Chapter 3-46 : Unexpected Proposal


(Ahh~ Now that landmine woman has gone from this city, I can finally enjoy my peaceful days like usual!)

It had been a day since Mylia sent Robin home and the party ended without further incident. She could now spend her days with peace of mind.

Recalling when she watched Robin soar into the sky, she felt so refreshed as if she was doing a great job removing a stubborn stain that was sticking to a sink for years.

(I hate that person but I hope my protection spell worked and she could land safely without injuries. Well, Master said that she would watch her when she flies, so I think Master would do something if my spell didn’t work.)

While thinking about that, Mylia leaned against the table and rested her head on her hand. She was currently waiting for Chloe and Aria in the school cafeteria. They promised to have dinner together after school was over.

A while later, Mylia spotted Aria. She was walking briskly toward the table where Mylia was sitting. She seemed to be in a hurry for some reason.

「Aria-san, I’ve been waiting for you. Umm… What’s wrong?」(Mylia)

Aria lowered her eyebrows and looked at Mylia apologetically.

「Mylia-san, I’m sorry. Can you come with me to the visiting room now? There’s someone who wants to meet you.」(Aria)

「Now? Who is it?」(Mylia)

Aria looked down. She hesitated to say for a second.

「It’s… my brother…」(Aria)

「Ah, Chris-san?」(Mylia)

「Yeah… I refused at first because I didn’t want him to interrupt our dinner, but he said that it was important, so…」(Aria)

(Uhh… I’m kinda hungry right now but he helped me deal with Robin… Hmm…)

「Alright, let’s get it done quickly, shall we?」(Mylia)

「Un! By the way, I’ve told Chloe onee-sama about this. She’s in that hall, waiting for us. Let’s go!」(Aria)

(Honestly, I don’t want to see him. He is a nice and good-looking person but after learning his true colors yesterday, I can’t think of him the same way again. But, if I refuse, I might trouble Aria-san. I guess I should meet him for Aria-san’s sake.)

Mylia nodded to Aria, stood up from her chair, and followed Aria.

They joined Chloe who was waiting for them in the hallway, and then the three of them headed to the visiting room.

When they were about to reach the room, a young female school staff member who was standing in front of the room noticed them and approached Aria.

「Miss Aria, thank you very much! Because of you, I could meet Chris-sama! Ahh~ it’s like a dream come true~」(female staff)

「Fufu. I’m glad for you.」(Aria)

After Aria replied to her with her ‘ojou-sama smile’, the female staff member opened the door for them.

There was elegant-looking furniture and a red carpet in the room.

Chris was drinking tea while sitting on a large sofa with his legs crossed.

「Good evening, ladies.」(Chris)

He smiled at the three as soon as he noticed them.

(Uhh… As always, he’s as handsome as a male protagonist in a popular shoujo manga, but I can feel something dark behind his smile…)

When she saw his face, Mylia recalled what he said to Robin yesterday; “If you want me to fall in love with you, you have to be as interesting as Lady Mylia.” After saying that, he winked at Mylia. Mylia hoped that it was just a joke.

「Lady Mylia, Lady Chloe, and Aria. I’m sorry for delaying your dinner. Thank you for coming. Please, take a seat.」(Chris)

Chris stood up and bowed gracefully.

He was a member of the Imperial Guard, so his body was not shaken at all and his movements were beautiful as he bowed.

Mylia, Chloe, and Aria then sat down on the other long sofa facing Chris with Mylia in the middle.

「Do you want some tea? I told my maid to leave but I can pour it for you.」(Chris)

「No, it’s okay. So, Chris-san, why did you call me here?」(Mylia)

「Eh? Lady Mylia, do you want to get straight to the point without small talk? That kinda makes me sad… I’ve been thinking about you since yesterday and I was looking forward to having a talk with you, you know?」(Chris)

As Chris sighed after saying that, Mylia squinted her eyes, thinking that Chris looked kind of suspicious.

