Chapter 2-20 : To The Flowerbeds


「*big yawn* Fwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh~~~」

Mylia yawned like her master as soon as she woke up.

She stayed up solving the crossword puzzle last night until 3:30 a.m., and because of that, she had only slept for three hours.

(If I couldn’t use “Alarm Clock” magic, I would have overslept… But it was too loud… I should have lowered the volume first… Hm? Why am I on the floor…?)

Because Mylia didn’t want to bother her roommates, she set her Alarm Clock magic to ring in her brain, but she forgot to lower the volume. The alarm sound was so loud that her body reflexively recognized it as an enemy attack and she fell to the floor.

(My butt hurts… and I’m still sleepy… ughh… Anyway… Heal!)

While rubbing her butt, Mylia casted healing magic.

As soon as the pain in her butt disappeared, Mylia staggeredly got up, took off her nightgown and started changing into her school uniform.

While changing clothes, Mylia recalled what she found out after reading all the questions on the Daemon’s Map last night.

(Questions number 1 to 99 are about this kingdom’s histories and trivia, number 100 to 199 are about this school, number 200 to 299 are about magic, number 300 to 399 are about monsters and number 400 to 500 are about commerce and calculations… I didn’t answer most of the questions but thanks to my memories from when I lived in Japan, I could solve most of the math problems. Fufufu~ I’m glad that I’m quite good at math.)

Mylia found a kind of pleasure in solving the crossword puzzle. She couldn’t stop and ended up reading all the questions even though she couldn’t answer most of them.

While thinking about the puzzle, Mylia put on her white shirt, her navy blue jumper skirt and her black robe. She then put on her waist belt and put her magic bag on it. After that, she tied her Aqua Sophia light blue ribbon to the first button of her shirt, and lastly she wore her favorite white knee-high socks she got from Titania.

After changing clothes, Mylia looked around the room with her Thermography magic to check on her roommates.

(One seems to be awake, but she is still in bed… The other two seem to be still sleeping…)

While looking through the closed bed curtains, Mylia sighed. She didn’t think she would be able to greet her roommates this morning because she had something to do.

She took her scarves, turned to the mirror and put the scarves in her hair.

(Alright, I’m ready to go! I’m a student of this school starting today! ….Ahh, there was a lot going on yesterday… A mini cow bloomed in my pot… I got the Daemon’s Map… Cooperated with Aria-san to elevate a big banner… and… I got punished for putting Diana-san into danger…)

Mylia decided to greet her roommates later. She left the room and headed to the flowerbeds in the yard in the center of the four dormitory towers.

Her punishment was to clean up the flowerbeds for a week starting today.

As soon as she left the Aqua Sophia tower, she was greeted by the refreshing scent of flowers and the beautiful sunrise.

(Whoaa…! I didn’t look at them closely yesterday, but these flowers are so pretty! There are roses, crescent flowers, white lilies and light blue lavenders…)

The fully bloomed four-colored flowers that represented the color of each dormitory were showered by the morning sun.

When Mylia walked by the bright red Rose Maria dormitory arch, she saw someone lying on a bench in front of her. She then immediately greeted that person.

「Good morning, Professor Sabine.」(Mylia)

That person was the wild-looking female teacher who sentenced Mylia with the penalty yesterday.

She was wearing a short black robe, a camisole, a black leather miniskirt, fishnet tights and boots. There was a light blue scarf wrapped around her arm, indicating that she was a teacher in charge of the Aqua Sophia. She also had a wolf cut hairstyle that matched her outfit.

While still lying down on the bench, she turned her face to Mylia and greeted her back.

「Yo, Mylia de la Atwood. It’s a nice morning, isn’t it?」(Sabine)

She greeted Mylia with a smile, but she didn’t seem to want to get up.

「You’re right. It’s nice and warm, it makes me want to go back to sleep…」(Mylia)

「You look sleepy… By the way, are you really a Dragon Slayer? I’ve been wondering since I saw you yesterday. You seem to have a lot of magical power, but you don’t look strong at all.」(Sabine)

「Well… I did kill a dragon, so it’s true that I’m a Dragon Slayer. However, I was probably able to defeat the dragon because it was weakened. It had been sealed for hundreds of years after all.」(Mylia)

「Is that so…? Still, it doesn’t deny the fact that you have enough magical power to defeat an elder dragon by yourself. Moreover, you have the endorsement from Queen Kushana herself… Alright, since you’re in Aqua Sophia, I won’t hesitate to strictly instruct you from now on. Please don’t forget that Aqua Sophia’s motto is to seek wisdom and knowledge.」(Sabine)


「Good. Now look at this.」(Sabine)

Prof. Sabine raised her upper body up, took out a piece of paper from her magic bag and handed it to Mylia.

「What is this?」(Mylia)

「It’s your certificate of penalties that has been officially approved by the school director.」(Sabine)

「D, Do we even need a certificate for getting punished…?」(Mylia)

「Look. You will lose a star badge if you get five penalties, and it sucks if you lose even one badge because your number of star badges will greatly affect your future. Therefore, the school director has to be fair in deciding to approve someone’s penalties or not. If there were teachers who blindly punished students they don’t like with penalties, the students’ school life in this academy would be ruined, right?」(Sabine)

「I see…」(Mylia)

(Star badges can greatly affect our future, huh…? So that’s why everyone is working hard to get them. There might be students from poor families like me and Chloe onee-chan who work hard to get star badges and change their lives. … I can’t lose my star badges…)

Mylia thought that escaping the Atwood Territory was enough, but then she realized that she had to think about her future as well.

