Chapter 1-17 : New Problems (part 2)


「It’s getting closer to the village…」(Jasper)

「Yes. I’m glad we came before anything bad happened.」(Sarasa)

Although the traces meandered through the forest, the bear seems to have moved closer to the village.

If we ignored it, it’s very likely that the bear will attack the village in the near future.

「Hm!? This is a pretty new trace. Everyone, please be careful.」(Jasper)

「Really? If that’s the case…」(Sarasa)

I activated detection magic and searched our surroundings.

If the bear is really close to us, I will definitely find it.

「Umm…ーーAa! Found it! Alright, I’ll go alone.」(Sarasa)


「You can come, but it would be troublesome if the bear saw you, so please keep a low profile as much as possible.」(Sarasa)

「Sarasa-chan, can you really beat that bear?」(Jasper)

「Yes. I might look like this, but I’m an alchemist!」(Sarasa)

「Alchemists I know can’t fight, though…」(Jasper)

Most people think that alchemists can’t fight, but actually, there are also strong alchemists.

Especially, Master.
She is unreasonably strong.
Her skill at using a sword is better than a knight of the kingdom in my opinion.

I’m nothing compared to Master, but I have confidence that I’m strong in quick battles that don’t require a lot of stamina.

I headed toward the bear following my detection magic.

A little away behind, Jasper-san and the others were following me.

I decided to kill it with a surprise attack.
Even without using a surprise attack, I still can kill it, but I want to keep its body parts in good condition.

After walking for a minuteー

ーーThere it is!

I don’t know why, but it’s destroying the surrounding trees for some reason.

Luckily, its back was turned to us.

「Store Owner-dono, how will you kill it?」(Iris)

「There are many ways to kill it, but this time, I will break its neck.」(Sarasa)

「Break its neck?」(Iris)

「Yes. I don’t want to damage its body too much, so I think breaking its neck is the best way.」(Sarasa)



Leaving Iris-san who tilted her head, I used body strengthening and dashed quickly toward the bear’s back.

I jumped, held its head from the back strongly with both my hands, and snapped its neck.

After I heard the sound of breaking bones, I jumped off the bear’s back, did a backflip once, and landed on the ground.

And then, the Hellfire Grizzly fell to the ground without moving an inch.


「Eh? Eehh? EEEHHHH!?」(Iris)

「…Hm? What’s wrong?」(Sarasa)


Iris-san and Kate-san looked at me and the Hellfire Grizzly’s corpse alternately with confused expressions on their faces.

「I told you I can kill it easily, right?」(Sarasa)

「Yes, but… I didn’t expect it would be this quick…」(Iris)

Even though they are looking at me like that, I don’t know how to react.

「I thought you would kill it with that dagger of yours.」(Iris)

「Ah, this? I bring this just in case, but then I thought it would damage the bear’s skin if I killed it with this.」(Sarasa)

In the first place, I’m good at martial arts.

I didn’t have money back then, so I couldn’t buy a weapon.
Thus, I practiced martial arts a little.

Besides, weapons have to be maintained regularly, which costs money.

In that respect, magic and martial arts are better.

It costs you zero reas!
All you need is your body, your physical strength and your mental strength.

Such a wallet-friendly way to fight!

That’s why I basically used only my bare hands to kill monsters during training at school.

Thanks to that, I can now collect this Hellfire Grizzly’s fur without damaging it.

By the way, the one who taught me martial arts was the teacher who taught swordsmanship at school.

There was no exam for martial arts, but that teacher seemed to be an orphan just like me, so he enthusiastically taught me how to fight without a weapon.

「Alright then, I’ll burcher it now. It’s better to do it while it’s still fresh, after all…. Nice, the fire bladder is full.」(Sarasa)

“Fire bladder” is an organ found inside the body of flame monsters like Hellfire Grizzly.
The bag contained some kind of hot liquid.

If you want to collect the bag with plenty of liquid, you have to kill the monster quickly, because if they spit out flames, the hot liquid in the fire bladder will decrease.

This Hellfire Grizzly attacked Iris-san a few days ago, but it looks like it didn’t spit out fire too much at that time because there’s still plenty of liquid inside its fire bladder now.

「Hoo… Sarasa-chan, you’re so skillful at butchering monsters, huh?」(Jasper)

「Well, if I can’t do this much, I can’t call myself an alchemist.」(Sarasa)

At least I feel like I’m not losing to Jasper-san at dismantling animals.

「Ughh… the enemy I struggled with is so easily made into materials like this… 」(Iris)

While being watched by Iris-san with a somewhat complicated look on her face, I continued butchering the bear.

Because materials from this kind of monster are hard to obtain, I’m sure I can sell them at a high price.

Let’s send half of them to Master… or maybe to Leonora-san in South Strugg…

Well, I can decide later.

「Lastly, the eyeballs. I can do the rest at home.」(Sarasa)

「Almost done? That’s really fast.」(Jasper)

「I have to do it quickly while it’s still fresh, after all….. Eh!? These eyeballs… Could they be…」(Sarasa)

Normally, Hellfire Grizzly’s eyeballs are white.

However, the ones I took out were bright red.



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    1. As a practitioner of far eastern martial arts, I can safely tell you that it if you know what you’re doing, you can crack a neck in 1 to 3 seconds maximum. That’s why assassin’s are so dangerous. I practice an assassination type (aim to kill, though there are normal techniques too) combination Jeetkundo martial art, so I can tell you that.

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