Chapter 238 : Foot Race


While we were waiting for Tori-sensei to give us the signal to start the race, Nicola talked to me with telepathy.

『Onii-chan, do you think you can win this?』(Nicola)

『Hmm, I’m not sure. Honestly, I don’t really care about winning since I’m doing it just to check my physical ability.』(Mark)

『Eeehh… But, can you win this race for me, please? If you lose, the guys who beat you might try to pick me up!』(Nicola)

『Uhh… Alright, I’ll give it a try, but don’t get mad at me if I lose, okay? This race is all about physical ability after all, not magic ability.』(Mark)

『Why don’t you at least have confidence in yourself? Here’s some advice for you. You should avoid running with all your might at the start. You would likely trip and fall if you do that. You better gradually increase your speed while getting used to running.』(Nicola)

『You think I would trip? I’m not that clumsy, you know?』(Mark)

I sometimes play with the other boys at the church during Sunday School in Fatia. We run a lot, chasing each other in games like tag.

I can confidently say that my physical ability is average.

『Just do what I say and you will understand later.』(Nicola)

『Alright, alright. Thanks for the advice.』(Mark)

Right after we finished our conversation via telepathy, Tori-sensei stood right next to me.

He was holding a gun magic tool and pointing it upwards.

「Are you guys ready?」(Tori)

The other boys and I responded to Tori-sensei’s question with a nod, telling him that we were ready. He then started the signal.

「Readyー Get setー….. GO!!」(Tori)


The race started along with the firing sound of the gun magic tool.

Following Nicola’s advice, I started running slowly at the speed as if I was jogging in the morning.

As a matter of course, the other contestants, who were older and looked stronger than me, left me behind. They ran further and further away ahead from me.

They’re definitely much faster than the average top-grade elementary school students in Japan since they’re half-elves.

I got a little impatient, thinking that I might lose this race.

If I lose, those kids might bother Nicola! I can’t let that happeー Hold on… Why should I care?

Wouldn’t it be great if Nicola had a boyfriend? If she did, she might bother me less.

Just when I thought that I no longer cared about winning, one of the kids who were running far away ahead of me turned his face around and smirked at me as if making fun of me.

He probably thought that I’m only good at magic but sucks at sports.

Honestly, he pissed me off a little.

As an adult (mentally), I should ignore him, but to hell with the age difference! I have the body of a child, so I’m a child now. Moreover, I’m younger than him!

Alright, I think I will try to win this race, but I’m not doing it for Nicola. I’m doing it for my pride as a man!

While thinking about winning, I increased my speed, trying to stop jogging and start running normally.

When I increased my speed, my legs were naturally moving as I desired.

Normally, I will start to get tired as I run even only for ten seconds, but for some reason, I’m strangely not feeling tired at all.

I feel like I can run even faster. Is this proof that I’ve physically grown stronger due to the accumulated Ether?

Alright, let’s catch up with those kids!

Thinking that I could speed up even more, I leaned a little forward and put strength into my legs.


「Uwawawa! ーー…Phew… That was close…」(Mark)

Because I haven’t gotten used to my current strength, I almost fell. Luckily, I was able to regain my balance by quickly leaning backward.

It seemed that what Nicola said was true.

It would be very embarrassing if I fell and hurt myself…

『Oi, Onii-chan, what are you doing!? Be careful!』(Nicola)

『I got this! Don’t worry!』(Mark)

After telling Nicola not to worry, I tried to get used to running with my current strength.

I increased my speed little by little as I felt how quickly my legs were moving.

After getting used to my legs movements, I put more strength into my legs and kicked the ground. I started dashing, trying to catch up with the other contestants.

W, Whoaa!! I’m running so fast!!

Even myself are surprised by how fast I’m running.

I feel like I’m running in my adult body.

It doesn’t take long for me to catch up with the kids and pass them one by one until I’m lined up with the kid in the first place, which is the kid who smirked at me earlier.

