)

Kazuul-san shrugged his shoulders as he ended the conversation with Tori-san.

He then turned his face to me and Nicola and smiled.

「I believe I’ve met you two before. The last time I visited this village, I heard rumors about you. I’m Kazuul. I’m a peddler who travels from town to town, but I was born in this village.」(Kazuul)

「My name is Mark. I’m nine years old. Nice to see you, Kazuul-san.」(Mark)

「I’m Nicola! Nice to see you!」(Nicola)

「Nice to see you too. I heard a little about you from Celine. She said that you two are very good at using magic. Is that true?」(Kazuul)


「Un! Nicola can use magic!」(Nicola)

It’s not that I don’t have confidence, but it’s kind of embarrassing to honestly say “Yes”.

On the other hand, Nicola confidently confirmed and smiled at Kazuul-san with the angelic smile she was proud of.

「Hee~ So, I have a talented little magician and a cute little witch as traveling companions this time, I see. It’s gonna be a wonderful journey!」(Kazuul)

「Wait until you see what they are capable of, especially Mark. You will be surprised.」(Tori)

Tori-san grinned at me while saying that.

He seems to be expecting me to surprise Kazuul-san, but I hope we won’t encounter bandits or dangerous monsters on our way. Well, no one knows what will happen…

「Hahaha! I guess I’ll look forward to watching them in action. Well then, I think it’s the perfect time to leave this village. Celine, shall we go now?」(Kazuul)

「Yeah, let’s get going. We are ready.」(Celine)

「Oi, oi. You guys can relax a bit longer, you know? We can have breakfast before you go.」(Tori)

「Tori-jii, I’m afraid ‘that man’ will find us if we waste any more time here.」(Celine)

「Ahh… If that’s the case, then you should go now.」(Tori)

It seems that Tori-san wanted us to stay longer, but then he changed his mind after Celine told him about ‘that man’, who I believe is Deel.

「Mark, once again, thank you for everything. Come visit me again someday, will ya?」(Tori)

「I will. Thank you, Tori-sensei. Take care of yourself.」(Mark)

「You too.」(Tori)

「Nicola-chan, I’ll always be waiting for you, so let’s play together again someday! It’s a promise!」(Signa)

「Un! It’s a promise!」(Nicola)

「Mark-kun, you too. Please come again!」(Signa)

「Of course.」(Mark)

After saying our goodbyes to Tori-san and Signa, we left the house.

Celine, Ester, Nicola, and I then followed Kazuul-san to his carriage that he parked near Tori-san’s house.

Kazuul-san’s carriage has two horses and it’s much larger than the carriages I’ve ridden so far.

There are many large wooden boxes arranged neatly inside. It seems that he put the goods in those boxes.

Since Kazuul-san is a merchant, I thought his carriage would be a bit messy with goods, but it’s way tidier than I expected.

「It’s not very comfortable but you can sit on top of those boxes. They are durable, so they won’t break easily.」(Kazuul)

「Kazuul-san, I can put them in my Item Box. It will be safer that way.」(Mark)

「Oh? Mark, you are an Item Box holder? Awesome! I’m counting on you, then.」(Kazuul)


I got into the carriage, stretched my arm forward, and started putting the large wooden boxes into my Item Box.

Kazuul-san put his index finger and thumb on his chin and looked at me in awe while I was putting his goods in my Item Box.

「Whoaa… I’ve seen several Item Box holders in my journey, but I think you are the youngest one. Item Box is nice. It’s the dream Gift that merchants, including me, dream of. Mark, if you’re interested in becoming a merchant, let me know. I’ll help you and teach you everything I know. 」(Kazuul)

「Ahaha… I’ll let you know when the time comes.」(Mark)

Now there are three people who suggested that I become a merchant; Gill ojii-san, Biyan-san, and Kazuul-san.

Perhaps I would be able to make a lot of money with my Item Box if I became a merchant, but I’m not planning to decide my future career now.

After I’m done putting all the wooden boxes into my Item Box, the carriage now has plenty of space for Celine, Ester, Nicola, and me.

However, when we were about to get into the carriage, Nicola’s expression changed all of a sudden for some reason.

She looked at me with a panicked face and sent a telepathic message.

『Onii-chan, this is bad! I feel something approaching us at high speed! It must be ‘that man’!』(Nicola)

『’That man’? …Don’t tell meー』(Mark)

Right after Nicola told me that, I heard a rustling noise from the forest right next to Tori-san’s backyard.

Soon after, a man in green clothes appeared from the bushes and flew toward us.

「Fwahahaha!! Celine, do you think you can leave without my permission!?」(Deel)



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