Chapter 5-34 : Dealing With The Client Ⅳ (part 2)


「You bastards…!! You have been living a good life because of me! I won’t let you guys escape without me!」(Baronet Kirk)

If these men were obeying Baronet Kirk because they were threatened like Madison-san, they might not get punished.

However, they didn’t seem like they were threatened at all. I still can remember how they were smirking at me the first time they saw me a few minutes ago.

They must be former criminal thugs who willingly follow Baronet Kirk’s orders after being promoted to private soldiers.

If that’s really so, then they must be punished too, including the fools who got injured after trying to destroy my house.

「No way…」
「Kirk-sama, please!」(private soldiers)

「Stop begging me! You should help me think of a way out!」(Baronet Kirk)

「But how? We didn’t even know a prince would visit this remote area. It’s strange for the royal family to be here!」
「Hold on… In the first place, is he really a prince?」
「That’s right! Just because he has blonde hair, it doesn’t mean he is from the royal family!」
「Yeah, and he’s bald! There’s no way he is a prince!」(private soldiers)

Baronet Kirk was holding his head, trying his hardest to think of a way out of this situation, but then he raised his head after listening to his soldiers’ disrespectful guesses about Prince Ferik.

He opened his eyes wide and grinned at me and Prince Ferik.

「That’s right… That’s right!! There are many great alchemists with big stores in the royal capital! There’s no way a prince would visit an alchemist store in a rural village like this! You’re not a prince! No prince I know has a bald head like yours! You must be a fake! You’re working together with this bi*tch to drive me away, aren’t you!? How dare you deceive me!」(Baronet Kirk)

「Y, Yeah, Kirk-sama’s right!」
「This guy’s not a prince. There’s no royal family member here!」
「A prince shouldn’t go to a remote area alone without guards accompanying him.」
「Yeah! He’s one hundred percent a fake!」(private soldiers)

Baronet Kirk’s men who were terrified just a few moments ago, are now grinning at us.

Thinking that Prince Ferik is a fake, they’re not afraid of him anymore.

「Now, guys, it’s time for you to work. I’ve paid you a lot of money, so don’t mess up!」(Baronet Kirk)

While saying that, Baronet Kirk stepped back and hid behind his men.

While still grinning at us, the private soldiers drew their swords and looked at us with intimidating eyes.

「A baldy and a little girl…」
「This is gonna be easy!」(private soldiers)

This is bad!

I can fight them by myself, but I don’t think I can do it while protecting the prince.

Prince Ferik has a sword on his waist, but he is a gentle person. I don’t know if he can fight or not.

Even if he was strong, I couldn’t just back off and let him fight these people alone.

Most women dream of having a prince protecting them, but I’m not that kind of woman, and I don’t have such a dream.

If I’m a weak lady, I might let him fight alone. I always say that I’m just a fragile girl, but I’m actually aware of how strong I am.

Therefore, I stepped forward and stood in front of Prince Ferik.

It’s definitely not for Prince Ferik. I did it for myself because I’m eager to give these scumbags a lesson!

「Your Highness, please go to the back room. You will be safe there. I will handle these guys.」(Sarasa)

「No, it’s alright. You don’t have to protect me. If they attack me, I can charge them with the attempted murder of a prince, then they will be severely punished~」(Prince Ferik)

「Uhh… How can you be so carefree in this situation…?」(Sarasa)

「You’ll see~」(Prince Ferik)

For some reason, Prince Ferik seemed to be confident that we would be alright.

He smirked at Baronet Kirk as if he was trying to provoke him.

「Don’t look at me with that annoying face! You guys, kill them!」(Baronet Kirk)

As soon as Baronet Kirk gave the order, his soldiers raised their swords.

I spontaneously used Body Strengthening Magic to protect myself, but on the other hand, Prince Ferik was only smiling.

「I’ve been waiting for this moment! Now I can punish you for trying to kill me!」(Prince Ferik)

He then raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

Right after, six people in black suddenly appeared out of nowhere as if they had been hiding in this room since the beginning.

I couldn’t see their faces because of the black hoods and masks they were wearing, but they seemed to be Prince Ferik’s guards.

As one of the private soldiers said, a prince shouldn’t go to this remote area without guards, so they seemed to always be near Prince Ferik but they had been hiding their presence until now.

Right before the private soldiers could swing down their swords at us, the people in black hit the back of their necks and knocked them out.

They lost consciousness without even knowing what just happened to them.

*/TL : I don’t know if ninjas exist in this world, but they seem to be ones since they’re wearing black and hiding their faces with masks.

「Wha…!? What is happeー Ukhh!!」(Baronet Kirk)

Baronet Kirk was confused to see his men suddenly pass out, but before he realized what was exactly happening, one of the guards knocked him out.

After swiftly tying Baronet Kirk and his men up with ropes, the mysterious guards in black knelt before Prince Ferik as if waiting for his next order.

Prince Ferik stood graciously in front of them. He would look cool if he didn’t have a bald spot on his head.

Please, cover your freaking head already!

「Good work, everyone. I leave them to you.」(Prince Ferik)


The one who seemed to be the leader of the guards replied to Prince Ferik with a high-pitched voice.

Judging from their voice and their small body, that person seemed to be a woman.

Noticing my gaze, she glanced at me. Our eyes met for a moment, but then she and her underlings disappeared along with Baronet Kirk and his private soldiers who were tied up with ropes, unconscious.



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