Chapter 4-14 : Hidden Village (part 1)


The shouts from the people who saw Chloe who was riding a griffon and Mylia who was flying with magic attracted the people inside the house to come out, making the place become even noisier, but then the sound of a whistle was heard.

Soon after, the women ran back to their own houses with their children while the men went to grab their weapons as if they were preparing themselves to protect the village from a monster or something.

(Uhh… Can’t they see that we are just cute little ladies? I don’t care if they think that I’m a monster because they’re not totally wrong, but how could they mistake my beautiful onee-chan for a monster!? Are they blind!?)

Before they land, Mylia created an invisible barrier to protect herself and Chloe just in case.

As soon as they landed, an old man who was surrounded by several well-built men holding spears stepped forward.

He looked at Mylia and Chloe with a frightened face as if he was looking at something that he shouldn’t mess with, and then he timidly started talking.

「M, My name is Popo. I’m the village chief… We know this griffon, but… Who are you? Did he really allow you to ride him…?」(Popo)

The village chief who introduced himself as Popo talked with a hoarse voice.

Chloe slowly got off the Griffon and greeted him with a curtsey by pinching her skirt up with both hands and gracefully bowing.

「Please excuse our sudden visit. My name is Chloe de la Atwood. Umm… A lot happened between me and this griffon, but it seems to like me and let me ride it.」(Chloe)

「A lot happened, huh…?」(Popo)

Seeing Chloe’s polite attitude, the village chief, Popo, was relieved.

He just realized how beautiful Chloe was now that he could look at Chloe closer than while she was in the air.

He thought that there was no way a beautiful and polite girl like Chloe was a threat. Of course, he didn’t think that Mylia, her cute companion, was a threat either.

The men holding weapons that gathered there were also relieved. They lowered their weapons, relaxed their shoulders, and exhaled.

「Umm, we came to this forest to learn about griffons. You said that you knew this griffon, so you must know something about them, right? Would you like to tell me more about them?」(Chloe)

「Hold on… Don’t tell me. You… Did Baron Hansen send you…?」(Popo)

「Baron Hansen? No, no. I came for my own research.」(Chloe)

「Is that so? That’s a relief…」(Popo)

The village chief stroked his chest and exhaled.

There seemed to be something going on between the people in this village and Baron Hansen.

Baron Hansen was the feudal lord of the region south of the Atwood Territory. He was a lustful man who wanted to marry Chloe as his 25th wife. (chapter 1-22)

Fortunately, his plan was thwarted thanks to Mylia’s genius plan of falsifying the response letter addressed to him. (chapter 1-25)

Mylia had never met Baron Hansen but she pictured him as a perverted fat old man with an ugly face.

(Ugh… I never thought I would hear that disgusting man’s name here…)

Hearing Baron Hansen’s name, Mylia wrinkled her nose in slight annoyance.

On the other hand, Chloe made a thoughtful face while stroking the griffon’s neck.

「I don’t know what your deal is with Baron Hansen, but I hate that person and he has nothing to do with our visit today.」(Chloe)

「I see. Alright, I trust you.」(Popo)

「Ah, there’s one more thing you need to know. This village no longer belongs to his region, but it now belongs to the new Atwood Territory that will be governed by my little sister here, Baron Mylia de la Atwood.」(Chloe)

After Chloe said that, the people’s gazes gathered at Mylia.

Most of them were looking at her with doubtful eyes. They couldn’t believe that a girl like Mylia was a baron.

(Ahh… yeah, yeah. Just as I expected. I think I’ve gotten used to these doubtful gazes…)

「Is she really a…」(Popo)

「I understand your feelings. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. So… would you tell me what you know about griffons?」(Chloe)

「…Alright. Please follow me. We can’t just have a conversation while standing like this, right?」(Popo)

「Okay. Let’s go, Mylia.」(Chloe)


Chloe and Mylia nodded and followed the village chief heading to the largest house in the village.




As soon as Mylia and Chloe entered the house and sat at the table with the village chief, a young man came and served them tea made from wild grasses.

(Hmm… No poison. I think it’s safe.)

Thinking about the possibility of being poisoned, Mylia focused her magical power in her eyes and used Appraisal Magic to check the tea. However, it seemed to be safe to drink.

After that, Mylia took a sip of the tea.

It smelled like the leaves of a fish mint plant and had a refreshing taste.

(Mmm~! It’s surprisingly good! I thought it would be worse. I feel like this tea can get rid of my drowsiness completely if I drink it in the morning. I wonder if I should put it in my favorite drink collection…)

At the table, there were only Mylia, Chloe, the village chief, and the young man who served them tea who seemed to be the village chief’s grandson.

「Before we begin, I want to say that I believe that you’re not a threat. However… Please pardon me, but… I still don’t believe that this little lady is a baron, moreover, the lord of the Atwood Territory. Do you have any proof?」(Popo)

「It’s understandable. Most people wouldn’t think that my cute little sister is a baron at first glance. Mylia, can you show him your baron certificate?」(Chloe)

Mylia nodded and took out a rolled parchment from her magic bag and spread it on the table.

Seeing a roll of parchment suddenly popping out of nowhere, the village chief asked Mylia.

「Did you just use a magic bag?」(Popo)

「Eh? Yeah, I did.」(Mylia)

「I see. So you are a magician. That’s why you were able to fly like that.」(Popo)

After learning that Mylia was a magician and reading the certificate, the village chief was convinced.

「Do you believe that my sister is a baron now?」(Chloe)

「Yes. Baron Mylia, please forgive me for doubting you.」(Popo)

The village chief apologized and lowered his head at Mylia.

「N, No, no! It’s alright, really!」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Even though she looks just like a normal, cute girl, my little sister is a Dragon Slayer!」(Chloe)

「D, Dragon Slayer!?」(Popo)

「She defeated a zirnitra and a basilisk in the past. That’s the reason why Her Majesty, Queen Kushana, ennobled her. The two Dragon Slayer emblems on her chest are proof that she’s a Dragon Slayer.」(Chloe)

The village chief swallowed his saliva and looked alternately at Mylia and the Dragon Slayer emblems on her chest in awe.

(Uhh… He looks quite old. I’m worried that too much shock will affect the health of his heart…)



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