Chapter 224 : Schultria Park


「Yo, Mark, how is… it… going…? …What the hell happened with this place!?」(Tori)

A while later, Tori-san came back to check on us, but he stopped at the entrance to the park and shouted.

It’s only natural that he was shocked. After all, the area with nothing but trees had completely transformed into a different one.

First, Ester and I removed all the trees in this area and made a flat ground that was bigger than Tori-san’s backyard so that children could play ball games or run around freely.

Leveling the ground was not easy. In order to make it as flat as possible, I needed to adjust the uneven spots with earth magic really carefully.

After I was done preparing the area, I made some animal statues, such as a horse, elephant, giraffe, turtle, etc. I also made a giant statue of the Lord of the Lake I fought in Secard Village and a rather big statue of a Stone Lizard.

By the way, I made the skin texture of the Stone Lizard statue as detailed as possible, so it looks like the real thing.

As for the attractions, I made a couple of seesaws, slides, swings, ladders, spinners, and a jungle gym.

By the way, Ester said that someone in this village once made a swing for the children but the quality of my swings seems to be better than theirs.

「Fwaaa~! This place is amazing!」(Signa)

Signa, Tori-san’s granddaughter (great-granddaughter, to be exact), who came along with him, was also surprised. She looked around the park with her eyes and mouth open wide.

「Mark-kun, did you make all of this by yourself?」(Signa)

「Nope. Ester helped me.」(Mark)

As I said that, I moved my gaze toward Ester who was sitting down on a bench by the entrance while breathing heavily.

She helped me remove hundreds of trees with a sword and her wind magic. That was a pretty tough job, so I can understand why she’s very tired.

I told her to stop when she started to look tired, but she insisted on helping me, so I let her help me until we removed the last tree in this area.

By the way, I’m not that tired probably because I have a lot of mana compared to other people.

「Mark-kun, can I play here? Can I~?」(Signa)

Signa asked me while jumping around, looking so excited. Her fluffy hair swayed around as she moved.

「Of course you can, but be careful not to hurt yourself, okay?」(Mark)

「Signa, I think you’re not ready for tall attractions like those ones over there. They’re dangerous and too high for your short body. I don’t want you to get hurt nor accidentally expose your underwear.」(Tori)

While saying that, Tori-san pointed to the jungle gym and the ladders.


Signa replied cheerfully and ran toward the animal statues.

While I was wondering why Tori-san said he didn’t want Stigna to expose her underwear, I glanced at him.

For some reason, he grinned at me.

「Mark, I’m sorry but I won’t let you peek into my cute granddaughter’s skirt.」(Tori)

「Huh? Why are you saying as if I want to see Signa-chan’s underwear so badly!?」(Mark)

「Eh? So you don’t think her underwear is worth to peek at!?」(Tori)

「I didn’t say that!」(Mark)

「Gaahaha! I’m sorry, I’m just kidding. By the way, what’s that over there?」(Tori)

「Hahh… It’s the relaxation spot of this park.」(Mark)

I let out a sigh and answered his question.

Near the edge of the park, I made an empty pond with a diameter of about twenty meters and put a fountain in the center. I also made benches around it and a gazebo with tables and chairs next to it.

The pond doesn’t have water for now because there’s no way I could fill that entire pond with water using magic. It would take a lot of time and I would use a great deal of mana if I did it. I’m planning on making a channel and drawing water from the river through it.

I will also put some lighting on the fountain and around the pond so that it will look gorgeous at night. I’m sure it will become a popular date spot in this village.

I heard that the Portal Crystal was once the popular date spot but since the Portal Crystal symbolizes departure, a jinx that couples who go on a date there would eventually break up appeared. That’s why there are no people who go on a date near the Portal Crystal anymore.

By the way, the most popular date spot in this village is currently the upstream area of the river that flows through the village.

I heard about it from Stina-san. She told me to take Ester there sometimes.

It seems that she hasn’t given up on pairing us together…



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