「Ahem, ahem!」(Chloe)

Chloe, who was sitting next to Mylia, cleared her throat repeatedly. She couldn’t stand seeing her precious little sister being teased.

Meanwhile, Aria glared at her brother and warned him.

「Onii-sama, you should stop saying things that might make Mylia-san hate you.」(Aria)

「Aha! Aria, you really like her, don’t you? I can tell somehow now that you both are sitting next to each other. Ah, come to think of it, when I returned home from a long mission a while ago, I heard from Father and Mother that you always talked about Lady Mylia.」(Chris)

「Th, That’s…!」(Aria)

Aria glanced at Mylia for a second and bent her body toward Chris.

「Onii-sama, please don’t talk about that in front of the person herself!」(Aria)

「Fufu. Alright, alright.」(Chris)

Aria’s face turned red as she moved her hands restlessly on top of her skirt and glanced repeatedly at Mylia.

Mylia couldn’t help but smile seeing Aria’s cute behavior.

(So, she always talks about me to her parents… Ahh, she’s so cute~)

「Honestly, Aria, I’m jealous of you for being Lady Mylia’s best friend… Say, Lady Mylia, can I be your friend too?」(Chris)


(I don’t want to answer him! Aria-san, please help me!)

Mylia glanced at Aria, asking for help.

Aria then tightened her red cheeks and glared at her brother.

「Onii-sama, you want to be her friend just because you think she is an interesting girl who can use interesting spells, don’t you?」(Aria)

「Ahh, it seems that I can’t hide anything from my little sister. I was so excited when she launched Miss Robin into the sky with her magic yesterday. I’m very curious what else she can do with magic.」(Chris)

「Don’t tell me… Are you planning to take Mylia-san to the Kingdom Magic Research Institute?」(Aria)

「Eh? I can’t?」(Chris)

「Of course, you can’t! I won’t let you take her to a place filled with weird people who are crazy about magic! We don’t know what they will do to her!」(Aria)

Chloe smiled when Aria said that as if saying, “Well said, Aria-san!”, and then she brought her face closer to Mylia and whispered to her.

「You remember I told you about this organization before, right? The Kingdom Magic Research Institute is a gathering of weirdos, and Chris-sama was an honorary member there before he joined the Imperial Guard.」(Chloe)

「I see…」(Mylia)

After being yelled at by his little sister, Chris turned his gaze to Mylia.

「But, Aria, what if Lady Mylia is willing to come? Say, Lady Mylia, do you want to visitー」(Chris)

「ーNo, I don’t want to go there.」(Mylia)

「Ahaha… You answered so quickly. That’s too bad.」(Chris)

(I’m sure the people there will ask me to help them with their research since I know a lot of unusual spells. I want to use my free time to do my own research in order to obtain the ultimate yakiniku sauce, so I have to refuse here.)

「Anyway, let’s get down to business, shall we?」(Chris)

「So, you didn’t call me because you want to take me to The Kingdom Magic Research Institute?」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Of course, not. That was just small talk. Lady Mylia, I have something for you.」(Chris)

Saying that, Chris took out a letter from his breast pocket.

The paper used was of high-quality paper, and it was sealed with a gorgeous-looking wax seal.



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  1. OH NOES!!! The Bi-Sexual Lolicon is after Mylia Again! Quick someone call the Lolicon police!!! BTW I wonder who the letter is from?

    1. I don’t think he’s actually a Lolicon, he’s just teasing her. He clearly enjoys pranking people and making them uncomfortable.
      And like Aria said, he’s mostly just interested in her cause of her weird magic.

    1. You’re reading Shoujo Ai genre. Shoujo Ai means Nymphophilia a.k.a. Lolicon. You’re just getting what you asked for. If you wanted girl x girl relationships, you should have chosen Yuri. Which this novel also falls under. It’s both Shoujo Ai (Nymphophilia a.k.a. Lolicon) AND Yuri. Get your Japanese straight. I’ve corrected the tags and genres, so don’t mess them up again with your lack of understanding of the Japanese language and culture.

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