Chapter 2-43 : Money Or Yakiniku


After saying that she would give money to Mylia, Queen Kushana looked at the finance minister. The finance minister then nodded, went to another room, and returned with a big silver tray filled with gold coins.

Meanwhile, two officials prepared a table and put it in front of Mylia. The finance minister then put the silver tray on the table.

(A hundred and twenty thousand gold coins… This is so overwhelming…)

Chloe, who was standing next to Mylia, was completely frozen when she saw a big pile of gold coins in front of her.

「Onee-chan, what are we going to do with this…? Can I entrust it to you…?」(Mylia)

「E, Eeehhh…」(Chloe)

Mylia immediately tried to pass the money to Chloe, but Chloe was still in confusion. She wasn’t sure what to do with it.

「Alright, now I will give you another Dragon Slayer emblem and star badge.」(Kushana)

After the queen said that, two maids entered the audience room, put a Dragon Slayer emblem and a star badge on Mylia’s uniform, and left.

Mylia now had two Dragon Slayer emblems and three star badges.

It was weird that a girl had Dragon Slayer emblems on her chest but strangely, they looked good on Mylia.

「Hmm… Those emblems may attract people’s attention but I hope you’re happy with them. Now can you take out Basilisk’s corpse again? I may pay you more if most of the scales are in a good condition.」(Kushana)


(Now that I think about it, I will surely attract people’s attention…)

While thinking that, Mylia took out the corpse. This time she also took out the severed head.

She then immediately used gravity magic to make it float.

The audience room was overwhelmed by the giant corpse of Basilisk once again.

「Hm? There’s the severed head but I don’t see the neck. Miss Mylia, where’s the neck?」(Dalia)

Dalia asked Mylia while pushing her glasses upward with her middle finger.

「I’m sorry but the neck is mine. I heard that Basilisk neck meat is very delicious.」(Mylia)

「Really? Can I buy half of it?」(Dalia)

「No, I won’t sell it.」(Mylia)

Mylia replied without hesitation.

When it comes to food, she didn’t care about who was more superior.

「W-Why? Please let me buy it!」(Dalia)

「I’m sorry but, NO. I won’t sell it!」(Mylia)

「Please! I wanna try Basilisk meat just once! Can you at least let me buy one third, no, one fourth of it?」(Dalia)

Dalia was more persistent than Mylia thought.

Just like Mylia, she loved to eat, especially rare foods.

「Umm….. Alright, but you have to wait until I try it first. I won’t let anyone eat it before me because I’m planning to use this meat to make yakiniku!」(Mylia)

Dalia and the queen were surprised to see Mylia, who had been looking nervous all this time, strongly refused to let go of Basilisk neck meat.

The queen was curious about the word “yakiniku” Mylia said.

「Mylia, what is “yakiniku”? Is it some kind of grilled meat?」(Kushana)

The sharp eyes of Queen Kushana that were looking at Mylia were full of curiosity.

From Mylia’s attitude just now, Queen Kushana guessed that “yakiniku” must be a special thing for Mylia.

The queen was eager to know the hobbies and tastes of the little witch who might become a legend in the future.

「Hey, Mylia… I don’t think you should talk about yakiniku with the queen…!」(Chloe)

Chloe whispered to Mylia. She didn’t think that it was a proper topic to talk about with the queen.

「Don’t worry, I will explain to the queen in detail…!」(Mylia)

「That’s not what I mean…!」(Chloe)

「Ahem. First of all, yakiniku isーーー」(Mylia)

(Ahh… she didn’t listen… )(Chloe)

Mylia started explaining everything she knew about yakiniku.

After talking for about fifteen minutes, Mylia finally finished with her explanation.

「I see… That’s kind of interesting. Can you invite me to the party that you call a “yakiniku party”?」(Kushana)

「Ah, please invite me too! If you invite me, I will teach you my favorite destructive spell!」(Dalia)

Both Queen Kushana and Dalia seemed to be interested in Mylia’s yakiniku party.

Chloe could only watch from the side with a worried look while holding her forehead with her hand.

「Okay. I will send an invitation when the time comes.」(Mylia)

Mylia replied with a serious look. She felt like a yakiniku ambassador or something.

(Looks like I need to work harder to make it happen. I still don’t have the perfect sauce and meat after all. I want all the preparation to be perfect before I can invite the queen.)

While planning the yakiniku party in her head, Mylia recalled the time when she ate at Jojoen with her grandma.

(Marbled meat, beef tongue, skirt steak, and ribs as the lunch set, and almond jelly as the dessert… The appetizing smell drifted from the grill… and the good atmosphere of the restaurant… I hope I can make a yakiniku party like that… But first, I need to develop the sauce and try as many kinds of meat as I can get in this world…)

「Alright, let’s get back to the topic… Finance Minister.」(Kushana)

「Yes, Your Majesty.」(finance minister)

Being called by the queen, the finance minister nodded once, left the room, and brought a monster material expert to appraise Basilisk’s corpse.

After a while, the finance minister handed a memo with the assessment result to the queen.

「I see… Mylia, it looks like I have to pay you 10,000 gold coins more. The scales are in the best condition and the internal organs are not that damaged. I will pay more if there’s a neck, but you don’t want to sell it, do you?」(Kushana)

「No, I’m sorry.」(Mylia)

「Don’t worry about it… Finance Minister.」(Kushana)

The finance minister nodded to the queen and brought ten thousand more gold coins. He then added them to the pile of gold coins in front of Mylia.

After the transaction was done, Dalia put Basilisk’s corpse in her magic bag.

「Thank you, Your Majesty.」(Mylia)

「You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to joining your yakiniku party. Speaking of parties, now that you have become a baron, you have to hold a party to celebrate it.」(Kushana)

「A celebration party, huh…?」(Mylia)

「Come to think of it, the Atwood Family rarely holds a party, don’t they? You can ask Duke Griffith for details later.」(Kushana)


「Good. But… Actually there’s something bugging me… I gave you 20,000 gold coins as the reward for subjugating Zirnitra and Basilisk, but now that I think about it, I feel like it’s not enough. You defeated two strong elder dragons after all… Alright, I will give a mansion in the royal capital as an extra reward.」(Kushana)

「Ma, Mansion!?」(Mylia)

「Finance Minister, look for a vacant mansion near the Royal Girls’ Academy and register it under Mylia and Chloe’s name.」(Kushana)

「As you wish, Your Majesty.」(Finance Minister)

「Oh, right. Mylia, it’s still your first year in the school, right? If I’m not mistaken, there’s a rule that the first-year students have to live in the dormitory for at least a year… Then, Chloe, you will be living in that mansion without Mylia for a while but I hope you enjoy your life there.」(Kushana)

「I will. Thank you very much, Your Majesty.」(Chloe)

Chloe was shaking a little but she replied to the queen with an elegant bow.

(A tremendous amount of money, a noble title, and then a mansion!? Ughh… This is too much… Anyway, I should put the money in my bag…)

After Mylia put the gold coins in her magic bag, Queen Kushana smiled at Mylia.

「Alright, I guess there’s nothing more to talk about. Mylia, Chloe, you may leave now.」(Kushana)



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