Chapter 233 : Punishment For An Annoying Person


After teaching me Wind Blade, Deel went deeper into the forest to look for another Arrow Dodging Bird to kill.

In the meantime, I approached Celine who was muttering to herself while kicking a random tree. She seemed to be still annoyed by Deel.

「Celine, thank you for today. I know you hate Deel but because you agreed to go with him, I could learn many things today.」(Mark)

「You don’t need to thank me, but… You’re welcome~ You seem to get along with him for some reason, but don’t ever tell me to get along with him too, okay?」(Celine)

「Ahaha… Don’t worry. I understand. Somehow I know that it won’t be possible.」(Mark)

「That’s right~ I like your straightforwardness.」(Celine)

Saying that, Celine stopped kicking the tree and stroked my head. She then leaned on the tree and folded her arms.

『Hoho~ You can reduce Celine’s moodiness gauge, which was almost maxed out, to zero percent! That’s Onii-chan for you!』(Nicola)

Now that she mentions it, the wrinkles on Celine’s forehead that had formed while she was kicking the tree are now completely gone.

However, just when I thought that I was glad she was no longer in a bad mood, we heard Deel’s laughter from afar.

「Fwahahaha! I found another one! Celine, come! I’ll show you my beautiful hunting technique!」(Deel)

Right after, I heard Celine’s long sigh, and when I turned my gaze to her, I saw the wrinkles on her forehead again.

I guess there’s nothing I can do to reduce her moodiness gauge as long as Deel is around.




After watching Deel hunting Arrow Dodging Birds for a while, we took a short break.

While we were relaxing, sitting under the trees, Deel looked at me and made a suggestion.

「Kid, after this, I’ll let you kill the birds!」(Deel)

「Eh? Can I?」(Mark)

「Of course! Don’t worry. If you fail, this Deel the Great will protect you! Fwahaha!」(Deel)

While saying that, Deel fluttered his cloak and made a smug face, but he wasn’t looking at me. He glanced at Celine and smirked, trying to show her that he was a reliable man.

「Well then, let’s get up and continue our hunt! Follow me!」(Deel)

We got up a little unwillingly and followed after Deel.

After walking for a few minutes, going deeper and deeper into the forest, Deel found another Arrow Dodging Bird resting on a tree.

「Look. There’s one over there. Kid, it’s yours. Good luck!」(Deel)

I replied Deel with a nod and approached the bird.

While standing in a spot where I could see the bird clearly, I looked up at the bird and took a deep breath.

The bird glared at me as if it was ready to dodge my attack.

It’s a bird, so I can’t tell what kind of expression it’s making but I somehow tell that it’s underestimating me. Perhaps because I’m much smaller than adults.

Honestly, I’m a bit nervous.

I have the Silver Eagle Talisman I got from the feudal lord that will protect me from harm. Moreover, Deel said that he would protect me. Still, this is my first time fighting this kind of monster, so I feel a bit scared.

While praying, hoping I won’t miss my shot, I began to focus my wind-attributed mana in my hands and created an invisible blade of wind.

If I use too much mana, I’m afraid that my shot will be less accurate, so I used a reasonable amount of mana to create the Wind Blade.

I focused my gaze on the bird and released the Wind Blade.


Right after a pleasant slashing sound was heard, the head of the bird separated from the body and fell to the ground. A second later, the headless body of the bird fell as well.

Seeing the bird die, I let out a sigh of relief.

Deel, who was standing next to me, murmured in admiration.

「Hee~ You aimed for its neck, huh? Not bad, not bad!」(Deel)

「No. Actually, I was aiming for its torso…」(Mark)

My Wind Blade flew slightly upward.

If I really aimed for its neck, I might have missed the shot.

「Is that so? But still, you did very well for a first-timer! Fwahahaha!」(Deel)

Deel laughed and tapped my head.

He then picked up the headless bird’s body and put it in the bag attached to his waist.

He has put a lot of bodies of Arrow Dodging Birds in that bag but strangely, it doesn’t swell at all.

I wonder if that bag is a magic item.

Noticing my curious gaze toward the bag, Deel put his hand on the bag.

「Are you curious about this bag?」(Deel)

「Yeah. A little.」(Mark)

「It’s a magic item called an “Item Bag”. It is said that the elven village chief gave it to my great-grandfather in hopes of a safe journey when my great-grandfather decided to leave the elven village thousands of years ago. It is now my family heirloom.」(Deel)

「I see…」(Mark)

An Item Bag, huh?

It’s similar to my Item Box, but it’s a magic item that anyone can use.

Come to think of it, Celine always puts things in and out of her chest. I wonder if she had something similar to an Item Bag in her cleavage.

While wondering, I glanced at Celine. She looked at Deel with an exasperated face.

「In hopes of a safe journey? That’s weird~ I heard from your grandpa that your great-grandfather left the elven village because he messed something up.」(Celine)

「I, Is that so? Fwahahaha! A long history might have changed because of the influence of different theories after all! My grandpa is quite senile, so my theory is definitely more correct than his!」(Deel)

Listening to Deel’s reply, Celine sighed and shook her head. She doesn’t seem to want to argue with him.

「Oh, whatever. Anyway, I think we hunted enough birds today, so shall we go home now? We better move now before the sun goes down.」(Celine)

「Great idea! Alright, let’s go home! By the way, Celine, you may love me even more after watching my remarkable performance today, but unfortunately, my relatives will be gathering at my house tonight, so I’ll be busy. If you want a night date with me, you can ask me tomorrow. Fwaha! Fwahahaha!」(Deel)

「Ara~ My hand slipped~」(Celine)


Unable to hold her anger any longer, Celine shot a big fireball at Deel.

Fortunately, the explosion only focused on Deel, so she didn’t burn the surrounding trees.

「Aaahh~ I feel so much better~ Mark, Nicola-chan, let’s go home!」(Celine)


「H, Hold on… Is he gonna be fine?」(Mark)

「Don’t worry. That guy is pretty tough. He’ll be fine.」(Celine)

「A, Alright then…」(Mark)

The three of us then went home, leaving behind the unconscious Deel who was lying on the ground half burned.



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