Chapter 3-18 : Confronting The Muscle-Brain (part 1)


Before Mylia could leave the mansion with Jasmine, Aaron and Alex, who just returned home, entered the living room.

They were taken aback as if they encountered a ghost when they saw Mylia and Jasmine floating in the air.

Their clothes were dirty with soil and blood, indicating that they returned from hunting.

(Geh, they saw me! They haven’t changed at all. The muscle-brain looks grumpy and the perverted man looks disgusting as always…!)

Mylia hugged Jasmine tighter as she saw those men.

「Mylia…? What the hell are you doing here!? How can you float like that!? Are you using magic!?」(Aaron)

Aaron looked so confused.

With an irritated expression, he stepped closer and looked up at Mylia and Jasmine who were floating in the air.

His threatening face and muscular body made him look like the leader of a bandit group.


Mylia didn’t know how to respond, so she decided to act as the absent-minded Mylia for now.

「Yes, I’m using magic, and with my magic, I will take Jasmine onee-sama to the royal capital.」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia concentrated on her magic, trying to leave the place, but then Aaron shouted.

「Wait! What are you gonna do with Jasmine!?」(Aaron)

「She will forget about you and live happily in the royal capital. Goodbye~」(Mylia)

「Waaaaiit!!! Listen to what people say!!!」(Aaron)

(Huh? How can the person who never listens to people say that?)

Mylia turned her face down and glared at Aaron.

「I don’t know what trick you used but you became a Dragon Slayer, didn’t you!? I’ll never forgive you if you forget to return the favor to your father for raising you!」(Aaron)

「Return the favor…?」(Mylia)

(He indeed raised me but has he ever done anything nice to me? No… He never treated me like his daughter. He didn’t even provide me with proper clothes and enough food.)

Mylia glared at Aaron who shamelessly talked about favors with sharp eyes.

It seemed that Aaron wanted to say that Mylia was able to live until now thanks to him.

It’s not totally wrong but it was all for his own benefit. After all, he only saw Mylia as a tool to get what he wanted.

「Mylia, I think it’s enough… You will make Father angry. Please put me down.」(Jasmine)

Jasmine whispered to Mylia.

She was frightened by Aaron’s loud angry voice.

「Don’t worry, Onee-sama. You can leave it to me.」(Mylia)

「What are you whispering about!? Stop ignoring me!」(Aaron)

「It’s none of your business. Anyway, I don’t know what you mean by returning the favor.」(Mylia)

「Can’t you even think with your small brain!? I know you got a lot of gold coins when you became a Dragon Slayer! I’m telling you to give them to me!」(Aaron)

(Small brain, he said!? I know I’m not smart like Chloe onee-chan, but being insulted like that by a muscle-brain like him pisses me off!)

After telling her what he wanted from her, Aaron stepped even closer to Mylia.

Mylia then immediately flew backward to keep her distance.

Seeing Mylia avoiding him, Aaron clicked his tongue as his face turned red out of anger.

「Mylia-chan, anyway, would you get down? It would be bad if you fell. Come, I’ll catch you both~」(Alex)

Alex, who joined the conversation, spread his arms and looked at Mylia with creepy eyes.

(Hiiiiyyyー! He’s so disgusting…!)

Mylia frowned and looked away from Alex. She completely ignored him.

Meanwhile, Jasmine shook her body for a second as she saw Alex’s disgusting face and hugged Mylia tighter.

「Please don’t ignore me, Mylia-chan! If you can use magic, you should stay and work here!」(Alex)

「Shut the hell up, Alex! I’m talking to her right now!」(Aaron)

「I, I’m sorry, Father…」(Alex)

Being scolded by Aaron, Alex stepped backward.

