Angel Little Sister 132


Chapter 132 : Forest Scent


The inside of the dome house was almost pitch black.

I had made several windows but it seemed like the moonlight alone wasn’t enough to illuminate the room, so I created a dim light ball and let it float on the ceiling.

After that, I took out four mattresses from my Item Box and arranged them on the floor side by side.

By the way, Celine bought these mattresses a day before departure. They were thick and solid just like gymnastic mats.

「I’m going to sleep here.」(Mark)

I chose the mattress on the far left.

「T-Then, I will sleep here.」(Delica)

For some reason, right after I chose my mattress, Delica chose the one on the far right.

Ugh… Why do I feel like she is avoiding me…?

Or… Is she just too embarrassed to sleep side by side with me…?

「I will sleep next to Mark then~ I promised to teach you how to use sensing magic while sleeping.」(Celine)

Celine chose the mattress next to mine. She then winked at me as she said that.

「I will sleep here then!」(Nicola)

Nicola seemed happy to be able to sleep between Celine and Delica.

After we chose our own mattress, Celine clapped her hands once.

「Alright. We have to get up early tomorrow, so let’s just sleep now!」(Celine)

「「Okaaay~」」(Mark & Delica)

When Delica and I replied to Celine, we all got into our respective mattress.

For some reason, Nicola looked confused.

『Onii-chan, are we going to sleep without ‘girls talk’!?』(Nicola)


『How about the pillow fight!? We’re not going to do it!?』(Nicola)



『What do you think this is? An all girls school trip? Just sleep already.』(Mark)

『Puu! Puu!』(Nicola)

「Well then, I will turn off the lights. Good night, everyone.」(Mark)

I ignored Nicola and deactivated my light magic.

The room became dark again after the light went out. However, I could still see the surroundings thanks to the moonlight coming from the windows.

「Alright, Mark, before you sleep, I will tell you how to use sensing magic while sleeping. You can listen to me while closing your eyes.」(Celine)


Looks like Celine’s private lesson is about to begin.

When I turned my face sideways, I could vaguely see Celine lying facing me.

「You can easily use sensing magic when you are awake, right?」(Celine)

「Yes. I’m actually using it right now.」(Mark)

「Good. Do you think you can do it while sleeping?」(Celine)

「To be honest, I don’t think it’s possible. I will lose my consciousness when I fall asleep after all.」(Mark)

「But you can still breathe even when you lose consciousness, right?」(Celine)

「Of course. I will die if I don’t breathe.」(Mark)

「Right. Now try to think that using magic is the same as breathing. The power of will is important in magic. The point is to think that using magic is a natural thing to do.」(Celine)

Hmm… This is hard…

I’ve been practicing magic everyday for years, so I somehow understand that the power of will is important in magic, but I wouldn’t have trouble using magic while sleeping if I could think like that…

Anyway, I should try what I can do.

「Alright, I’ll try.」(Mark)

「Take it easy. You can try again tomorrow if you can’t master it right away. You won’t be able to sleep if you concentrate too much on maintaining your sensing magic, so be careful.」(Celine)

「Now that you mentioned it, I feel less sleepy than before…」(Mark)

When I was whining a little, I heard the sound of clothes rustling.

Apparently, Celine was approaching me. She then pulled my head, pressed it against her chest and used her arm to support my head as a pillow.

I was surprised by the sudden soft feeling on the right side of my face, but Celine pressed my head against her breasts even more until I could hear her heartbeat with my right ear.

「Can you hear my heartbeat?」(Celine)


「Constantly listening to rhythmic sounds usually will make you sleepy. Now you only have to focus on using magic while listening to my heartbeat, and I’m sure you will eventually be able to sleep while maintaining your magic.」(Celine)


If I were not a child, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but fortunately, I don’t feel nervous or excited because I’m a child.

Listen to her heartbeat, huh…? It reminds me that there was a method of sleeping by listening to the sound of a metronome in my previous life. Perhaps this method would be effective.

『Gunununu…! Onii-chan, that’s not fair! Those boobs are mine!』(Nicola)

No no… They’re Celine’s…

Looks like Nicola is very jealous of me. Well, I can understand, but I should ignore her for now and focus on maintaining my sensing magic while listening to Celine’s heartbeat.

Thump… Thump… Thump… Thump…

While I was listening to Celine’s heartbeat, I smelled her body odor as I breathed.

She smelled like forest. It’s so calming and soothing.

She has washed off her sweat in the bath, so I wonder if Celine usually smells like this.

I feel like I’m getting sleepy because of the peaceful feeling from her smell rather than her heartbeat…

After a while, I could no longer endure my drowsiness and fell asleep while unconsciously maintaining my sensing magic.



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