Chapter 105 : Water Storage Tank


After the rush hour at lunch time was over, I immediately went to the vacant lot.

By the way, Nicola was taking a nap.

When I got to the vacant lot, there was Gill oji-san checking the vegetable field.

He has been in a good mood lately.

He said that Camilla has been drinking with him more often ever since I went to help.

Looks like there’s no progress between him and Camilla as a man and a woman though, given that he’s happy enough by just having a drink with her.

「Gill oji-san, I’m going on a long trip for about a week tomorrow, so I’d like to talk with you about what to do with the fields.」(Mark)

「Hoo, you’re going outside again, huh? Then, I’ll take care of the field for you. But I’m kinda worried about how the plants will grow if they don’t receive your mana for a week.」(Gill)

「I can rest assured if you look after the field for me. For the mana, actually I have an idea.」(Mark)

I walked to a corner of the vacant lot, made a 2×2 meter square water tank with earth magic, and poured water with water magic while mixing it with my mana as much as possible.

After the tank was filled, I poured a D-grade potion and mixed it.

Potions are versatile, so I think it’s good for plants too.

「Was that D-grade potion you just put in? I know you have a lot of them, but… Ahh… What a waste…」(Gill)

Gill oji-san ruefully said that.

Well, because I can’t sell them and my cultivation of segilia grass +1 is going well, I have quite a lot of D-grade potions.

「No, it won’t be a waste if this works, right? So, Gill oji-san, I want you to sprinkle this water to the field every day. I think this much is enough for a week.」(Mark)

「Ou, leave it to me. By the way, where will you go this time?」(Gill)

After Gill oji-san asked that, I just realized that I haven’t asked Celine about the destination.

「Ahh… I don’t know. I forgot to ask, but I’m going to accompany Celine to clear a quest. She said that it was a scouting quest, but I’m not sure.」(Mark)

「So you decided to go without knowing where you will go, huh… Just how much do you want to go outside…? Celine is the female adventurer who always stays in your inn, right?」(Gill)

「Yeah, she’s a C-rank adventurer, by the way.」(Mark)

「Eh? Why do a C-rank adventurer stay in this town? There are only goblins and kobolds here.」(Gill)

「Well, she likes the bath I made at our inn, so she doesn’t want to leave.」(Mark)

「I see. The inn around here that has a bath is only your place after all. Oh, right! Speaking of baths, Camilla-mama said she wanted to take a bath in your potion bath again. Of course, she will pay.」(Gill)

Hoo… I smell a good business opportunity.

「How much she will pay?」(Mark)

「Oh, are you interested? She said she would pay 5 gold coins.」(Gill)

Five gold coins for a bath might sound like a great deal at first, but if I have to make a large bath like before, I have to use at least 10 E-grade potions that cost 7 silver coins each, so I will be at a loss.

However, I think I’m gonna take it since I can’t sell my potions to the Commerce Guild anyway due to age restriction.

I can only sell my E-grade potions to Celine for 7 silver coins for the time being, and I also used potions for her bath almost every day.

Celine sure has a lot of money…

Actually, I wanted to put the income from selling potions into our inn’s income, but Mom refused it.

She said I’ve already helped a lot by providing vegetables and suggesting new menus. She even forcibly paid me back the money for the tentacles I bought in Secard Village.

By the way, Nicola received pocket money of two silver coins a month, but I didn’t because I refused. I already got a lot of money from selling potions to Celine after all. Besides, I still have the prize money I got from defeating bandits.

I can say that I’m rich for an eight-year-old child, but there’s no harm in making more money, right?

Well, I ended up refusing the wage for helping Camilla with her bar though. I thought a kiss from Pamella was more than enough to pay me. Besides, I helped not because I wanted money.

However, this time is different because I will use my potions for the potion bath.

「Yeah, I’m kinda interested. I will go to Camilla-san’s place after I come back from the trip.」(Mark)

「When the time comes, I will go with you as your guardian!」(Gill)

Camilla’s bar is also Pamella’s house. I don’t think I need a guardian to go to a friend’s house though…

Well, I don’t mind if he wants to come along.

Gill oji-san’s face looked kinda red. Perhaps he was imagining Camilla having a bath…


After we finished talking, I injected mana into the fields as usual.

I think this field will be fine in Gill oji-san’s hands.

When I get home, I will ask Mom the same thing and leave the herb fields in the backyard to her.

I think I can trust Mom to take care of my herb fields, but I don’t mind if she fails. After all, I’ve stored a lot of herb seeds in my item box, so I can just grow them anytime.

I’m more worried about Mom than my herb fields because Delica, Nicola and I won’t be there to help her with the inn for a week.

However, the town has become calmer for some reason since the feudal lord returned to the capital, so I don’t think the inn will be busy soon.

Perhaps I should leave some potions at home just in case Mom or Dad gets injured during work. They can use the potions for bath too if they want.

Another thing I have to do before I leave is to make preparations for the trip.

Since I’ll be gone for a week, it’s better to bring more clothes than when I went to Secard Village.

「Gill oji-san, do you know a good shop where I can buy clothes?」(Mark)

Gill oji-san turned to me while putting tomatoes into the basket.

「Hmm… as far as I know, there’s only one shop like that in this area. I believe they also have a lot of children’s clothes.」(Gill)

「Hee… What’s the name of the shop?」(Mark)

「Jaeson Armor Store.」(Gill)

「Ahh… that store, huh…?」(Mark)

「Do you know it?」(Gill)

「Yeah, that’s my mom’s parent’s house.」(Mark)

「I see. That’s perfect then.」(Gill)

「U, Un… Thank you, Gill oji-san.」(Mark)

After that, Gill oji-san continued picking vegetables, but I held my head in panic and sighed.

…Grandpa’s house, huh…

Actually, my grandpa hasn’t recognized my mom and dad’s marriage. Both sides have been in a terrible mood since the marriage.

I’ve been in Grandpa’s house several times with Mom, but I’ve never had a conversation with him.

When the four of us went there as a family, Grandpa went mad and started throwing things around after he saw Dad’s face. Apparently, he really hates Dad.

Honestly, I don’t wanna go there, but I haven’t seen him for two years.

I don’t think I’d ever go there by myself if I didn’t have any reasons, so maybe this is a good opportunity to see him.

Perhaps I should bring Nicola too. I hope she wants to go there with me tomorrow…



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