Chapter 1-5 : My Shop Is… (part 3)


On the second floor, there were eight rooms, large and small, but all the rooms were empty.

There was nothing in here.

The only things remaining were the ones that couldn’t be moved, such as the built-in shelves.

Normally, when people move to another city, they will leave some furniture behind, right?
Because, you know, it’s troublesome to carry large furniture to the other city, so people normally give them to their neighbor or just leave it in the old house.

I also left my drawer chest in the dormitory.
It was a little expensive because I got it from Master’s acquaintance.
I really liked it, but I left it because it was too big to carry.

It would be sad if I disposed of it, so I just left it, hoping that the new student, who will use my dormitory room, will use it.

…..Ah. Maybe there happened to be a newlywed in this village when the former owner was about to leave, so he gave the furniture in this house to them.

There was a custom that when you got married and built a new house, you might get unused furniture and other things from neighbors.
This custom existed because it would be financially difficult for a newlywed to get all things for their new house.

「Come to think of it, the kitchen was also empty…」

Before I replenished the core with my magical power, I took a peek into the kitchen.

There were no tables, no chairs.

The only exception was the alchemy workshop.

This room was the only one that was untouched.
It seems the previous owner didn’t bring anything when he moved.

If I clean it a little, maybe I will be able to start working tomorrow.

「Well, this is nice. The cleaning will be easy」

The『Cleaning』seal in this house served to reduce the dust, dirt and other unclean things, also, to make cleaning the house much easier.

However, this seal had weaknesses.

First, the effect was very weak on the exterior such as, outer wall, windows, roof, ect.

Because of that, it would be a little hard to clean, especially the parts that were exposed to rain and wind.

Second, it was only effective for the building itself.

The furniture could still get dirty with dust and dirt.

That’s why, this house looked quite clean, because it had almost no furniture inside.

「But, I don’t have a place to sleep or eat…」

I have no choice but to buy the bed, table and the other stuff.
But, I wonder if I can find a shop that sells furniture in this small village…

Maybe I’ll just sleep on a blanket for a while.
Well, it’s a lot better than camping outside since there was a roof and walls here.

And for eating, I can just eat out or eat here while sitting on the floor.

Because there were collectors in this village, there must be a cafeteria or something.

For now, I decided to use the room on the south side, which was the most well sunlit, as my room.

I put my luggage in that room and went down to the first floor again.

I was really curious about the workshop room, but… I’m sure I would lose track of time once I entered the room, so I held myself from entering and went to the kitchen instead.

「It’s not dirty, but… there’s no stove…」

Normally, the ordinary households used a stove with firewood and charcoal as the heat source.

But it seems that the previous owner didn’t use that kind of stove, instead, he used a stove with magical power as the heat source.
Because, well, this is not an ordinary household, this is an alchemist’s house, you know?

However, what remained here was only the base of the stove.

「Hmm.. I wonder if I can craft a store artifact… I’m sure Master once said that it’s not that difficult. If it’s written in encyclopedia vol 3, maybe I can make it」

Master’s store also sold stove artifacts, so I’ve seen it.

It was expensive, so I want to try to make it by myself.

Well, I won’t try it soon though.
For now, I’ll just put it on hold.

In case I couldn’t make the stove, I would just make a small campfire in the backyard and cook there.
Or, I would buy a portable stove instead…

「That door leads to the backyard, right? And the other one is…」

There were two doors in the kitchen.
One was the backyard, and the other one wasー

「Oh, yes! Bathroom! As expected from an alchemist’s house!」

There were some artifacts and potions that required your body to be clean when you made it.

Therefore, there was usually a bathroom in an alchemist’s house. Normally, it was placed near the workshop.

And of course, Master’s store also had a bathroom.
I used it sometimes when I was working there.

There were several in school, but I rarely could enter it because it was always packed.
Even the aristocrats could only use it sometimes.

That’s why I’m so happy that this house has one!

Normally, the cost was high because I would need a large amount of water and firewood to use the bath.
But, at Master’s store, the bathtub was an artifact, so there was no cost.

And of course, I will make an artifact bath next time.
Otherwise, I won’t be able to use it everyday.

「Kuuuhhー! Somehow, I’m really motivated right now! The last to check is the backyard. Alright, let’s see」

Next, I approached the other door that led to the backyard.

But when I opened itー


ーI saw a forest in front of me…..

Nah, it’s not a forest. I’m just exaggerating XD

There was supposed to be a herb field in the backyard, but what I saw was just a dense thicket.

The plants were growing until it reached the back wall of the house, and even almost swallowed the rotten fence that surrounded the house.

But fortunately, it didn’t reach the well because it was near the door.

「I hope the well is still working」

There was a lid closing the well to prevent dust from entering.
But, there was no bucket, so I couldn’t draw the water to check.

Hmmm… is this lid a kind of artifact? It wasn’t damaged at all.

Artifacts were varied.
This one was the type that made the original item more durable.

Well, for other people, it would be cheaper to just repair it than to ask an alchemist to turn it into an artifact tho.
But, since the previous owner is an alchemist, he did it himself.

Ahh~ Being an alchemist is quite convenient. Really.

Master also turned her favorite tableware as an artifact so it wouldn’t get dirty easily. If she dropped it, she could still use it to eat.

I opened the lid and looked at the inside of the well.

「Oh. There’s still water inside. Hmm. I have to buy a bucket for this」


Alright. With this, the tour of my new home is over.

For now, I need a bed, a table and chairs for my room.

Tableware and cooking utensils for the kitchen… And a portable stove, maybe?

Also, I need some miscellaneous goods including a futon and of course, a bucket for the well.

Now… where to buy these items?

Alright, let’s go ask Ells-san.



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  1. The author forgot or doesn’t know. To draw water from a well, the minimum items that you will need are:-

    1) A rope sturdy and long enough to reach the water in the well as well as tie to a bucket.
    2) A bucket with a sturdy bar across it that you can tie the rope to.

    After that, all that remains is the skill of drawing water from a well using just a rope tied to a bucket. Something I happen to be very good at. Which is why I’m saying that the author either forgot or doesn’t know what is necessary to draw water from a well.

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