While running side by side with him, I turned my face to him and grinned.

He looked so surprised. He didn’t seem to think that I would be able to catch up to him.

I tried to strengthen my legs even more and run as fast as possible.

Soon after, the kid who was in the first place disappeared from the edge of my vision. I feel like running as fast as a shinkansen (Japanese high-speed train).

After running for several seconds, people started cheering loudly all of a sudden. It seemed that I had passed the finish line before I realized it.

The one with the loudest cheer among the surrounding people was, of course, Ester.

「Maaaarkー!! Well done! I knew you could do itー!!」(Ester)

Ester was cheering and waving her hands from the crowd of people.

I could hear her cheering throughout the race, but this time she cheered even louder.

I smiled and waved back at her.

『Hyuu~ Hyuu~~ How does it feel to see your girlfriend cheering for you?』(Nicola)

『Oh, stop it!』(Mark)

『Fufu. Just kidding. Anyway, thank you for winning.』(Nicola)

『You’re welcome, I guess.』(Mark)

After waiting for a while until the other contestants reached the finish line, Tori-sensei approached me.

「Congrats, Mark. Not only are you good at magic but you’re also good at sports, eh? You’re such a multi-talented boy. Your prize will be picked randomly. I wonder what you will get.」(Tori)

By the way, the prize for first place is a random magic tool made by Tori-sensei.

He rummaged through the large cloth bag he had prepared and took something out of it.

「Hoo~! Mark, you’re lucky!」(Tori)

He looked a bit surprised when he saw the magic tool he took out from the bag. He then handed it to me.

I don’t know what kind of magic tool it is, it looks like an oval object about the size of an adult’s thumb. It’s made of metal and its surface feels smooth. You can see a tiny magic stone attached to the tip of it.

「Tori-sensei, what is this?」(Mark)

「Try to put some mana into it. You’ll know.」(Tori)


As soon as I poured my mana into it as I was told, it started vibrating.

Hold on… It has an oval shape about the size of an adult’s thumb and it vibrates… Don’t tell me… Is this a vibrator!?

What the heck is this old man thinking about making this kind of stuff!? And he calls himself a teacher!?

「Hey, Tori-sensei, this isー」(Mark)

「Do you like it? It’s a medical device that can help you ease your stiff shoulders. You press it against your shoulder and activate it. The vibration will ease the stiffness. You can try it on your parents. I’m sure they’ll be happy.」(Tori)

「…Eh? Aahh… I see… So it’s for stiff shoulders, I see, I see… Hee… I thought it was…」(Mark)

「Hm? You thought it was… what?」(Tori)

No matter how you look at it, it’s a vibrator! But…

He doesn’t seem to realize that he has made a freaking sex toy…

「N, Never mind… Th, Thank you, Tori-sensei…」(Mark)

「You’re welcome. Congrats on your victory.」(Tori)

I thanked Tori-sensei and quickly put the magic tool in my Item Box.

Soon after, Celine, Ester, and Nicola approached me with smiles on their faces.

「Fufu. Congratulations, Mark!」(Celine)

「Gratz, Onii-chan!」(Nicola)

「You beat the kids from the oldest group! You’re amazing! By the way, what kind of magic tool did you get from Tori-sensei as the prize?」(Ester)

「Uhh… That’s… I, I’m not telling you. It’s a secret, sorry.」(Mark)

「Eeeehhh…? Why?」(Ester)

There’s no way I could show that thing to Ester.

Tori-sensei made it to ease stiff shoulders but for me, it still looks like a vibrator no matter how I look at it!



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  1. If they have technology good enough to make a magic wand massager, then they also have technology to make the equivalent of kitchen utensils collectively named food processor as well. Rejoice, Mark. You could make large amounts of mayonnaise without straining your arms, if you slightly prod this grandpa into realizing the designs you can recall from the previous life. You are quite rich, so commissioning him for making a kitchen mixer or blender should be easy enough.

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