Chapter 207 : Rooftop Bath


When I was done washing our clothes, I put them in my Item Box and approached Nicola.

「I’m done. What are you doing?」(Mark)

She was crouching down on the ground, pulling grass. She seems to have been doing this while I was washing our clothes.

「Pulling grass. Can’t you tell?」(Nicola)

「O… kay?」(Mark)

She has nothing else to do, I guess.

She looked up at me, brushed the dirt off her hands, and stood up.

「So, where will you hang the laundry?」(Nicola)

「Hmm… I think the rooftop would be the perfect spot.」(Mark)

I looked up at my container house which was five meters high and made a staircase leading to the rooftop with earth magic.

I could feel the breeze as soon as I got to the rooftop. It feels good.

「Hoo… I feel like it’s higher than I thought and it’s quite windy here. I think I should make fences for safety.」(Mark)

「Onii-chan, hold on.」(Nicola)

When I was about to activate earth magic, Nicola walked toward the center of the rooftop, spread her arms, and took a deep breath.

「Ahh~ This feeling of openness when the wind passes through your entire body… It feels so good… If you build fences, they will block the wind, so I don’t think it’s a good idea.」(Nicola)

「Well, yeah, but you don’t want to fall from here, right? If you want to enjoy the wind, you can use that bouldering wall over there.」(Mark)

I pointed at the wall for rock climbing I made for Ester near the outer walls.

「Hmm… Certainly, that wall, which is your and Ester’s dating spot, is taller than this rooftop.」(Nicola)

「It’s not our dating spot or something like that! Look. I was taking care of my field when Ester was playing with that wall. Do you think you can call that a date?」(Mark)

「Is that reaaally so? If that’s not your dating spot, then do you mind if I play with Ester there next time?」(Nicola)

「Of course, I don’t mind. It’s NOT our dating spot after all!」(Mark)

「Alright, alright. I got it. You don’t need to deny so desperately.」(Nicola)

「Hahh… Just don’t hurt yourself when you play with that wall, okay?」(Mark)

「You know me. I won’t climb that wall. I’ll just use the stairs and cheer, “Ester-chan you can do it! Keep going!” like that from the top.」(Nicola)

「I think you will only annoy her…」(Mark)

「Wait… Or I can just watch her from the ground, and when she reaches the top, I may be able to take a peek inside her skirt! Uhehe~」(Nicola)

「Oi, don’t even think about it if you want to be her friend…」(Mark)

I sighed and started making fences about one meter high surrounding the rooftop.

They block the view a little but we don’t need to worry about falling.

After I was done making the fences, I made a couple of laundry poles with earth magic near the stairs and immediately hung the laundry.

Of course, Nicola didn’t even try to help. She was just leaning against the fence and enjoying the view of the forest.

「Phew… Alright, it’s done now. The weather is good, so I think they will dry soon.」(Mark)

「It would be faster if you just used your wind and fire magic.」(Nicola)

「You know that I can’t fully control my fire magic. I might burn our clothes. Compared to combining water magic and fire magic when I make hot water, combining wind magic and fire magic is more difficult because you need to carefully adjust the force of the wind and the temperature at the same time. Tori-san could make a magic tool to wash laundry, so I think he may be able to make a dryer. I’ll ask him the next time I meet him.」(Mark)

「I think Mama will be happy when you bring those tools home. So, what are you gonna do now?」(Nicola)

「Since we’re half-naked, I’m thinking of making a bathtub here. We still have room for that.」(Mark)

「A rooftop bath? That’s a brilliant idea! We’ll be able to feel what it’s like to be the owner of a big company.」(Nicola)

I’m not really sure what she is exactly thinking but I think I get it. I can imagine myself enjoying the spa and bath on the rooftop of my mansion if I were the owner of a rich company.

Anyway, we’re going to have dinner at Celine’s house but before that, I want to wash off my sweat.

First, I made a circular fence about sixty centimeters high and two meters in diameter in the center of the rooftop. After that, I made a drainage hole in the corner and made a drainage pipe that extended from there to the ground.

The bathtub was complete but I didn’t think we would be able to enjoy the scenery of the forest while bathing since it was blocked by the fences on the edges of the rooftop, so I decided to raise the base of the bathtub by about fifty centimeters.

After that, as always, I stretched my hands forward and used water magic and fire magic to start filling the bathtub with hot water.

「Alright. This will do. We can’t take our time since we have to go to Celine’s house soon, so I won’t put a potion this time.」(Mark)

「It’s my second bath today, so I’m fine with it. I’m going first~」(Nicola)

While I was still filling the bathtub, Nicola took off her underwear and went in. She then sat in front of my hands so that the incoming hot water would hit her entire body.

「Ahh~… It feels good~…」(Nicola)

「Hey, I’m not a fountain… Oh, well…」(Mark)

While glancing at Nicola’s face which looked like the face of an old man relaxing in a bath, I realized that I was producing hot water faster than before.

I guess all my hard work practicing magic every day has paid off.

After I filled the bathtub, I took off my underwear and joined Nicola.


「Hmm… I can only see forests and mountains… I can’t feel what it’s like to be the owner of a big company like this. I want to enjoy my bath while looking down at people from a skyscraper building and saying, “Fwahaha! Look at those fools! They are working hard to make me even richer!” while drinking expensive wine.」(Nicola)

「Oi, you should apologize to big company owners all over the world…」(Mark)

It’s true that we can only see forests and mountains from here, but the scenery is not bad in my opinion.

I relaxed my shoulders and decided to just enjoy the bath without thinking too much about the scenery.



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