Chapter 225 : Self Responsibility


After I explained about the fountain, Tori-san nodded and folded his arms.

「Certainly, it will definitely become a popular dating spot. Young people would be happy. By the way, Mark, can you explain this?」(Tori)

Tori-san pointed at the big stone tablet at the entrance of the park.

There’s writing on it saying, “Welcome to Schultria Park”, and there’s a note below it saying, “Please be careful while playing with the playground equipment. We are not responsible for any injuries or accidents in the park.”

I didn’t put too much thought when I named this park, but that’s not the problem.

Tori-san was looking at the note. I wrote it with small letters but I made it stand out so that children can read it before entering the park.

「Well, everyone can freely use the facilities in this park but they have to use them at their own risk.」(Mark)

「I know what it means, but, Mark, parents in this village are not that overprotective of their children. No one would blame you if their children get injured while playing here, so you don’t need to worry.」(Tori)

「Is that so? But, Tori-sensei, I remember you once told me that some angry parents came to your house to complain after they found out that their children were playing with your glasses magic tool.」(Mark)

「Ah, you mean the prototype of the glasses that can see through women’s clothes? Those parents were worried if their children didn’t want to get married because they were satisfied with only seeing girls naked.」(Tori)

「Eh? Is that so?」(Mark)

That kinda reminds me…

In Japan, the country I lived in my previous life, there were people who didn’t want to get married because they were satisfied with only watching AV or playing erotic games every day. There were even weirdos who thought that some anime characters were their wives.

「I thought those parents were mad at you because you turned their children into perverts.」(Mark)

「Gahaha! Looks like you don’t fully understand this village.」(Tori)

I understand why the parents were mad at Tori-san. However, I don’t think forcing your children to have lovers at a young age is right.

I know that the elders just want to increase the population of half-elves in this village, but it feels off to me.

While thinking about that, I erased the note on the stone tablet with earth magic.

「Anyway, this park is not one hundred percent complete. There are still many things that need to be done. Tori-sensei, please don’t forget to make the magic tool for the fountain and for the lighting around the pool.」(Mark)

「Ou. You can leave it to me. Thank you for your hard work, Mark. I will prepare a reward for you, so look forward to it.」(Tori)


Tori-san tapped my shoulder and gave me an apologetic bitter smile.

It seemed that he was feeling a bit guilty for making an eight-year-old kid build all this.

His face reminded me of Gill oji-san and Biyan. He made that face after I helped them.

Creating and building something is like my hobby, so I don’t think he has to worry about it. Besides, he said that he would prepare a reward for me.

「Well then, I’m going to watch Signa play in this park for a while. What about you? Are you going home?」(Tori)

Tori-san asked me while looking at Signa who was happily playing with the swing.

「Yeah, I think I will go home. By the way, I will level the path in the woods and make it a bit wider as I walk home so that it’ll become easier to walk on.」(Mark)

「Wait… You still have the mana for that?」(Tori)

「Yeah, I think. Don’t worry, I have a lot of mana.」(Mark)

「I see. It’ll be great if you do it.」(Tori)

「Gatcha. Ester, we’re going home.」(Mark)


Ester stood up and sluggishly walked toward me.

She seems to be still pretty tired. It’s rare to see a girl who’s always energetic walking sluggishly like that.

She is physically strong but using magic consumes your mana, not your physical strength after all.

Seeing Ester who didn’t look as energetic as usual, Tori-san rubbed his chin and made a suggestion.

「Mark, you said you made a bathhouse for Celine in the woods near your house, right? Why don’t you take her there?」(Tori)

「Ah, come to think of it, Ester, you haven’t tried the bath I made, have you?」(Mark)

「Umm, nope.」(Ester)

While walking slowly toward me, Ester raised her face and answered.

When we enjoyed a footbath together a while ago, I promised to take her to the bathhouse, but I totally forgot about that…

Bathing in a potion bath won’t restore your mana but it will get rid of your fatigue, so I think it’ll help her even for a little.

「I see. I’m sorry. I forgot to take you there. Well then, shall we go to the bathhouse?」(Mark)

「Un! Let’s go!」(Ester)

Learning that she could enjoy the bath today, Ester replied with her usual energetic voice.

「Ester, you’re very tired, right? You might drown in the bath, so you should enter the bath with Mark in case something bad like that happens.」(Tori)

「Alright! Thank you, Sensei!」(Ester)

Tori-san then glanced at me, smiled, and raised his thumb up as if he had assisted me with something.

「I never thought I would be able to return the favor this quickly. Good luck, Mark!」(Tori)


「Mark, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!」(Ester)

I wanted to say something to Tori-san but Ester dashed into the forest, so I had no choice but to rush after her.



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  1. Crafty oldster trying to tie the kid’s future to this village by any method that might work. I guess for the safety of his family and himself, to have a gifted magician as a neighbor would be a gift of providence.

    1. Considering that Ester was planning to leave whether with Mark or not, i don’t think it’s about tying him to the village, and more about just assisting the “younglings” as a cool grandpa 😀

      1. She is bound to return someday, possibly with a husband in tow. Or at least, that’s what that grandpa is hoping for.

  2. I think it may be as simple as the perverted Grandpa “paying back” Mark by nudging Ester to take a bath with him. I.e. let mark enjoy the sight of naked Ester…

    I get the feeling after this chapter that for the most part half-elf’s don’t have the same sense of propriety as humans. Or at least not the same as Mark’s past life.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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