(Good-for-nothing father with his good-for-nothing son-in-law… This house is truly over…)

「Anyway, just give me the money!」(Aaron)

「You want money, huh?」(Mylia)

「Yeah! You got a thousand gold coins, didn’t you? If you don’t wanna give me all of them then give me at least nine hundred gold coins!」(Aaron)

Robin told Aaron that people who killed dragons and became Dragon Slayers would get a thousand gold coins from the queen. He didn’t know that Mylia got more than that.

(Did he just say to give him ‘at least’ 90% of my money? Does he know what the phrase “at least” means?)

Mylia wanted to put her hand on her face and shake her head but she held it in.

「If you can’t count, then give me all your money! I know it’s in your bag!」(Aaron)

Aaron looked at Mylia’s magic bag on her waist.

He then suddenly rushed toward Mylia and jumped, trying to grab Mylia’s leg.

「Give it to me!」(Aaron)


Before Aaron could grab Mylia’s leg, Mylia’s automatic defensive magic activated.

A magic circle appeared, and a rather big cat popped out from it. The cat then punched Aaron in the face real hard.



Blood sprouted out of his nose as his body flipped backward in the air one and a half times, and then he fell and smashed his face on the floor.


Aaron, who didn’t expect the counterattack, could only groan in pain while lying face down on the floor.

As the threat was gone, the cat faded away.



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  1. Mylia, you doof. These two are not worth your time nor Jasmine’s fear. Just get her out of there, then come back for your justice against your dad and Alex. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to get Jasmine to the capital and back. Plus, you can track dad and Alex anywhere! They literally cannot escape you. Unless you have an idea of how to get your revenge here and now, please just leave for the capital where actual family and friends are. This isn’t to say that the story thus far is terrible; it’s still good. This is just a critique of Mylia’s priority and letting her past trauma get ahead of her.

    Idk, it would have been really badass if she just flew through the roof with Jasmine in this chapter and having their dad open the door just in time to see this.

    1. Nooooooo she can’t just resolve things straightforwardly like she did against a dragon and other difficult situations, she has to get immobilized by emotions and just do nothing for the umpteenth time in a row.

  2. Fuck sake, just kill them and burn the house lol.
    No one is going to notice if there’s no one to notice.

    1. That’d be a bad look for Mylia from the other aristocrats’ perspective. If we’re willing to go that far (and most of us are), then the case would first need to be heard publicly. Imagine if Mylia, THE dragon slayer, were to just shoot down a random mansion in this setting’s literal ass end of nowhere land. What kind of message would that send to the other nobles? That Mylia would be the end-all-be-all on the issue of law — meaning a society that fears her, a broken promise to Titania, and no yakiniku for Mylia.

      Sorry, but Mylia will have to settle for petty pranks and personally humiliating the idiots.

      1. And they are blood related family. The other nobles don’t know or care if they hase mistreated the children. All they know is that a opn human killed her father and destroyed her “home”. She will be feared and surrounded by rumours like Robin, i Khan Robilyn.

    2. that’s being too far, simple and unentertaining, no matter how A-hole they are, they still her family by blood, she’s not your everyday psychopath, ok?

    3. imagine telling an innocent girl who just wants to have an ultimate barbeque party with her friends to kill someone and burn their house. lol

  3. Is Mylia really a reincarnator? How come she can slay dragons but dont know how to act around adults?
    I mean before she reincarnated, she’s a student with excellent grades and took a lot of part time jobs to survive!
    Or is it really due to the body affects the mind thing that was mentioned in the early chapter?

    1. It’s partially that. And don’t be an idiot like those 2 commenters up there who don think things through and yet they’re so damn smart. They’re just no different from Robin.

  4. He got a point though. He did raise her. She should just give him 6 gold coins (2 each for Jasmine, Chloe and Mylia) as compensation and severe all ties with him

    1. When all he gave her for food everyday was black bread and water without a shred of meat while he took everything and tried to marry off Chloe and herself for a dumb forest like they were objects or property?! And the list of misdeeds goes on and on. I think not! He doesn’t even deserve a single bronze coin.

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