Chapter 1-16 : The Return Of The Warrior (part 1)


*TL : this chapter is using someone else’s POV

ーPOV of a merchant somewhere in Tranto Townー

「Izack’s right arm is healed!? Are you kidding me!?」(merchant)

While I was worrying about the sales of my store that kept declining, I heard the shocking news about Izack from the Wings of Steel Party from my subordinate.

Izack was supposed to be unable to continue his job as an adventurer after being attacked by a swarm of high-ranked monsters in the forest, but…

「I’m not kidding! The residents and the adventurers in the guild saw him. They said that his arm was healed!」(subordinate)

My subordinate said that with a serious face. He didn’t seem to lie to me.

「It’s hard to believe… His arm was eaten by a monster, right? There was no way his arm could be healed with a high potion even with the one of the best quality…」(merchant)

If he had his severed arm, he could use a high potion to stick it back, but it was eaten by a monster, right? How could he get his arm back…?

What I can think of is that his arm was healed by a high-ranked cleric who can use high-level healing magic, but… if there really was someone as amazing as that, there would be a rumor about them.

Besides, I doubt that even high-ranked clerics could grow a lost body part back. Even if they could, they would most likely work for the church.

Talented clerics who can use high-level healing magic are precious after all, so it’s a common practice for the church to keep them in exchange for honor and high status.

In that case, it’s hard to imagine such an amazing cleric coming to this town.

If it wasn’t the work of a high-ranked cleric, then…

Did he use a Lost Potion…? No. No way… Isca Grass which is the main ingredient to make Lost Potions became extinct hundreds of years ago. But…

I heard that there’s a genius alchemist who is trying to make Lost Potions with different methods and materials in the royal capital. Have they succeeded?

…No. I don’t think so. If they really did it, there would be big news about that.

The existence of Lost Potions in this era is more unlikely than the existence of a high-ranked cleric who can heal lost body parts.

After all, we merchants have searched all over this continent for Isca Grass, but none of us found it.

But… What if there’s a new colony of Isca Grass somewhere in an unexplored region…?

I mean, it’s not impossible.

There are unexplored places on this continent where people cannot enter because it’s too dangerous.

The Adventurer Guild is still dispatching their adventurers to explore such places, but the progress is too slow because some places are so dangerous that only high-ranked adventurers can enter.

It would be a serious matter if a place with a colony of Isca Grass is discovered.

Not only is Isca Grass useful as the main material for making Lost Potions, but it’s also useful for making high-quality antidotes.

If such a place is discovered, the government will likely take action to monopolize it. If that happens, that place will be sealed off and no one will be able to enter.

I guess that the person who treated Izack’s wound found a colony of Isca Grass somewhere but they kept the information secret because they didn’t want the government to find out and monopolize it.

Well, it’s just my speculation, but the news about Izack’s arm being healed seemed to be true. That means someone who can heal lost body parts does exist, meaning that I might be able to make tons of money if I can get useful information from them!

If they did use a Lost Potion to heal that man’s arm, the monetary value of the information I can get from them would be immeasurable!

I need to see that person as soon as possible!

「I have a task for you. Go find the person who healed Izack’s arm and bring them to me!」(merchant)

「Aye, sir!」(subordinate)

Due to the rapid growth in the number of monsters recently, the number of travelers and peddlers coming to this town is getting smaller, and my income is decreasing significantly because of it.

I never expected I would find a new opportunity to make a lot of money in this miserable situation!

Khu khu khu! I can already smell the gold coins I will make in the near future!




ーPOV of Izackー


I dodged the monster’s attack to the side and swung my sword vertically at its neck.

My sword that had been enchanted with Martz’s spirit magic sliced through the monster’s neck without much resistance as if slicing butter.

「Izack, watch out!」(Maitena)

As soon as I cut off the monster’s head, another monster appeared and tried to attack me from behind, but then Maitena jumped forward and tried to strike its face with her spear.

However, the monster was quite agile. It dodged Maitena’s spear before it reached its face. As a result, Maitena was forced to step back before it attacked her back.

Even so, the monster still tried to attack her. It swung its long, thick tail at her.


「Palfi-chan came to the rescue! Eii!!」(Palfi)

However, Palfi quickly rushed forward and bashed the monster’s tail away with her shield.


「No problem! Now’s your chance!」(Palfi)


When the monster lost its balance due to the strong force from Palfi’s shield, Maitena quickly dashed forward and struck its throat with her spear.


Unfortunately, the monster was quite tough. Maitena’s spear pierced through its neck, but it wasn’t enough to kill it.

The monster who was screaming in pain swung its tail at Maitena, trying to kill her again.

However, Palfi protected her once again with her shield.

「Ugh! Seems like this guy is tougher than the others!」(Palfi)

「Yeah, but let’s see if it can endure my second attack!」(Maitena)

Immediately, Maitena pulled out her spear and quickly struck the monster’s chest this time.

It writhed in pain for a second and collapsed to the ground.

「Phew. Finally…」(Maitena)

「Good job, guys. I think that’s the last one.」(Izack)

After confirming that there were no other monsters around us, I lowered my sword.

「Izack, how’s your arm? Does it hurt?」(Maitena)

Now that the battle was over, Maitena approached me and looked at me worriedly.

「Don’t worry. I feel great! I can’t thank Kako ojou-chan enough for what she has done for me.」(Izack)

While answering, I swung around my right arm to show her that it was perfectly healed.

「I see. That’s great!」(Maitena)

「Yeah. As you can see. It looks like I wasn’t injured in the first place.」(Izack)

「Kako-chan’s good girl. I still think that it was an amazing coincidence that Maitena met her. I mean, someone who had a Lost Potion appeared at the perfect time in this town right after Izack lost his arm. Isn’t that amazing?」(Palfi)

Seems like Palfi thinks that our encounter with Kako ojou-chan was a coincidence, but unlike her, I don’t think it’s pure coincidence. I think it’s an inevitable fate.

「Is that so? I think it’s inevitable.」(Izack)

「You still believe in fate, huh?」(Palfi)

「Well, think about it. Similar things have happened to us before, right? We often find something we need at the right time as if it was something that had been planned in advance. I’m sure our encounter with Kako ojou-chan was not just a mere coincidence. It’s something inevitable that goes beyond human comprehension.」(Izack)

「There he goes again…」(Palfi)

Palfi looked at me with doubtful eyes.

「Palfi, your job is a cleric. I think you should believe more in fate. You should have said, “It must be God’s plan!” or something like that.」(Izack)

「Indeed I’m a cleric, but I don’t belong to the church. I’ve traveled from town to town as an adventurer and know more about reality than those who have never left the church. The reality is cruel. Praying won’t change anything because God will never conveniently save people.」(Palfi)

「Uhh… Is that okay for a cleric to say that…? Anyway, let’s collect the mats from these monsters and call it a day, shall we?」(Izack)

After everyone replied to me with a nod, we began to dismantle the monsters to collect the valuable materials and returned to the guild after we finished.



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