Chapter 247 : Regeneration


「Ester, can I borrow your dagger?」(Celine)

「Eh? H, Here…」(Ester)

Ester, who was stared at by Celine, obediently handed over her dagger with a slightly frightened expression.

After taking the dagger from Ester’s hand, Celine turned her gaze to me.

「Mark, be ready to perform Recovery Magic.」(Celine)

「A, Alright…」(Mark)

She then picked up a small tree branch from the ground and handed it to Norwell-san.

「Norwell-san, you may want to bite this tree branch as hard as you can. It’s gonna be painful.」(Celine)

Realizing what Celine was going to do to him, Norwell-san put the tree branch in his mouth and nodded nervously.

Celine nodded back at him and created a flame in her left hand. She then smeared the flame on the dagger and kneeled down next to Norwell-san’s leg.

「Norwell-san, are you ready?」(Celine)

「…Do it!」(Norwell)

Without hesitation, Celine slowly swung the dagger down at the infected area in Norwell-san’s leg.


Norwell-san groaned in pain, but Celine didn’t stop. She kept sliding the dagger diagonally to gouge out the mushrooms along with a little bit of meat in the wound so that the roots of the mushrooms were taken as well.


An unpleasant sound of meat falling to the ground was heard when Celine gouged out a piece of Norwell-san’s leg meat.

Celine glanced at the piece of meat for a second and then she stuck out her index finger and created a flame on the tip of her finger. She then started burning the part of the wound where the meat was gouged up to make sure the wound was free from mushrooms.


「Ughh…!! Gghhh!!!」(Norwell)

As Norwell-san groaned even louder, the sizzling sound of burning meat was heard, and I could smell the smell of burnt meat coming from the wound.

「Ghh!! Hghhh…!!」(Norwell)

While hearing Norwell-san’s groan, I moved my gaze to Norwell-san’s face. I could tell from his expression that he was enduring severe pain.

His calves were dyed bright red and blood kept flowing down from his wound to the ground.

I couldn’t imagine how painful it was. I felt like I was losing my strength from just looking at his leg…

「Mark, now! Heal his leg!」(Celine)

I came to my senses when I heard Celine’s sharp voice.

I nodded at Celine, stuck out my hands toward Norwell-san’s wound, and began pouring my light-attributed mana into the wound.

Norwell-san’s leg looked ugly because some of the meat had been gouged out.

I can see something white in the bright red wound… Is that… the bone?

Ugh… Seems like Celine had gouged out quite a lot of meat…

I don’t want to see this wound because somehow it makes my back feel funny, but I have to.

Heal! Heal! Heeeal! Come on, come on!!

I kept pouring my light-attributed mana into the wound, hoping it would fix it.

After a few minutes, the bleeding stopped and the flesh began to swell from the cross-section.

I think the meat is regenerating. It looks weird though.

「U, Unbelievable…. The meat is…」(Norwell)

「Eh? How come!?」(Celine)

Norwell and Celine were surprised. I was surprised too, but I couldn’t stop my Recovery Magic.

From the cross-section, flesh kept regenerating little by little like bubbles that kept multiplying from soap as you rubbed it.

A while after, the wound completely healed as if it had never been gouged out before.

Celine put her hand on her forehead and looked at me with a tired expression.

「Mark, you never stop surprising me… I was expecting you to only stop the bleeding, but… You even regenerate his flesh. That’s incredible!」(Celine)

「Even I myself was surprised too.」(Mark)

When I healed people’s wounds, I was only able to stop the bleeding and close the wound. I had never regenerated people’s flesh using Recovery Magic until now.

Perhaps the Ether I got from the Lord of the Lake, the Mothers of Lizards, and the Harem Lizard also affected my healing ability.

「I prepared myself to lose a leg when Celine held a dagger, turns out it went much better than I expected…」(Norwell)

「Norwell-san, how are you feeling?」(Celine)

「Let’s see…」(Norwell)

Norwell-san stared at his leg and started touching it.

After confirming that it wasn’t hurt, he started moving it slowly.

「I don’t feel pain at all as if my leg had never been cut… However…」(Norwell)

Norwell-san closed his eyes and shook his head lightly.

「I can still feel my mana being sucked. It seems that I’m still under the influence of that Forest Fungus’ dark magic.」(Norwell)

「I see… I’m pretty sure I removed all the mushrooms from your leg. That Forest Fungus’ dark magic must be very strong…」(Celine)

「Celine, what happens if your mana keeps getting sucked?」(Mark)

「First, you will feel tired and dizzy. You have experienced it once when you used a Resonance Stone for the first time, right?」(Celine)

「Ah, certainly, I felt so sluggish back then.」(Mark)

「It indicates that you start running low on mana. If it keeps going you will eventually lose consciousness and die.」(Celine)

「That’s right. Unfortunately, I still can’t escape death. But now that my leg has healed, I can at least try to return to my home and see my wife for the last time. Celine, Cucumber Boy, I can’t do anything for you in return, but thank you for fixing my leg.」(Norwell)

Norwell-san smiled at us and slowly stood up.

「You better return to the village too and tell everyone about this threat.」(Norwell)

「He said that, but, Mark, what do you think?」(Celine)

「What do you mean?」(Mark)

「I mean, do you want to save Norwell-san’s life?」(Celine)

「If I can do that, of course, I will.」(Mark)

「You can, of course~」(Celine)

「Oi, oi. Don’t tell me, are you going to fight that Special Forest Fungus? You better stop. That’s too dangerous!」(Norwell)

Ah, I see what Celine means now. If we kill that fungus, its dark magic will be cut off, and Norwell-san’s life will be saved.

Norwell-san told us to stop, but…

「Celine. Let’s kill it!」(Mark)

「Fufu~ I knew you would say that.」(Celine)

「Celine, I want to fight alongside Mark! I’ll try my best to support him!」(Ester)

Ester clenched her fists and looked at Celine with a determined face. Howeverー

「No, Ester. You, Nicola, and I will be staying with Norwell-san.」(Celine)

「Eh? Then, Mark will be fighting by himself?」(Ester)

Ester seemed to be worried about me, but on the other hand, Celine, who had watched me fight the Lord of the Lake and the Mothers of Lizards, was smiling at me as if she believed that I would win.

「Ester, don’t worry. I can do it alone.」(Mark)


「Ester, there’s no need to be worried. If it’s getting ugly, I will step in and help him. Mark, I can’t wait to see how much stronger you have become~」(Celine)

「I’ll try my best.」(Mark)



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