Chapter 171 : Similar Twins


Celine noticed Ester who was sitting next to me and turned her gaze toward her.

「Ester, is that you?」(Celine)

「Celine, it’s been a while!」(Ester)

As soon as she saw Celine, Ester jumped off the boulder and ran toward her.

I also jumped off the boulder and followed her.

「Oh, my~ You’ve grown a lot.」(Celine)

「Right? It’s been three years since you left the village, after all.」(Ester)

Nicola and I first met Celine three years ago. That means she hadn’t returned to this village since then.

『Onii-chan, good job on catching another cute girl!』(Nicola)

『Cute girls are not fish, you know…』(Mark)

「By the way, is this girl Mark’s sister?」(Ester)

Ester turned her gaze to Nicola who was standing next to Celine.

「She is.」(Celine)

「I’m Nicola, his twin sister! Nice to meet you, Ester onee-chan!」(Nicola)

Nicola greeted Ester with her usual angelic smile and cheerful voice.

Ester then nodded as if she was convinced somehow.

「Nice to meet you, Nicola-chan. I see, so you’re twins. That’s why I thought you looked a lot like Mark.」(Ester)

Nicola looked a lot like me, she said…? This is the first time I have met someone who says that.

People will usually be surprised and say we don’t look like each other when they find out that we’re twins.

When Ester and Celine started talking to each other again, Nicola looked at me with a surprised face.

『Onii-chan, looks like she’s not an ordinary cute girl… She seems to have keen insight and it looks like she saw our resemblance in aura and mana rather than our appearances. This is bad… If she’s really a sharp person, I will probably have a hard time when I want to secretly sexually harass her…』(Nicola)


Nicola wiped her sweat on her forehead as she said that.

For me, it’s better if she doesn’t do anything stupid to Ester, so I’m happy with that.

More importantly, I’m surprised that she can tell that we’re twins. It makes me happy somehow.

No, no. It’s not like I’m happy that someone said that Nicola and I look alike, okay? Nicola is cute and all but I’m confident in my face as well.




After that, Celine and Ester kept talking with each other for a while. They talked about their memories when they played together in this village and talked about Celine’s job as an adventurer.

Ester’s eyes were shining when Celine talked about her job. It seems like she wants to be an adventurer like Celine.

「ーーAa, I’m sorry I’m only talking with Celine. I didn’t mean to ignore you.」(Ester)

Saying that, Ester looked at me and Nicola with an apologetic face.

「It’s been a long time since you saw each other, right? I don’t mind.」(Mark)

「I don’t mind either!」(Nicola)

「Ester, let’s call it a day. We might catch a cold if we talk in a place like this for too long.」(Celine)

「Yeah, you’re right…」(Ester)

Ester looked a little sad somehow. Looks like she still wants to talk with Celine.

「You can come to my home to play tomorrow if you’re free.」(Celine)

「Really!? I’ll definitely come!」(Ester)

Hearing what Celine said, Ester’s sad face turned into a happy face in a second.

She stepped closer to Celine and grabbed her hand. Celine then patted Ester’s head with her free hand and smiled.

『Oya oya~ Did Celine just enter a yuri route? Onii-chan, are you jealous? Are you jealous~?』(Nicola)

『I’m not. Why should I?』(Mark)

『Please refrain yourself from splitting the CD in half.』(Nicola)

『She’s not even an idol!』(Mark)

*/TL : Japanese fans tend to split the CDs of their idols in half when their idols disappoint them.

「Alright, then. See you tomorrow, guys!」(Ester)

「See you.」(Mark)

「See you tomorrow!」(Nicola)

「Be careful on your way home.」(Celine)

We waved our hands and saw Ester off.

The moment I saw Ester’s happy face when she waved her hand at us, I was glad that Celine used her Portal Stone to teleport to this village.

At the same time, I was worried about Delica who we left in Sadola.

「Well then, let’s go back to my house.」(Celine)

When Celine was about to walk, I called out to her.

「Celine, can I borrow your Resonance Stone to contact Delica again tomorrow?」(Mark)

「I don’t mind. It’s not something that will break if you use it often. But… Are you sure you want to use it again?」(Celine)

「Don’t worry. I think my mana will completely recover after sleeping for a night.」(Mark)

「Alright then~」(Celine)

『Oya oya~ Onii-chan, are you worried about Delica? Could it be…』(Nicola)

『It’s not like that, okay? I’m worried because she’s my friend.』(Mark)

『Puu. How boring.』(Nicola)

What did she expect, really? I’m not a lolicon. Hahhhh….

I followed Celine from behind as I let out a long sigh.

Celine’s house was quiet when we arrived. It seems like Eclain is sound asleep in her room now.

「Shall we go to sleep now? Aa… That’s right… I don’t think Mom prepared beds for us…」(Celine)

With a worried face, Celine approached the room next to Eclain’s bedroom and opened the door.

「I knew it…」(Celine)

There was only one sheetless bed in the room.

It seems to be Celine’s room but I don’t see any of her personal belongings here.

「There’s no dust, so it seems like she cleans this room regularly, but…」(Celine)

Celine entered the room and looked around.

「This bed is not big enough for the three of us to sleep. I guess we’ll sleep on the mattresses like when we slept on the way to Sadola. Mark, can you remove this bed?」(Celine)


I put the sheetless bed in my Item Box, took out three mattresses, and put them on the floor. Fortunately, we have more than enough space because there’s nothing in this room.

Celine sat on the mattress in the middle and tapped the mattresses on both sides with her hands, telling us to sleep next to her.

Immediately, Nicola dived into the mattress on Celine’s left while I let my body fall onto the other mattress.

「Mark, Nicola-chan, good night~」(Celine)

「Good night.」(Mark)


Celine laid down next to me and closed her eyes.

I could smell her body scent that smelled like the forest. It was so calming somehow.

While feeling like I was napping in the forest, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.



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  1. Odors are usually something unpleasant to smell. A more diplomatic choice of words would be body scent instead of body odor.

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