Prof. Sabine looked at Mylia, who was quietly thinking by herself, and smiled.

「If you understand, then that’s fine. Remember to be careful from now on so as not to get punished again. Honestly, I really don’t want to punish Aqua Sophia students, but rules are rules.」(Sabine)

Even though Prof. Sabile didn’t look like a proper teacher, she seemed to be a rational and sensible teacher.

「Okay, I will be careful from now on!」(Mylia)

「Ou. Don’t let me down, Dragon Slayer.」(Sabine)

「Yes, Ma’am!」(Mylia)

Prof. Sabine raised her sharp eyebrows and smiled at Mylia.

Mylia was relieved that Prof. Sabine seemed to be a teacher who cared about her students.

「You can check out the regulations of this academy on the bulletin board in the dormitory. Ah, perhaps it will be faster if you just ask your older sister.」(Sabine)


「If students from the Magic Department put students from other departments in danger because they failed at using magic, they would certainly be punished, so keep that in mind. Magic is convenient but it’s also dangerous at the same time.」(Sabine)

「You’re right…」(Mylia)

(Now that she mentioned it, magic is dangerous if not used properly… I have to be really careful!)

「One more thing. As long as you don’t cause people trouble, you can use your power as you like. It’s your power after all. But I hope you remember to use it to help other people too.」(Sabine)

「Yes, of course!」(Mylia)

「Good. That aside, your gravity magic yesterday was a masterpiece! I couldn’t believe a little girl like you can use it.」(Sabine)

「Ehehe… Thank you.」(Mylia)

「But… Phu! I know I shouldn’t laugh about this, but what happened to the lady from the Griffith Family yesterday was hilarious… Phu! Pwahahaha!」(Sabine)

「U, Uughh…」(Mylia)

Prof. Sabile lay on the bench again and started laughing, while Mylia was blushing, feeling embarrassed of her mistake.

(I feel bad now… I’m sorry, Diana-san… I’m sorry Aria-san…)

Mylia never thought that her gravity magic would affect Diana-san as well.

「So, why did you decide to maintain the banner with gravity magic? I don’t think it’s possible though.」(Sabine)

After laughing for a moment, Prof. Sabine got up and crossed her legs on the bench.

「Well, I wanted to make the banner to be more straight, so…」(Mylia)

「I see. I admit your good intention, but that wasn’t how you use gravity magic, you know?」(Sabine)

「Umm, is that so? I was thinking of making it fixed in the air with gravity magic.」(Mylia)

「But it won’t work if you only apply gravity magic on one side. The other side will be fluttering anyway because your partner can only use wind magic, right?」(Sabine)

「Yes, that’s why yesterday I tried to apply gravity magic with an upward vector to support the upper part of the banner to make the banner stop fluttering, but… I lost control of my magical power and unconsciously made Diana-san float…」(Mylia)


Prof. Sabine looked at Mylia suspiciously.

「Vector? What the hell is that?」(Sabine)

(Aa! I did it again…)

Mylia had a bad habit of explaining things with words that were unfamiliar in this world.

「U, Umm… Vector is… umm…」(Mylia)

「Is “Vector” a spell you made?」(Sabine)

When Mylia was wondering how she should explain, Prof. Sabine asked another question, making Mylia even more flustered.

「I, It’s like… Umm… Arrow symbol? Or arrow drawings…? Something like that. I use that to help me imagine the directions of where the flow of my spells is going, like upward, downward, backwardーー」(Mylia)

Mylia kept explaining while moving her index finger in various directions.

If Chloe were there, she would have praised Mylia saying, “What a cute dance”.


Prof. Sabine lowered her feet from the bench and stood up. She then took out her wand that was attached to her belt and spun it once.


Then the certificate of penalties in Mylia’s hand floated in the air.

「Can you create a breeze with wind magic to make this paper flutter?」(Sabine)

「Umm… Like this?」(Mylia)

「Yeah, keep it going.」(Sabine)

Mylia’s certificate of penalties was floating in the air by Prof. Sabine’s gravity magic, and it was fluttering a little thanks to Mylia’s wind magic.

「”Vector”, was it? So I need to pull this paper to both sides with gravity magic to make it stop fluttering, right?」(Sabine)

「Yes, that’s right!」(Mylia)

Prof. Sabine started concentrating, trying to make the paper stop fluttering.

However, she didn’t realize that she was exposing Mylia’s certificate of penalties by doing that.

At that moment, two students from White Lagoon came out of their dormitory tower and greeted Prof. Sabine when they saw her.

After that, they saw Mylia’s certificate of penalties that was floating vertically in the air, and then left the courtyard while giggling awkwardly.

(Awawawa! My failure is being exposed! This is so embarrassing! Professor, please stop!)

After Mylia realized that, she whip-whapped her hands, trying to give a signal to Prof. Sabine to stop her experiment, but Prof. Sabine was too focused to notice Mylia.



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