Chapter 2-5 : Magic Stove Ⅰ (part 1)


「So, are you going to start making a magic stove and magic oven today?」(Lorea)

「I’m not sure if I can do it today. I have to wait for the iron plates I ordered to be finished first.」(Sarasa)

「I see. I’m looking forward to using them, especially the magic oven! Ahh~ I wonder what kind of food should I make first~」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan looked so happy, but Iris-san was looking at her curiously.

Iris-san and Kate-san are taking a day off today, so they will be home all day.

They went into the Great Sea of Trees like every single day.

I understand that they want to pay their debts as quickly as possible, but it would be bad if they get too tired and get sick, so I used my power as the landlord to strictly tell them to have a proper rest for at least a day.

If they were the kind of people who like to borrow money from other people, I would tell them to work without rest until they return my money, but they seem to be honest and kind people.

「Lorea, do you know how to use an oven? Normally, people don’t have an oven in their house unless they’re rich, right?」(Iris)

Kate-san, who had the same question as Iris-san, nodded.

「That’s right. I can’t even cook anything in an oven except bread.」(Kate)

「U, Uhh… Actually, I don’t know how to use it, I was just longing for it. I’m sorry.」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan awkwardly stuck out her tongue.

「It’s not just you, I don’t really know how to use one either. By the way, when I told my master that I would make a magic oven, she sent me a book. Wait a sec…」(Sarasa)

I took the book Master sent me the other day with the transfer device from the shelf and put it on the table so that everyone could see it.

Books are expensive, and she sent me one like it was nothing.

As expected from Master.

There was no letter that came with the book, but I knew what Master wanted me to do with it.

Well, it’s obvious, because the title of the book is “Oven Cooking Recipes”.

「Lorea-chan, do you want it?」(Sarasa)

「Eh? Are you sure you want to give this book to me?」(Lorea)

「Un. Use it well, okay?」(Sarasa)

「Of course! I will make delicious food for you!」(Lorea)

「Fufu. I’m looking forward to it.」(Sarasa)

I smiled at Lorea-chan who hugged the recipe book with her eyes shining.

I can use it to study cooking, but now I want to concentrate on alchemy, so I thought it would be better if I gave the book to Lorea-chan.

「Since we still don’t have a magic stove or magic oven yet, how about we go out for lunch?」(Sarasa)


「「Agreed!」」(Iris & Kate)

Now that Lorea-chan has become my employee, she no longer goes home for lunch.

We always have lunch together lately.

Iris-san and Kate-san also have lunch with me when they are at home.

After I put the『Lunch Break』sign on the front door and locked it, the four of us headed for Diral-san’s dining hall.

But before thatー

「Oh, right. Before we go to the dining hall, do you guys mind if we go to Jizdo-san’s place first? I want to ask him if he has finished my iron plates or not.」(Sarasa)


「I don’t mind.」(Iris)

「Thank you. Let’s go then!」(Sarasa)

We went a bit away from the main road and stopped by the blacksmith.

「Excuse me, are my iron plates done?」(Sarasa)

「Ah, Sarasa-chan. I’m sorry, some of them are still in progress. My husband is still working on it.」(Jimena)

The one who welcomed me is Jizdo-san’s wife, Jimena-san.

There were about seven or eight iron plates placed on the table.

Kanー Kanー Kanー

I could hear the sound of a hammer hitting iron from the back of the house.

Looks like Jizdo-san is still working.

「No, it’s okay. Well then, I’ll take two of them for now.」(Sarasa)

To make a magic stove, I only need two iron plates.

Lorea-chan will be able to cook if we have at least a stove, so the magic oven can wait.

「Can you bring them home? They are quite heavy…」(Jimena)

「Don’t worry, if it’s only two iron platesー」(Sarasa)

「ーStore Owner -dono, let me carry them for you.」(Iris)

Suddenly, Iris-san who was standing behind me offered to help.

「Are these two good?」(Iris)

She pointed to the top two iron plates.

「Ah, no. I want the bottom two because they are a bit bigger. But, Iris-san, today is your day off, you don’t have to do it.」(Sarasa)

Certainly, they seem quite heavy, but not too heavy to carry.

「Store Owner-san, can you leave it to Iris? You always help us, so at least let her do it for you to return the favor.」(Kate)

「Kate’s right. It’s also for the sake of my mental health. Besides, how can I walk with empty hands while you’re walking with those heavy iron plates? What kind of excuse should I make to the villagers who see us?」(Iris)

Everyone except me smiled wryly.

「Ah, if it’s Sarasa-san…」(Lorea)

「Everyone in this village knows that she’s not as fragile as she looks, but to be more accurate…」(Kate)

「She is the strongest in this village!」(Iris)

Then, the three of them laughed.

After the battle with Hell Flame Grizzlies, maybe they’re right that I’m the strongest in this village.

In the end, I decided to leave the iron plates to Iris-san.

After confirming that she could carry the iron plates without any problem, we left the blacksmith and went to Diral-san’s dining hall.



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