Chapter 2-10 : School Director’s Office


Mylia headed to the elevator that the teacher told her.

While walking, she heard the joyful voices of freshmen behind her.

Mylia glanced back and saw many freshmen from Magic, Knight, Commerce, and Industrial Department exchanging greetings, chatting and laughing together while following their seniors heading to the dormitories that matched the color of the potter flowers in their hands.

(Everyone is starting to make friends… Aa-aahh… They’re so lucky…)

After watching the other freshmen with jealous eyes, Mylia turned to the front and saw a sulky-looking man standing on the elevator.

(Is he an elevator operator or something? Ughh… he’s staring at me.)

The man was wearing a tailcoat, and he was kinda short. He was only about 150cm tall.

While still staring at Mylia, he started talking slowly.

「I. Never sleep. I’m. Managing this platform. You are?」(man)

Mylia was surprised by his weird way of speaking.

「I-I’m Mylia… I was called by the school director.」(Mylia)

After Mylia said that, the man in a tailcoat nodded like a robot and pulled the lever of the elevator.

Beyond the complex-structured silver fence that was surrounding the elevator, pulleys that seemed to be magic tools started rotating. Right after, the elevator descended, and the silver fence opened along with a “ting!” sound.

「I have heard. About you. Get on.」(man)

「I. Get on. Okay? Bonjour amigo.」(Mylia)

Being influenced by the man’s weird way of talking, Mylia started talking weirdly too.

「The meaning. Unknown. Be quick.」(man)

「Y, Yes! I’m sorry!」(Mylia)

Being stared at by the man, Mylia quickly got onto the elevator.

After that, the man pulled the lever again. The fence closed, and the elevator started rising at a fairly high speed.

The fence surrounding the elevator had patterns that were likely to appear in mythology, and the fence was 2 meters tall, so people didn’t have to worry about falling.

After they reached the top floor, a “ting!” sound was heard, and the fence opened.

Mylia got off the elevator and saw the heavy-looking door in front of her starting to open slowly by itself.

「Whoa… It’s like a magician’s room… amazing…」(Mylia)

Mylia stepped on the red carpet leading to the room, and walked inside. She then saw various magic tools lined up in the room.

Above her, there were small birds, whose bodies were shining like fireflies, flying around the room.

(This is the school director’s office, right? This is so strange… There are many interesting things here… I wonder if I will get scolded if I touch things here…)

The oversized Holy Grail-like cup in the middle of the room, the magic stone of a demon in a glass case, the slightly grotesque eyeballs floating in bottles of formalin, and the magnificent-looking magic wand. All the things in the room fascinated Mylia.

(Oh, there’s a miniature of this school!)

The most eye-catching thing for Mylia was the miniature of the Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy which was created by Daemon the Collector.

(Ah, this building must be the Rainbow Castle!)

Mylia looked at the diorama of a small castle she was in a few moments ago.

While Mylia was enjoying the beauty of the miniature in front of her, she heard someone calling her from the side.

「Welcome to my office, Miss Mylia. Do you like the miniature?」(school director)

Mylia turned her face to the side and saw the rabbit school director, James de la Madison, smiling at her while folding his hands behind his back.

「Ah, I’m sorry for looking at it without permission.」(Mylia)

「Don’t worry about it. After all, being curious is a good thing for a magician. Please take a seat.」(school director)

Suddenly, a chair appeared behind Mylia.

「Eh? Since when is there a chair here…?」(Mylia)

「It’s from my magic bag. You see, I took it out like this.」(school director)

The school director touched the magic bag on his waist with his rabbit finger, and then the chair behind Mylia disappeared. When he touched his magic bag again, the chair reappeared.

「There are many ways to use magic bags. You can even surprise a lady by taking out a chair without her noticing like this.」(school director)

The school director explained while his rabbit ear twitched cutely.

「I see… So magic bags aren’t just tools to store things. I’ve learned something. Thank you very much!」(Mylia)

「Looks like you have the ambition to learn things. That’s great.」(school director)

Prompted by the school director, Mylia sat on the chair. The school director then took out another chair for himself to sit on, and then the two started talking in front of the miniature.

「Miss Mylia, congratulations on your enrollment.」(school director)

「Thank you! I’m happy to be able to study in this wonderful school!」(Mylia)

「I’m glad you like this school. This school is full of secrets and mysteries, but it has a great environment for you girls to study.」(school director)

Saying that, the school director’s rabbit nose twitched.

(Ahh~ he’s so cute~)

「I’ve been looking forward to having a talk with you since I heard from Queen Kushana that you, the girl who had subdued Zirnitra, would enroll in my school. Honestly, I was surprised when you turned your Seed of Dreams into what you thought with your enormous magical power. I’m glad to meet someone like you.」(school director)

「I-I feel honored…」(Mylia)

Mylia bowed although she was a little confused.

「There’s a gimmick behind how the Seeds of Dreams work, and we can’t find out about it unless we read all the writings about them completely. Therefore, I’d like you to forgive Professor Caroline for suspecting you of using magic on the seed and trying to give you a penalty. She is not a specialist in this and knows little about Seeds of Dreams.」(school director)

「Ah, to be honest, I didn’t really mind it.」(Mylia)

「Is that so?」(school director)

「Yes, besides she didn’t take my star badge in the end, so there’s nothing to forgive.」(Mylia)

「…Thank you, Miss Mylia.」(school director)

After thanking Mylia, the school director hopped off his chair.

