Chapter 262 : Meline


By the way, one of the muscular men is called Tyran. He sells Legion Sheep milk at the morning market, and he usually exchanges it for some of the cucumbers I grow every morning.

He is one of the elders just like Tori-san. He has white hair and a white beard, meaning that he is as old as Tori-san, but his muscular body doesn’t make him look old at all.

「Go, Meline, go!」(Tyran)

He then tapped the Legion Sheep’s buttocks and the large sheep began to walk, pulling out the stump slowly.

The ground was gouged out as the sheep pulled the tree stump along with its roots out of the ground.

「Meline, stop! That’s enough!」(Tyran)

This time, Tyran tapped the Legion Sheep’s back to stop it.

He then untied the stump and worked on another one.

Apparently, the Legion Sheep, whose name seems to be Meline, is used to help the men with labor work such as pulling out stumps.

While I was watching with interest, Nicola, who was standing next to me, yawned.

I like watching men working like this, but it seems to be boring for Nicola.

『Nicola, you don’t have to stay, you know? You can go home first.』(Mark)

『No, I want to stay. There will be something fascinating to watch after this, right?』(Nicola)

『Ah, you mean when they make preserved food? I wonder if they will turn that Legion Sheep into mutton in the end…』(Mark)

『Most likely. I’ve never eaten mutton from sheep-type monsters yet, so I can’t miss this opportunity! I’ll be quiet, so let me stay, Onii-chan~!』(Nicola)

Mutton from a sheep monster, huh…? Now that she mentions it, I’ve never eaten it either.

I wonder what it tastes like. Would it taste like mutton normally does?

『Well, you’re free to stay. Honestly, I want to eat Legion Sheep mutton too.』(Mark)

『Khu khu~ I knew you’re interested in it too.』(Nicola)

I might get my share of mutton if I’m staying, but… I feel kinda bad to receive something without doing anything.

Tori-san said it’s not the kind of work children normally do, but I want to do something to help.

I think I can use earth magic to fill up the holes where they pulled out the stumps from.

While I was thinking about helping them, Deel looked at me and raised his thumb up.

「Fwahaha! It’s my time to shine! Kid, I’ll show you how a professional uses magic to work! Watch me!」(Deel)

He then stood up in front of a tree trunk and used wind magic.

He created five circular saw blades made of wind, lined them up on the trunk, and then raised his hand.

「Haaaa!! Wind Slicer!!」(Deel)

As he shouted the spell name and lowered his hand, the wind saw blades cut the trunk into six pieces of logs of the same size.

After that, he put the logs in a vertical position, changed the shape of the circular saw blades into “X” shaped blades, and then cut each of them into four parts.

He successfully made a good amount of firewood in less than a minute.

Feeling satisfied with his work, Deel crossed his arms and looked at me with a triumphant face.

「What do you think, Kid? This is something that can only be done by someone with a genius level of mana control like me! Fwahaha!」(Deel)


Certainly, it’s not something that is easy to do.

Controlling multiple Wind Slicers as you please is way harder than throwing them straight at enemies.

Deel’s Gift allows him to use elemental magic to its full potential, and I think that’s a pretty nice Gift.

Honestly, I kinda envy him.

『Onii-chan, you should do that too. It will be good magic practice.』(Nicola)

『I think so too, but, how about you? Are you not going to help? You can do something with earth magic, right?』(Mark)

『Huh? What are you talking about? I’m already helping by just standing here. After all, this place lacks beautiful girls. Besides, your credit is my credit, and my credit is my credit. That’s how our relationship works, right?』(Nicola)

『So you want to take all my credit, huh!? Even a bully like Gian never takes credit from Nobita, you know! Oh, well… Anyway, like you say, I think it will be good magic practice too, so I guess I’ll go help them.』(Mark)

It’s no use envying someone over a Gift I don’t have. All I need to do is practice and get better at magic!

I approached Deel who kept mass-producing firewood at a quick pace.

「Deel-san, can I cut the log just like you do? I want to try it.」(Mark)

「Oh? Of course! That’s my disciple! Fwahaha! Well then, I’ll leave the log over there to you!」(Deel)

Deel pointed at a log that looked smaller than the others.

「Creating five Wind Slicers and controlling them at the same time may be too difficult for you, so try to create two for now!」(Deel)

I nodded to Deel, approached the log, and took a deep breath.

I stretched my arms forward and concentrated to gather my wind-attributed mana on the air above the log.

「Onii-chan~! You can do it~!」(Nicola)

However, when I was about to imagine that my wind-attributed mana turning into two saw blades, I heard Nicola’s cheer.

I sighed and complained via telepathy.

『Hey, you’re distracting me!』(Mark)

『You said I have to work too! Can’t you tell that I’m working?』(Nicola)

『Huh…? So you say that distracting me is ‘working’?』(Mark)

『I’m not distracting you, I’m cheering for you! And you know that cheerleaders in professional matches get paid, right? That means that cheering is working!』(Nicola)

Well, considering how cute she is, perhaps there are some people who are willing to pay her just to cheer for them. However, I’m not one of them.

I sighed… I don’t know what to say.

She’s not totally wrong though…

『Oh, well… If you want to stay, just stand there and be quiet!』(Mark)

『Alright, alright~』(Nicola)

I took a deep breath again and continued the tasks.



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