Chapter 271 : Black Collars


When we arrived at Tori-san’s house, we were guided to the living room and sat at the rounded table. We are waiting for the peddler, Kazuul-san, to arrive.

Other than Tori-san, there was also his great-granddaughter, Signa, in the house.

Nicola and I were on good terms with her, so I guess Tori-san brought her here from her parents’ house so that we could say goodbye to her.

After listening to Tori-san while sipping her milk, Signa looked down and lowered her eyebrows.

「I see… So Mark-kun and Nicola-chan are going to leave… Say, Grandpa, can I go with them?」(Signa)

「No, you can’t. You’re not allowed to leave the village unless you are mature enough and have a Portal Stone.」(Tori)

「I see… Mark-kun, Nicola-chan, I’m going to miss you… Will you come again someday?」(Signa)

「Of course.」(Mark)

「Signa-chan, let’s play together again someday!」(Nicola)


Nicola held Signa’s hands and smiled with her angelic smile.

Signa is the only friend I made in Tori-san’s Sunday School, so honestly, it’s a bit lonely to say goodbye to her.

Seeing Nicola and Signa holding hands, Tori-san smiled at them for a moment and then he turned to me.

「Mark, I have something for you. Wait a sec.」(Tori)

Tori went to the shelf in the back of the house and returned with two items that looked like black collars.

「You always help me clean up the class, and you even built a park for the children. I’m really grateful to you. You can have them as my token of gratitude. I could only make two, but I hope these items can be of use to you.」(Tori)

While thanking me, Tori-san handed me two black collars.

They were made of black leather and there was a black magic stone embedded in each of them.

「Hee~ Mark, you’re lucky. These items are quite expensive after all.」(Celine)

Celine looked curiously at the black collars in my hands.

They seemed to be expensive, but I don’t know what they are.

「Are they magic tools or something?」(Mark)

When I asked, Tori-san answered while smirking mischievously at me.

「These are Slave Collars」(Tori)

「Seriously? So, these are…」(Mark)

These are magic items for enslaving somebody!?

Now that I look at it closely, I remember I’ve seen something similar before. If I’m not mistaken, Tyran-san’s Legion Sheep wore one of these on its neck.

Is it really okay to receive them…?

I can tell someone to do whatever I want with these collars, right?

「Hey, Mark, you’re not thinking something pervert right now, are you?」(Tori)

「What? …N, No?」(Mark)

「Just so you know, these are Monster Slave Collars. They are used for enslaving monsters, so you can’t use them on girls to do whatever you want. Are you disappointed? Khu khu!」(Tori)

「Of course not! Geez…」(Mark)

When Tori-san teased me, Ester’s cheeks turned red for some reason.

She’s not thinking that I would use it on her, right…?

「Not everybody can have Slave Collars for humans. Only the government and some people with power have them. They are dangerous items after all.」(Tori)

「Makes sense. So, how do I use these collars?」(Mark)

「First, you need to weaken the target monster. After that, put the collar on the monster’s neck, and then inject your dark-attributed mana into the collar.」(Tori)

「That’s quite simple.」(Mark)

「Mostly, monsters are not as intelligent as humans, so you can’t give them complicated orders. They will only listen to simple orders like, “Come!”, “Go!”, and “Stop!”. It will be very hard to order them to attack your enemies. Because of that, the people who use Monster Slave Collars are mostly stock farmers and breeders like Tyran.」(Tori)

「I see. So breeding monsters can be easier with these collars.」(Mark)


「But, what about the children? You need more collars for the children, right? Won’t it be more costly?」(Mark)

「No, children born from enslaved monsters are obedient, so you don’t have to put Slave Collars on them. Well, the effect of the Slave Collar will only last until the second child though. The third child won’t be as obedient as the second and the first ones.」(Tori)

「I see. I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you, Tori-sensei!」(Mark)

「You’re welcome. It’s a pleasure to know a genius child like you, Mark.」(Tori)

After saying that, Tori-san put his hand on my head and stroked my hair roughly.

I’m really glad I met him. He made various magic tools for me for these past four months while I’m here in exchange for the magic stones I collected in the mine of Sadola.

For example, a magic tool for boiling water a.k.a Hot Water Plate. It warms the water up to the temperature you want. You use it by putting it in a tank full of water.

I actually don’t need something like this since I can boil water with magic easily, but I think Mom would love it, so I asked Tori-san to make one for me a while ago.

Both Mom and Dad can use fire magic, but they don’t have a huge amount of mana like me, so Mom finds it really tiring whenever she boils water for bath. She always complains about it when we talk via Resonance Stone in the morning.

Therefore, I hope she will like this Hot Water Plate that Tori-san made.

Thanks to Tori-san I have a good souvenir to bring home. He always helps me while I’m staying in this village.

He’s kinda perverted and likes to make dirty jokes, but he’s kind to everyone, especially the children in this village. I think he’s a good teacher for them.

I’m sure I’m gonna miss him a lot.



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  1. “They are used for enslaving monsters, so you can use them on girls to do whatever you want.”
    …I’m pretty sure it’s “can’t” here?

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