Chapter 27 : Adventurer Guild


Immediately, I returned inside and went to the kitchen to tell Mom and Dad that Celine would take me outside the town during her job. I told them it was for the sake of learning the adventurer job.

「Of course~ You may go, Mark. If you’re with Celine-san, Mom can rest easy~ Besides, it’s about time for you to go outside anyway」

It seems Mom really trusted Celine; she gave me a big OK while Dad just nodded and stroked my head.

I thought we would be sitting together and discussing it more seriously, but they gave me permission immediately.
Either the outside world wasn’t as dangerous as I thought, my parents were just easy going, or they really trusted Celine; as long as I got the permission, I decided not to think deeply about it.

After that, when I asked Nicola if she wants to go too, she gave me a yes.
I was a little surprised that she wants to go outside considering she was kinda lazy. I made a surprised look, and thenー

『I might be lazy, but I haven’t forgotten my role as your support, you know!?』

ーshe said that using telepathy.






The next day.

Celine, Nicola and I left home and headed to the Adventurer Guild.

From the fountain in the south square, we walked along the main street toward the center of the town.
This was my first time walking around this area.
Until now, I only played around the area near my house where there were many houses, stalls and stores selling daily necessities such as groceries, small miscellaneous goods, second-hand clothes, ect. But in this area, there were many armor and weapon stores, as well as blacksmiths.

There was a particularly unusual building among those weapon stores.
The door of that building was similar to the one that appeared in western movies. Yes, it was the so-called western door or cowboy door.
According to my previous life memories when I play RPGs, this must be the Adventurer Guild.

When we were inside, I saw an eating and drinking space occupying the right half of the building.

A man wearing leather armor approached us after we entered the building. He seemed a little drunk. Oi. This is still morning, you know?
He then talked to Celine.

「Oi, Celine. What’s with these brats? Your illegitimate children? GwaHaHaHa!」

「That’s right~ Aren’t they cute? If you understand, stop pursuing me!」

「Ehh!? S, Seriously…? You’re kidding, right? Please… tell me you’re just kidding…」

Although he asked her himself, in the end, he was shocked by Celine’s joke and dropped his shoulders languidly.
Well, Celine is still young, but if she gave birth early, having children like us wouldn’t be strange.
In the first place, I easily can tell if it’s just a joke from Celine’s way of saying. I bet this man was quite drunk.

Celine left the man alone and headed to the other side of the eating and drinking space.
A large bulletin board was struck on the wall, and papers of various sizes were pasted on it.
Those papers must be the quest forms.

「First, we should find a quest that suits our abilities and desires, and then bring it to the counter over there. I wonder if there’s any good quest, let’s see…..」

After a while, Celine peeled off a quest form from the board.
I could see the word “goblin” at a glance.

「This is the best choice I guess. We can just take a job to collect herbs, but it would be boring, right?」

It’s not a matter of boring or not, but I think if it’s only collecting herbs, I won’t be able to know how an adventurer fights, right? So I agreed with Celine.

「Did you pick goblin?」

「Yup. It’s a goblin subjugation quest. It’s always posted everyday so it’s kinda like a permanent quest. If the number of goblins keeps increasing, they will attack people and the ranch outside the wall, so we have to constantly reduce their number」

I see. It’s like exterminating vermin, huh.

「Well, the reward for subjugating goblins is cheap, so it’s not a popular quest for experienced adventurers. But I think it’s a good quest for someone like you who wants to experience the adventurer’s job」

As she said that, Celine bent her hips and stroked Nicola’s head.
After that, she fluttered the quest form and saidー

「Alright then, I’m going to bring this to the counter….. Oh, wait. Actually, I should go to the counter by myself, but since you two are here, come, you can learn how it works」

After Celine patted my head too, she headed to one of the two reception counters where fewer people were waiting. Nicola and I also lined up together.

After a while, it was finally our turn.
Celine sat on a chair in front of the counter.

The receptionist was a beautiful woman with beautiful long black hair.
I wonder if the guild were hiring people based on how good they look.

「Good morning Celine-san….. Oh? Look at these cute party members you have today. Are you finally graduating from being a solo adventurer?」

The receptionist woman looked at us and smiled.

「Fufu. They will probably become my party members in the future. Today will be these two’s field trip, so here’s the quest」

Celine handed the quest form to the receptionist woman.
After she read the form, the receptionist woman made a confused look and asked Celine.

「Eh? I thought it would be the herbs collecting job, but… goblin subjugation? Celine-san, you understand that injuries and deaths of adventurers and their companions are at their own risk and the guild won’t compensate at all, right?」

「Of course I understand. You know me, right? If only these kids, I can protect them without problem」

「Well… If it’s Celine, I think it’s gonna be all good」

After Celine answered like that, the receptionist woman simply approved the quest and returned the form to Celine.
It seemed that Celine was recognized as a skilled adventurer in the guild.
In a small town like this, maybe C rank adventurers are rare.

Celine took out something like a card from her cleavage. She then put the card on top of the quest form and poured some mana on it.
Then, something like a pattern was drawn on the quest form. The pattern shined slightly, but after a moment, it lost its shine.
I was just looking at it strangely until Celine told meー

「Mark, this is a guild card. This card is a magic tool used to sign your quest」

I see.
I don’t know how it works, but I think it’s a better tool to prove your identity than just a handwritten signature or a stamp like in my previous world.
After that, Celine handed back the quest form to the receptionist.

Then, the receptionist took out something like a large stamp. After she stamped the form, it glowed again for a moment.
That large stamp must be some kind of magic tool too.

「Alright, it’s done now. Thank you for accepting the quest, and Celine-san, be careful. You two also, be careful and stay close to Celine-san, okay?」

Nicola and I nodded to the receptionist woman.

With this, the administration was done.

「Don’t worry. If it’s only goblins, they won’t be able to touch these kids as long as they are with me. Well then, we’re going now~」

And then we left the counter.
The receptionist woman was waving a little at us, so Nicola and I turned around, waved back and catched up with Celine.

As we left the building, I looked sideways toward the eating and drinking space.
I saw the man in leather armor from earlier. He looked more drunk than earlier. He slept with his head on the table; his face looked red.
There was a saying, “You may drink, but don’t let the drink take over”, but this man was beyond help.
Well, I’m dead because of alcohol, so I’m not the one who can say that though…



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