Chapter 4-38 : Looking For An Exit Ⅱ (part 2)


「We can’t sell expensive materials if we can’t get out of here anyway. Hahaha!」(Nord)

「Oh, come on! That’s not funny!」(Iris)

「Haha, I’m sorry, but it’s true, right? I’m prioritizing my life. I will sacrifice everything, even the precious tools and artifacts I use for experiments, to get out of here. 」(Nord)

After Nord said that while putting his hands on his waist as if he was proud of himself, Iris and Kate put on bitter faces.

「If you’re prioritizing your life, then why did you do that risky experiment?」(Iris)

「Don’t forget that we fell into this situation because you revived that lizard.」(Kate)

「Uhh, of course, I’m aware of it. I’m prioritizing my life but doing experiments is also important for me as a researcher. I’m prepared to sacrifice everything so that I can survive after doing dangerous experiments.」(Nord)

There was a contradiction in Nord’s speech. Iris and Kate thought that if he prioritized his life, he wouldn’t have become a researcher who studies monsters.

Nord must have some sort of standard for the necessity of experiments and the risks but it seemed to be quite difficult for other people to understand.

Iris and Kate, who didn’t understand the way Nord was thinking, sighed and turned their gazes toward Kurumi.

「So, Store Owner-dono, since you’re contacting us, have you found a way to get us out of this cave?」(Iris)

Kurumi nodded to Iris and started writing on the ground.

『Yeah. I’m thinking of using a Passage Exit Detector.』(Kurumi)

Reading what Kurumi wrote on the ground, Iris and Kate tilted their heads. They didn’t know at all about that artifact.

However, Nord put his finger on his chin and thought for a moment as if he was trying to remember something.

「Passage Exit Detector… I’m sure I’ve heard about that artifact before.」(Nord)

「Is that so? I have no idea about it. Kate, how about you?」(Iris)

「Me neither.」(Kate)

「Not many people use that artifact. After all, it’s something that can only be used in very limited situations, such as when you’re exploring an unknown cave or when an accident occurs in a mine.」(Nord)

This wasn’t the first time Nord had been in a cave. He once went to another cave to investigate a monster a while ago, and he heard about that artifact from the Collectors he hired back then.

『Nord-san, if you know about that artifact, can you help me explain it to Iris-san and Kate-san?』(Kurumi)

「Sure. As the name implies, this artifact is used to help you find a way out of a cave. With this artifact, we won’t end up at a dead end when we find a branched path just like before. It will lead us to tunnels that we can pass through. However, there’s a drawback. It can only detect the area within a certain range. We can increase the range but it will increase mana consumption.」(Nord)

『And it won’t be good since we need to save as many magic stones as possible.』(Kurumi)

「That’s right. But… Sarasa-kun, how are you going to send that artifact to us? No, wait… Are you planning to use only the spell through this little bear? I heard that skilled alchemists can use magic through Homunculi, so it seems to be true, huh?」(Nord)

『Yeah, but it’s extremely hard to do. Moreover, it will consume a large amount of magical power, so it would be very tough. That’s why I’m thinking of making the artifact right here.』(Kurumi)

「Hold on… Making an artifact right here? In this cave?」(Nord)

Reading the words Kurumi wrote on the ground, Nord, Iris, and Kate looked at each other with doubtful faces, wondering if that was even possible.

『Well, since I don’t have the right materials and an alchemy pot here, I’m not going to make a Passage Exit Detector in a normal way. What I’m going to make is something like a tool to use a spell that has the exact same utility as a Passage Exit Detector』(Kurumi)

「I see. But, is that possible?」(Nord)

『Don’t worry, I asked my master and she said that it’s possible.』(Kurumi)

「If a master-class alchemist said it’s possible then I won’t doubt it, but who is going to use it? It’s not an artifact that we can use by simply supplying it with magical power, right? It’s a tool to use a spell, right? None of us can use it then.」(Nord)

『The one who will use it is Kurumi.』(Kurumi)

「This little bear…?」(Nord)

「Store Owner-san, you mean that you are going to use the spell through Kurumi, right?」(Kate)

『I was planning to do that at first, but no. The one who will use it is Kurumi herself, not me. Look. I can’t just keep linking my mind with Kurumi’s, right? When you need the spell, you have to wait for me to link with Kurumi since you can’t contact me from there, and that would be very inconvenient.』(Kurumi)

「I see… If Kurumi does it for us, we can just ask her anytime we need the spell.」(Kate)

『Exactly. Oh, no. Kurumi is running out of magical power. Give me some magic stones.』(Kurumi)

「R, Right away! Iris!」(Kate)

「Aye aye!」(Iris)

As soon as they read the message on the ground, Iris hurriedly put her bag down and took out the leather bag with magic stones. She took a couple of magic stones and handed them to Kurumi.

Kurumi then immediately put the stones into her mouth.

「I hope we don’t run out of magic stones before we find an exit…」(Iris)


The magical power required to maintain Kurumi’s body was steadily being consumed while Sarasa was linking her mind with Kurumi’s.

They had no idea how long it would take them to find an exit, so it wouldn’t be good if Sarasa kept linking with Kurumi for a long time.

『I don’t want to waste any more magic stones, so let’s do it quickly. First, I want all of you to take out all the alchemy materials and artifacts you currently don’t need.』(Kurumi)


Iris and Kate took out all the monster materials they had obtained so far while Nord took out all the artifacts he usually uses for experiments.

After that, Kurumi started choosing the materials needed to build the artifact.

Of course, most things she needed were from Nord’s artifacts.

『Nord-san, I need the parts in these artifacts. I’m going to break them apart.』(Kurumi)

「They’re expensive but it can’t be helped. Go ahead.」(Nord)

Kurumi nodded to Nord and then started working.

She used her claws to disassemble the artifacts and picked the parts needed.

She then put the parts together and drew a magic formula with her claw on a board-like part.

「Fufu. She looks kinda cute while working.」(Iris)

「I know, right?」(Kate)

「How fascinating.」(Nord)

While watching Kurumi working, Iris, Kate, and Nord found it interesting to see a little bear working like a human, performing detailed work with her tiny fingers.

It took a while for Sarasa to make the tool with Kurumi’s body, but after consuming three more magic stones while working, she finally finished it.

『It’s done!』(Kurumi)



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