Chapter 260 : A Sunny Autumn Day


「ーーAlright, that’s it for today. You may go home.」(Tori)

「「Thank you, Senseiー」」(students)

「Be careful on your way home.」(Tori)

As soon as the class was over, the students energetically left the vacant lot and went to Schultria Park.

Today’s class was mainly about reading, writing, and doing some math. It was kind of stressful for some students, so I guess they wanted to relieve their stress by playing at the park.

Autumn will be over soon, so it’s getting cold outside, but it’s not stopping the children in this village from having fun at the park I built.

It’s been more than two months since I joined Tori-san’s class, so the boys are no longer scared of me, but… I still can’t make friends for some reason.

As usual, my only friend in the class is Signa, Tori-san’s granddaughter.

On the other hand, Nicola, who always acts like a good girl, made a lot of friends.

She is now chatting with Signa and other girls.

Honestly, I kinda envy her…

Should I start acting like a good child like her?

But… Ughh… I can’t imagine myself smiling and suddenly acting friendly to anybody…

As I sighed, contemplating my lonely days as a student here, Tori-san approached me. He scratched his head and looked at me with an apologetic face.

「Mark, I honestly feel bad for asking you this every time, but… Can you help me clean up?」(Tori)

「Of course.」(Mark)

Tori-san looked happy when I nodded at him.

Honestly, I’m not doing it only for Tori-san, but also for my own sake so that I can forget about this loneliness.

「Thank you as always. I hate to say it but I’m getting old. It’s hard for me to clean up all the time.」(Tori)

「It’s alright. Don’t worry about it.」(Mark)

I smiled at Tori-san who sighed, and then started putting the long desks, the chairs, and the blackboard into my Item Box.

After that, I moved to the storage room, took out all the desks and the other stuff, and then arranged them up as tidily as possible.

「I’m glad you’re here. My job has gotten easier thanks to you. But… It will be over soon, huh? Celine will complete her Portal Stone pretty soon and you’re going home after that, right?」(Tori)

By the way, I told Tori-san about me helping Celine refine her Portal Stone.

「Yeah. It won’t take more than a month, I think.」(Mark)

「Hahh… I’ve known you for a few months now and I knew you’re not an ordinary kid, but I didn’t expect you could speed up someone’s Portal Stone refinement progress… Mark, you should be careful with Deel when you leave this village.」(Tori)

「Ah, somehow I can understand why… I’ll get into trouble, right?」(Mark)

「Hahaha! Seems like you know Deel very well! You know what? That idiot made a fuss the last time Celine left the village. Celine was so mad that she turned into a demon back then.」(Tori)

After answering with a big laugh, Tori-san stroked my head.

「Before you leave this village, come see me first, will ya? I still owe you for building the park. I want to give you a parting gift, but… Since you can do almost everything with magic, it’s hard for me to decide what kind of magic tool I will make for you.」(Tori)

「Honestly, anything you make will make me happy.」(Mark)

「You’re such a considerate little boy.」(Tori)

When we had a little chat while arranging the desks and the other stuff in the storage room, I heard similar stupid laughter.

「Fwahahahaha! Tori jii-san, I know you’re in there! Show me yourself!」(Deel)

Yup. it was the laughter of the most annoying person in this village we had just talked about.

When Tori-san and I came out of the storage room, we saw Deel and six other men standing behind him.

One of them was Norwell-san who was attacked by an Evil Fungus a while ago. It seems that his leg has completely healed.

「Yo, Cucumber Boy! Helping your teacher clean up, eh?」(Norwell)


「You’re such a good boy.」(Norwell)

By the way, after the Evil Fungus incident, I learned more about Norwell-san.

It seemed that he was a well-known adventurer before he retired after marrying his wife, Matilda-san. He told me many interesting stories while he was working as an adventurer.

Tori-san sighed after seeing several men gathering in front of his storage room.

「I see. So it was today, huh? I almost forgot.」(Tori)

「Fwahahaha! Seems like our old man is getting old!」(Deel)

「Kah! You’re rude as always!」(Tori)

By the way, I just noticed there was a big sheep, whose neck was chained, standing behind these men.

I think it’s a Legion Sheep.

I’ve always been drinking Legion Sheep milk every morning since I came to this village but it’s the first time I’ve seen the actual animal itself.

Honestly, it’s bigger than I thought.

「Yo, what’s up, Kid!」(Deel)

When he noticed me, Deel turned his gaze to me and grinned.

I have a bad feeling about this…

「Since you’re here, I’ll let you help us too!」(Deel)

「Oi, oi. It’s normally not a job for a kid, you know.」(Tori)

I don’t know what they are going to do but thanks to Tori-san, I’m in a position where I can decline Deel anytime.

『Aa-ahh… What is these men’s deal? Don’t they know that interfering with ladies’ girl talk is a heavy sin?』(Nicola)

While complaining via telepathy, Nicola approached us.

Apparently, the girls who were chatting with her went home after being overwhelmed by the men’s presence.

「Tori-sensei, are you going somewhere with these adults?」(Mark)

I asked Tori-san but before he could answer, Deel put his hands on his waist and grinned at me.

「Fwahahaha! Kid, do you want to know? Do you reeeally want to know~? Alright! Let me tell you! I and these gentlemen are going to perform sacred labor! As the residents of this village, we think of this village, we depend on this village, and we live ‘with’ this village! Weー」(Deel)

「ーDeel, please be quiet for a moment! Mark, you don’t understand what he was saying, do you? Don’t worry, none of us do. To put it simply, we are going to start the preparation for winter.」(Tori)

Tori-san closed Deel’s mouth with his hand and explained briefly to me.

「I see. Preparation for the winter, huh?」(Mark)

「Well, I said it’s normally not a job for a kid, but if you are interested and have free time, you may come with us.」(Tori)

It’s not that I have something important to do. I helped Celine refine her Portal Stone before the class, so even if I go home, I might just go to sleep or lie down on the bench in my field, chilling until the sun sets.

So… I guess following these men will be more interesting.



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