Chapter 165 : Eclain


Nicola and I followed Celine into the house and looked around the inside.

The owner of the house, Celine’s mom, seemed like a lazy person but the inside of the house was unexpectedly tidy. However, there were more than ten barrels that seemed to be wine barrels placed on the edge of the room.

This person really drinks a lot…

Celine approached her mom, put her hands on her waist, and entered ‘scolding mode’.

「Mom, you have been drinking since noon, haven’t you!? How many times do I have to tell you not to drink too much alcohol!?」(Celine)

Sometimes I see Celine start drinking at noon too, but if I say it now, she will definitely kill me…

After vaguely listening to Celine’s words, Celine’s mom leaned her back on the chair and exhaled.

「This is bad… I drank so much that I saw the hallucination of Celine brought children home…」(Celine’s mom)

「Mom, I’m real!」(Celine)

Celine took the glass of wine in her mom’s hand and drank it at once.

「Hmm~? That way of drinking… Ara ara~ You’re real? Long time no see, Celine~」(Celine’s mom)

「Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m glad that you’re doing good. Ahh~ I miss the taste of this wine.」(Celine)

『She can tell from the way Celine drinks… She’s really Celine’s mom. No doubt about it!』(Nicola)

Responding to Nicola’s telepathy, I silently nodded.

「Mom, you should eat something too. Drinking only alcohol is bad for your body.」(Celine)

「Eeehh… But I’m too lazy to cook~… Now that you’re here, why don’t you make some food for me~?」(Celine’s mom)

Celine’s mom pouted at Celine as her long ears twitched.

Unlike Celine, apparently, Celine’s mom has strong elf genes so she has long ears just like elves.

Perhaps that’s the reason why she doesn’t look much like Celine even though she looks as young and beautiful as Celine.

「Hahh… You know that I can’t cook, don’t you? Talk about cooking, these children are better than mー」(Celine)


Suddenly, Celine’s mom interrupted Celine by clapping her hands once.

「ーOh, right! These children! Just because you feel lonely, you can’t kidnap someone’s children! Go return them to their parents now!」(Celine’s mom)

「H, Huh..!? I’m not a kidnapper, okay!? I thought you would get the wrong idea that they were my children or something.」(Celine)

Celine let out a long sigh.

「You? Having children? No, no, no. I know you. There’s no way you, who treat men as if they were pebbles on the edge of the street, have a boyfriend.」(Celine’s mom)

「I treat them that way because none of them interest me. Anyway, this boy is Mark, and this cute little lady is Nicola-chan. They are the children of the owners of the inn I currently live in.」(Celine)

「Nice to meet you, I’m Mark.」(Mark)

「I’m Nicola!」(Nicola)

「My my~ What cute children~ Come, let me hug you~」(Celine’s mom)

As we approached her, she raised her hips from the chair, crouched down, and hugged me and Nicola.

「My name is Eclain. I’m Celine’s mother~」(Eclain)

Eclain has a slender body and for some reason, her body temperature is a bit high, probably because she drank too much.

Also… She stinks of alcohol!

『*Sniff sniff* Mmm… It’s not bad at all if you think that this is the scent coming from the body of a mature beautiful woman…』(Nicola)

『Oi, stop it or you’ll have a new weird fetish.』(Mark)

After hugging us for a few seconds, Eclain released us and turned her gaze to Celine.

「So, why did you kidnap the children from the inn you live in?」(Eclain)

「I said I’m not a kidnapper! Geez… We went into a Stone Lizard nest to complete a mission from the Adventurer Guild. When the nest started to collapse, I used a Portal Stone to escape.」(Celine)

「Ara, is that so? That sounds tough but going on an adventure seems fun~ If only I could fight, I wouldn’t stay in this boring village and became an adventurer.」(Eclain)

「Well, your specialty magic is not that suitable for adventurer work after all.」(Celine)

「I know~」(Eclain)

The two of them put their hands on their cheeks and sighed at the same time.

They really look like a parent and child.

「Oh, right. We have to contact the people we left when we teleported. They must be worried about us. Mom, can we borrow the table?」(Celine)

「I don’t mind, but where did you teleport from?」(Eclain)

「Do you know the town of miners, Sadola?」(Celine)

「I don’t know… Since I have no idea about that place, it must be very far away from here. You’re going to use a Resonance Stone, right? I don’t think you will have enough mana to make it reach that town.」(Eclain)

「Fufu. Who said I would do it~?」(Celine)

Celine took out a leather bag from her cleavage, opened it, and took out a fist-sized stone from it.

At this point, I really wonder if Celine’s cleavage has room as large as my Item Box…

When she placed the stone on the table, I could see a clean cross-section on one side.

It seems like it was originally a bigger stone that was split into two.

「Mark, can you touch it and put your wind attribute mana into it?」(Celine)


I don’t know how it works but this stone that is called “Resonance Stone” can be used to contact Delica and the others.

Without thinking deeply, I sat on a chair, touched the Resonance Stone with both hands, and started putting wind attribute mana into it.

Immediately after, I felt like my mana was being sucked by the stone.


I never thought that you would feel this uncomfortable when your mana is being sucked.

It seems like the further away the target is the more mana this stone requires. I bet Sadola Town is very far away from this village…

Unable to stand the uncomfortable feeling, I spontaneously let go of the stone.

「Mark, are you okay?」(Celine)

「I’m fine… It’s just… it feels weird…」(Mark)

「I know how it feels but don’t worry. Since you have a lot of mana, you’ll be alright.」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine put her hands on my hands and pushed them against the stone.

「A, Alright… I’ll try it again.」(Mark)

I started putting my mana into the Resonance Stone again while enduring the weird feeling.

After a while of sucking my mana, the stone glowed pale green, and then Celine started shouting toward it.

「Delica-chanー Delica-chan, can you hear meー? Delica-chanー」(Celine)

「ー!? This voice… I can hear Celine’s voice but where is she…?」(Delica)



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