Chapter 2-23 : Mutual Aid


Mylia and Aria sat on a bench in the courtyard surrounded by four-colored flowers.

Mylia’s lavender-colored hair and Aria’s silver hair made the courtyard look even more colorful.

However, an awkward air drifted from the two beautiful girls somehow.

「Alright then, I will explain about gravity magic.」(Mylia)



(Ugh… Why do I feel like Aria-san doesn’t want to talk with me…? This is awkward…)

Aria kept looking away for some reason. It looked like something was bothering her mind.

In her previous life, Mylia had no friends because she had to work after school, so in her second life in this world, she wanted a friend who was close enough to her to be called a best friend.

She admired a fun life as a student, such as going to a cafe with friends after school and playing together in each other’s house. She had never experienced such a normal life as a teeneger because of her good-for-nothing father. She felt like such simple happiness was too far away for her to reach. Her chest hurt when she saw her classmates chatting and having fun with each other. She could only watch them with an envious look.

Now that she had been blessed with a second life, she didn’t want to give up on making friends.

That’s why she always greeted Aria-san with a cheerful voice in class even though the other students might have a bad opinion of her. She wanted to be in a close relationship with Aria who was the first person to talk to her in this school.

When she was in high school, she never tried to get close to her classmates even though she felt some distance between her and them, butー

(ーBut in this second life, I don’t want to have the same regret!)

Mylia, who had given up on making friends in her previous life, became able to think more optimistically, perhaps because she knew that she had another chance in her second life.

She wanted to use this opportunity to get close to Aria as much as possible.

She glanced at Aria’s beautiful facial profile and decided to continue her magic lesson.

「Anyway, I will show you how it works first.」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia took a Dabola feather from her magic bag, placed it on her lap and levitated it with gravity magic.

Aria, who had been looking away with a difficult face, finally showed her interest and turned her face to Mylia.

「…You’re doing your best to teach me, but… I’m sorry for my weird attitude…」(Aria)

「It’s fine. Is there something bothering you?」(Mylia)

「Well, you see… I feel bad being taught magic without paying you. You said you didn’t want money so I was thinking what else I can give you in return.」(Aria)

「Ahh, I see.」(Mylia)

Listening to what Aria said, Mylia smiled.

She then ceased her gravity magic, grabbed the feather and looked at Aria.

「Aria-san, like I said before, I’m teaching you magic as my apology for embarrassing your sister at the welcome party. Diana-san said she will forgive me if I do that, but honestly, I teach you magic simply because I want to. I don’t know if I can teach you well though. You know I’m bad at explaining things, right? Hehe…」(Mylia)


Aria seemed to have a serious personality.

(Umm… Maybe I can make her feel better if I ask her to help me with something in return…)

After thinking for a moment, Mylia remembered about Daemon’s Map.

Because the first half of the questions in the crossword puzzle were mostly knowledge-based, Mylia had to do some research in the school library.

Recently, she always read books in the library after school to search for the answers, but she had only solved ten questions so far because there were a lot of things she had to look up.

「Then, Aria-san, how about you help me collect information such as the history of this kingdom at the library?」(Mylia)

「Collect information?」(Aria)

Aria looked at Mylia with curious eyes.

「Yup. I had been living in the countryside with nothing but lavender, so I’m not familiar with this kingdom. I always study at the library after school, and I want you to help me with that. In exchange, I will teach you gravity magic as best as I can.」(Mylia)

Aria put her index finger and thumb on her chin, and thought for a moment.

「…I’m surprised that you’re actually studying. You sometimes sleep secretly in class, don’t you?」(Aria)

「Ahaha… That’s… You know, “In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn”.」(Mylia)

「Huh? You say something strange again. What does that even mean?」(Aria)

「It’s a proverb from the countryside. It means we are usually sleepy in the morning… I guess?」(Mylia)

Aria sighed and shook her head a little. She then looked at Mylia and nodded.

「Alright, I will help you with your study.」(Aria)


Mylia was so happy that she couldn’t hold her smile.

「But please remember, I didn’t come to this school to play. My goal is to be the number one student in the Magic Department.」(Aria)

Aria seemed to be very determined to achieve her goal.

However, Mylia could feel both impatience and sadness in Aria’s determined eyes. It seemed like Aria was hiding something in her heart.

Aria’s expression reminded Mylia of her past self. Mylia was worried, but for some reason, she felt like she should leave Aria alone for now.

「Anyway, please don’t act too friendly toward me. Remember, we are rivals.」(Aria)

「Okay, I understand. Let’s go with a mutual aid relationship then.」(Mylia)


Actually, Aria thought that Mylia would be a little sad, but now that Mylia agreed that she wouldn’t act too friendly without changing her expression, Aria felt disappointed for some reason.

「What’s wrong?」(Mylia)

「N-Nothing… Anyway, I’m counting you.」(Aria)

「Un! I’m looking forward to studying with you at the library!」(Mylia)



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  1. Lol you wanted to be rivals and when she agreed you got lonely, honestly, what a tsun XD it’s really cute xD
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