Chapter 232 : Arrow Dodging Birds


After crossing the river, we’re walking down an animal path, heading to the area where Arrow Dodging Birds live.

While walking, Nicola talked to me with telepathy.

『Onii-chan, what were you talking about with Celine earlier?』(Nicola)

『Ah, she told me that the Ether I’ve gained during this journey not only affected my magical ability but also my physical ability.』(Mark)

『Hm? Why did she tell you that? Don’t tell me… You didn’t notice it at all?』(Nicola)

『Yeah. I thought I was able to carry her across the river because she wrapped her body with wind-attributed mana, but it turned out that I did it with my own power.』(Mark)

『I see.』(Nicola)

『I noticed that my magical ability has increased but why didn’t I notice that my physical ability has increased as well?』(Mark)

『Hmm, it’s probably because the Ether you got increased your magical ability a lot more than your physical ability. It could be influenced by the characteristics of your body or the quality of the Ether you got from the monsters you killed. Anyway, I think you should find out how much stronger you have gotten physically during this trip. You can ask Ester-chan to help you. Ask her if she wants to have a ‘night wrestling match’ with you. Khu khu~』(Nicola)

『That’s a good idea. But, of course, we’re not gonna wrestle at night.』(Mark)

Her dirty joke aside, I think she has a point.

Perhaps Ester can help me with this.

When I carried Celine earlier, I felt that I was as strong as an eighteen-year-old.

It might be a good idea to check how strong my physical ability is now.

While I was thinking about that, Deel, who was leading the way, suddenly stopped and pointed at a large tree ahead of us.

「Look. There’s an Arrow Dodging Bird over there.」(Deel)

There was a bird with flashy pink plumage resting on the tree.

It was pointing its strong-looking beak at us while looking at us with its sharp eyes.

It seemed that it had its eyes on us before we noticed it.

「They have very good eyesight, and as the name suggests, they are good at avoiding arrows. Even the village’s most skilled hunters had a hard time shooting them down, but not for this Deel the Great, of course! Fwahaha!」(Deel)

Saying that, Deel glanced at Celine and smirked as if telling her not to blink while watching him kill the bird.

He then turned his gaze back to the bird and slowly approached the tree where it was resting on.

「Hahh… I don’t understand what is so great about hunting these birds…」(Celine)

Without even looking at Deel, Celine sighed and shook her head.

Thinking that Celine knows something about Arrow Dodging Birds, I asked her while looking at the bird who was glaring sharply at Deel.

「Celine, that bird seems to know that Deel wants to hunt it but why doesn’t it run away?」(Mark)

「They might look stupid with their pink plumage, but they’re still dangerous monsters who think they’re stronger than any other species. What makes them dangerous is that they make their opponent shoot first and avoid it, and at the same time as they avoid the attack, they fly at high speed toward their opponent and attack them with their strong beak. Hunters who can’t shoot arrows twice in a row within a split second won’t be able to defeat them. Instead, they will likely get seriously injured when fighting them.」(Celine)

「Monsters who attack people with counterattacks, huh…? Will Deel-san be alright?」(Mark)

「Don’t worry. As he said, it’s child’s play. He’ll be fine.」(Celine)

As Celine said that, Deel raised his both hands toward the bird who was resting on a twig that was far above his head.

「You lowly bird monster, eat this beautiful spell of mine! Wind Blade!」(Deel)

As he shouted loudly, Deel shot an invisible blade of wind toward the bird.

When I thought the bird would dodge it, the wind blade cut open its belly. The bird then fell to the ground without even being able to fight back.

「Eh? That’s it? I thought it would counter the attack…」(Mark)

「Well, Arrow Dodging Birds don’t have the ability to sense magical power, so you can easily defeat them, especially with invisible long-range magic attacks.」(Celine)

「I see…」(Mark)

After Celine explained with a bored face, Deel picked up the dead Arrow Dodging Bird and returned with a satisfied expression on his face.

「Celine, did you see my super amazing technique!?」(Deel)

「Yeah, yeah. It wasn’t amazing at all though. I can kill those birds easily with my Fire Arrows. They will die whether or not they can see my arrows.」(Celine)

「Fwahaha! You may be able to kill them with your Fire Arrows but in exchange, this whole area will turn into a sea of fire! Fwahahaha!」(Deel)

Deel kept laughing like an unfunny comedian who thought that his joke was hilarious.

Certainly, Celine’s Fire Arrows might not be suitable for this.

In the first place, she always turns her targets into charcoal with her Fire Arrows, so I don’t think that spell is suitable for hunting.

「Khh…!! I’m able to control my Fire Arrows now! I’ll show you how it’s done!」(Celine)

「No, no. You don’t have to. A woman like you shouldn’t do a man’s work. After you become my wife, I promise you I will take care of you and you will have a comfortable life. You can leave it to me! Fwahahaha!」(Deel)

「H, hee… Are you underestimating me just because I’m a woman? Looks like I should try my Fire Arrows on you before I try them on the birds!」(Celine)

Deel was trying to show Celine how reliable he was as a man, but Celine took it as an insult.

Thinking that the situation might get worse, I stepped in between the two.

「S, Say, Deel-san, if you don’t mind, can you tell me how to use Wind Blade?」(Mark)

「Hoo~ Are you interested in this spell? Very well! I’ll teach you how to use it! First, focus your wind-attributed mana in your hands, make a blade with it, and then throw it at your target with a “Pshaa!”」(Deel)

“Pshaa!”, huh?

As usual, he has a weird way of teaching others, but strangely, I can understand what he said somehow.

It seems easier than Levitation Magic earlier. I think I can do it.

I began to gather my wind-attributed mana in my hands and imagined the shape of a blade.

「Hmm… For a kid, you seem to have a large amount of mana, so I think “Pshaa!” will be too weak for you. You understand what I mean?」(Deel)

「Ah, then, what about “Pwashaa!!”?」(Mark)

「Hoo! Sounds great! Try it!」(Deel)


I chose a random tree as the target and ー”Pwashaa!!” ーthrew the Wind Blade toward it.

As intended, my Wind Blade cut through the trunk of the tree and split it in half horizontally.

「I did it!」(Mark)

「Well done! That’s my disciple!」(Deel)

Seems like I’d become his disciple before I knew it…

But, honestly, I don’t mind. He’s annoying but it’s kinda fun talking about magic with him.

I felt like high-fiving him, but… I couldn’t do it after seeing Celine’s grumpy face…



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  1. If that birds attacks the shooter back, isn’t that easy to defend against it normally using a melee weapon in response? Using a spear or a shield? Or is it agile enough to avoid a spear point or robust enough to penetrate a shield with its beak and still reach the holder? It is not especially big from the description, so its physical momentum itself shouldn’t be life threatening.

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