「Since this school was founded, there has been no case of a Seed of Dreams turning into something other than the four types of flowers. Do you understand what this means?」(school director)

「That means… I’m weird…?」(Mylia)

「Haha. Yeah, but it also means that you’re extraordinary. The amount of magical power you have is the highest in the history of this school. Even someone like me can’t turn a Seed of Dreams into anything else but a flower.」(school director)

「I see…」(Mylia)

Mylia recalled Titania’s words.

(Master said that I had 60 times more magical power than a royal magician… That’s quite a lot, but still, Master is better at manipulating magical power than me. I can’t even contact Master with telepathy from here. There’s still a lot I need to learn.)

Mylia refrained herself from getting overconfident after the school director complimented her.

Noticing that Mylia wasn’t an egotistical person, the school director widened his eyes, showing that he was impressed.

「Miss Mylia, you’re so humble.」(school director)

「Umm… I’m not sure if I’m humble. I just think that I still have a long way to go since I’m not good at manipulating my magical power now. I hope I can do better in the future.」(Mylia)

「I see, I see.」(school director)

After the school director nodded in satisfaction, he swirled his rabbit finger.

Soon after, the glass case in the back of the room opened by itself, and a rolled parchment flew from inside toward the two.

The school director catched the flying parchment and presented it to Mylia.

「Normally, we give a map of this school to the top student in the Magic Department. However, Queen Kushana told me to give it to you.」(school director)

「To me…?」(Mylia)

Mylia stared at the parchment in the soft-looking hand of the school director.

She had a feeling that something would happen if she took it.

「Please take care of it.」(school director)

「Understood… Thank you very much.」(Mylia)

Mylia obediently received the parchment. It looked old but it was smooth and felt good in the hand.

After handing over the parchment, the school director stared at the miniature of the school and continued talking.

「There are many hidden rooms and passages in this school, and I’m sure there’s a key to break my curse in one of them. I sincerely hope that you can help me solve the mystery of this school before you graduate in four years. Of course, I’m going to continue doing my investigation like usual.」(school director)

The school director smiled at Mylia.

(He is cute but because of his dandy voice, I feel like talking with a gentle man.)

「This is actually a magic tool called “Daemon’s Map”. It can only be used inside this school, and you need to solve mysteries to be able to read it. First, you should start by solving them.」(school director)


「Good.」(school director)

(I feel like this will be interesting!)

The school director looked up at the ceiling for a moment, and then returned his gaze to Mylia with a face as if he just remembered something.

「By the way, your sister, Miss Chloe, is an excellent student.」(school director)

「Un! She’s my sister I’m proud of!」(Mylia)

Mylia recalled Chloe’s beautiful black hair and face.

By the way, Chloe was really happy after she heard from the other students that the Dragon Slayer girl would join Aqua Sophia. She was now waiting for Mylia in front of the dormitory while being eager to ask her about the gold coins.

「Your sister has been in this school for two years now, so she should be aware of the circumstances in this school. You can ask her for help.」(school director)


「Well then, Miss Mylia, I hope your school life here will be fruitful and wonderful. You may leave now.」(school director)

「Thank you very much!」(Mylia)

With an excited face, Mylia put the map into her magic bag and bowed to the school director.

The school director then tapped Mylia’s shoulder with his soft hand and returned to his office desk.

After that, Mylia left the office and got onto the elevator.

The man in a tailcoat pulled the lever, taking Mylia back to the first floor without saying anything.

(Hmm… I don’t know what he’s thinking about. He’s like a robot, totally different from the cute school director.)

Mylia got off the elevator and walked through the rainbow-colored hall with only a few people remaining.

「Ah, Dragon Slayer-san, I will take you to your dormitory. Please follow me.」(teacher)

A teacher from the Industrial Department who was still remaining in the hall called out to Mylia.


Mylia followed her, walking toward the dorm tower with a light blue roof.

(It seems that the four dormitories are independent. You have to go through the corridor leading to the school yard to enter the dormitory, huh? I see.)

Mylia kept walking as her robe swayed side to side.

She just realized that the dormitory towers were quite tall when she looked up at them from below.

Their outer walls were beautifully polished, and there were curtains with images of flowers representing each Class hanging on each of the dormitories’ walls.

On the windows of the dormitories, Mylia saw some students sticking out their heads, enjoying the scenery.

「Aqua Sophia is over there. Well then, good luck, Dragon Slayer-san.」(teacher)

「Thank you very much.」(Mylia)

After thanking the teacher for guiding her, Mylia looked at the entrance of the Aqua Sophia tower and found Chloe waiting there.

「Ah, it’s Chloe onee-chan!」(Mylia)

Mylia rushed to Chloe. She couldn’t wait to tell her beloved older sister that she would join Aqua Sophia.



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  1. 「This is actually a magic tool called “Daemon’s Map”. It can only be used inside this school, and you need to solve mysteries to be able to read it. First, you should start by solving them.」(school director)

    So it like the map from Harry Potter?

  2. Yep seems like it was inspired by Hogwarts, from dorm selection, castle, ghost and pixies wandering, hidden places, map.
    Good job author!

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