Chapter 1-18 : Raid (part 3)


The boss bear started to move slowly.
Perhaps because I’m alone now.

I moved away a little to keep the distance from other people.

The boss bear followed me and suddenly opened its mouth wide.

It’s going to spit fire from its mouth!

「【Water Ball】!」(Sarasa)

I shot a water ball about the size of my head into its mouth before it could spit fire.


The water overflowed from its nose, and the boss bear screamed in pain.

This is my chance!

I rushed and swung my sword toward its body, but the boss bear blocked my sword with one of its four arms which was the lower left.
I cut its arm off but my sword didn’t reach its torso.

Originally, I should be aiming for its neck, but I couldn’t reach it because it was so tall.

I would be able to cut it off if it rushed while lowering its head a little, but maybe because it saw how I killed the first Hellfire Grizzly, it didn’t want to try it.

Looks like this is not the time to think about materials and stuff.

If I got hit by those thick arms, I would probably die instantly.

And if I ran out of stamina and couldn’t use body strengthening anymore, there would be no salvation for me.


The boss bear made a move.
It rushed toward me, raised its arms, and swung them down at me.

I quickly dodged it, and its sharp claws pierced the ground.


Dirt and stones scattered along with an explosive sound.

Immediately after dodging, I stepped forward and raised my sword.

The boss bear realized that I was trying to attack.
It tried to step back but it was too late.

I swung my sword down and cut off half of its upper right arm.


Whether it was screaming out of anger or pain, the boss bear writhed as blood gushed out of its arm.

Alright, two arms left!

With this, I believe its attack power is halved.

No. Considering the amount of blood it has lost, maybe it was less than half.

However, I can’t let my guard down.

I might still die if I get hit.

I should have prepared some armor, but it’s too late now.

「Force bullet! Force bulletー!」(Sarasa)

I took a distance from the rampaging boss bear and shot its face with my magic repeatedly.

The boss bear leaned back greatly as my Force Bullets hit its nose, forehead, and chin.

This is my chance!

I stepped forward and aimed for its legs.

I managed to cut off its right leg half way and its left leg entirely, and I jumped back immediately.

The boss bear then fell to the ground.

A great amount of blood was flowing from its two legs and two arms that I cut off, making the place look like a pond of blood.

After a while, the boss bear finally stopped moving.

「Haahh… Haahh… Haahh……」(Sarasa)

I kneeled on the ground, out of stamina.

I took a stamina recovery potion from my waist pouch and drank it.

I’m the one who made it but… Ugghh… It tastes bad as always…
If I could make this potion tastier, surely many would buy it.

After I felt my stamina had recovered a little, I approached the boss bear.


I let out a sigh of relief after I confirmed it was dead, and then I looked around.

The fight is still going on.

There seemed to be some people running away, but it looks like no one has been fatally injured.
Maybe because they fight each bear with a group of 3 – 4 people.

Even though I gave them a lot of healing potion to cure injuries, I didn’t give them enough stamina recovery potions due to the lack of materials.

「Anyway, I have to help themー」(Sarasa)

Piiiiー Piiiiー Piiiiー!!!

「Again!? This direction isー!」(Sarasa)

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a whistle from the direction of my store.

There’s also Jasper-san’s house, but he and Ells-san are fighting the bears here, so the only person in that area isー


「Store Owner-san, go quickly!」(Kate)


「Store Owner-dono, don’t worry about us! I think we can handle the rest of the bears!」(Iris)

「She’s right! Besides, we men can’t lose to these ladies, right!?」(Jasper)


As Jasper-san responded to Iris-san’s words, the other men raised their voices.

「ーThank you, everyone!」(Sarasa)

I ran through the Hellfire Grizzlies’ corpses that were lying on the ground and headed home.

I had a feeling there would be some bears that managed to enter the village, but I never expected there would be one that made its way to my house.

Well, it’s possible since the back of my house is a forest, but come on!

After I passed Ells-san’s house, I looked at my backyard while still running.


The wooden wall that Geberg-san made a while ago has been damaged.

There were many claw marks on the walls, and the door that had been on the wall was now lying on the ground, smashed to pieces.

「No! My beautiful walls!」(Sarasa)

I sped up, heading for my backyard in a hurry.

The scene I saw when I stepped into my backyard was even more horrible.

My herb field has been trampled…
The expensive herbs that I grew with care were ruined…

And there were two Hellfire Grizzlies who were definitely the culprits of all of this.

One was stuck in the entrance after it destroyed the door, and the other one was sticking its head into the house through the window.

「My house…..」(Sarasa)

ーーKhhh! These bears!!!


At that moment, my head was blank, and I felt like my body moved by itself.

I rushed toward the bears at a very high speed.

I swung my sword horizontally and cut the legs of the two bears at the same time.

And then I immediately grabbed the fur on the back of the bear that was stuck in the entrance with my hand that wasn’t holding the sword, pulled it, and cut the bear’s head off.

Right after that, I jumped at the other bear, kicked its stomach, and cut its head as its body floated in the air.

I made so many movements, but it happened in just a couple of seconds.

My anger has accelerated my speed to the maximum.

After that, I jumped into the kitchen through the backdoor that had been destroyed and shouted.

「Lorea-chanー! Are you okayー!?」(Sarasa)

And then, Lorea-chan came down from the second floor.

「Sarasa-san! Yes, I’m fine! Did you kill the bears?」(Lorea)

Knowing that she was fine, I let out a sigh of relief.

「I did. Are there only those two bears that came here?」(Sarasa)

「Yes. As far as I can see from here.」(Lorea)

「I see. Lorea-chan, you stay on the second floor. I’ll go back to help the others.」(Sarasa)


I drank another stamina recovery potion and ran back to the battle area.

But fortunately, the battle was over when I got there.

My effort to run as fast as possible was in vain, but I’m glad it’s over.


TL : who would’ve thought Sarasa could do samurai things



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    1. I’ve been enjoying this story but it’s so sad that the antagonists are bears

      The poor bears are just hungry
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