Chapter 164 : Schultria


「Eh…? Celine, you’re a half-elf!?」(Mark)

「Yup~ I have human ears but I’m a half-elf. A mixed-blood between human and elf like me has a fifty-fifty chance of which one you look like. In my case, my human genes are stronger than my elf genes, so I look just like a normal human.」(Celine)

While explaining, Celine showed her ear to me.

Certainly, the ear that I saw through her dark red hair was a human ear.

「I see… I heard that elves have a long lifespan but how about half-elves?」(Mark)

「They do have a long lifespan as well but not as long as elves’. Many elves and half-elves have the same look even though they’re getting older and older. It varies from person to person though.」(Celine)

「Eh? Then, are you older than you loo… ーー!!」(Mark)

「Hmmmm~? Did you say something~~?」(Celine)

As soon as I felt a mysterious pressure coming from Celine’s smile, the temperature around me suddenly dropped drastically for some reason.

Oh, no… It looks like I’ve stepped on a landmine!

「N-Never mind! I-It’s nothing…!」(Mark)

「Is that so~? Fufu.」(Celine)

As Celine giggled, the mysterious pressure started to fade away and the temperature began to return to normal.

Phew… That was close…

『Oi, Onii-chan. A man shouldn’t talk about a lady’s age. You really don’t know anything about women, do you?』(Nicola)

『I know, I know! That was my fault!』(Mark)

『Ah, by the way, I noticed that Celine was a half-elf the first time I saw her.』(Nicola)

『Really? Am I the only one who didn’t notice it?』(Mark)

『I don’t think so but people who have a good intuition like Mama might have noticed it. Also, I think Liza, a receptionist from the guild, knew about it. She has Celine’s personal information after all.』(Nicola)

『I see. You’re right.』(Mark)

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who didn’t notice that Celine was a half-elf.

When I sighed in relief, Nicola grabbed Celine’s hand and looked up at her face.

「Celine onee-chan, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a human or a half-elf, I will always love you!」(Nicola)

After saying that with an angelic smile, Nicola hugged Celine’s waist.

『And of course, I will always love this butt and these breasts~ Sniff sniff*』(Nicola)

She said something good but that telepathic message ruined it…

「Ara~ Thank you, Nicola-chan. You’re so cute~ …Mark, how about you?」(Celine)

Celine turned her gaze to me and waited for my answer with a curious face.

「Umm… Honestly, I was surprised at first, but now I feel like it doesn’t matter anymore.」(Mark)

I answered honestly but Celine then grinned at me and pinched my cheek.

「That’s not what I want to hear! I’m asking if you still love me even though I’m a half-elf!」(Celine)

「Aww, stop it! It hurts!」(Mark)

「Then say it~」(Celine)

Celine pinched my cheek harder.

Well, I like her but it’s very embarrassing to say. But if I don’t say it, my cheek will become a meat bun!

「Alright, alright! I love you, so stop it!」(Mark)

I love her as a friend, of course.

She let go of my cheek and stroked my head while smiling at me.

「Fufu~ Me too~」(Celine)

『Hohoー Is this the beginning of “Onee-Shota” arc?』(Nicola)

『Can’t you stop thinking that way, you weeb little sister!』(Mark)

*/ Onee-shota is when a character that is a little boy (shota) is paired with a young woman (onee-san) who’s older than him.




We kept walking through the woods toward the village by following an animal trail.

This is Celine’s birthplace, Schultria. It seems that this place is in the same region as the town of Fatia.

However, we have a problem with transportation since this place is in the woods on the edge of the region.

People who live in Schultria are mostly half-elves but none of them are pure-blooded elves.

At first, I thought that elves had left this village, but I was wrong.

Half-elves have a strong curiosity. Because of that, they left the elven village to find out about the outside world. The half-elves who left the elven village started to gather before anyone realized it, and then they formed their own village, which is this place, Schultria.

While talking about this place, we proceeded through the forest. After a while of walking, I finally saw several houses.

We have yet to pass these woods, so I wonder if these houses are actually the huts that were built in these woods?

No… There are too many for just huts in the woods. Besides, I somehow can smell food from these houses. It seems like people are cooking dinner inside.

「Are these the villagers’ houses…?」(Mark)

「Ah, you will be wondering when you see them for the first time but, yes, they are the villagers’ houses. In this village, we built houses in the woods, not in an open area.」(Celine)

「Hee, I see.」(Mark)

I feel a bit off to see so many houses built in woods, but living in woods like this fits the image of elves very well.

「This place hasn’t changed at all…」(Celine)

Celine suddenly stopped walking and nostalgically looked at the houses.

「Alright, let’s go to my parents’ house. It’s over there. When everything has calmed down, we have to contact Delica-chan and the others.」(Celine)

Oh, right! Delica, Nei-san, and the others must be worried about us.

「How do we contact them?」(Mark)

「You will know after we get to my parents’ house~」(Celine)

Celine winked at me and started walking again.

After walking for several minutes, we arrived at Celine’s parents’ house.

「We’re here. This is my parents’ house.」(Celine)

Just like the other houses, this house was built among the trees.

Celine approached the door and opened it without knocking.

Inside the house, there is a beautiful blonde woman in a black evening dress sitting on a chair while leaning her elbow on the table and holding a glass of wine in her hand.


The woman stared at us. Her face is bright red, so it seems like she is currently drunk.

「Hahh… Just like this place, you haven’t changed at all either… Mom, I’m home…」(Celine)



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