Chapter 90 : Steel-hard Courage (part 2)


「And? Why do you need me to go with you to Regenberg? You two can just go by yourself, right?」(Hanna)

「Well, I think it’s better if we bring an insensitive person who can’t sense the supernatural.」(Rozelia)

「……….What did you just say…?」(Hanna)

「Hanna, you can’t sense magical power, right? So you definitely can’t sense spiritual things either. If we come across a ghost, only you can act calmly. You can’t see them after all.」(Rozelia)

…This rude dark elf…

How dare she assume that I’m insensitive to spiritual things!

Well, she wasn’t wrong…

Let alone sensing spiritual beings, I can’t even notice if there’s a person hiding nearby thanks to my insensitivity.

In the first place, do ghosts really exist…?

I don’t believe in such things.

The souls of the dead?

The afterlife?


If such things did exist, everyone wouldn’t be afraid to die.

People will return to soil when they die. It may sound a bit cruel, but that’s how it works. Otherwise, it would be strange.

I’ve heard that some scholars put forward their theory that the magical power in humans’ bodies has will, and when humans’ bodies decay, the magical power will remain in this world and become spirits.

However, that was an unlikely theory.

Magical power has will, they said? Isn’t that the same as saying that the wind breeze and the flow of water have will too?

W-Well, it’s not that I’m denying it because I can’t sense magical power at all, okay!

Anyway, they want me to go with them because they think I will be able to act calmly even if a ghost comes out, right?

But… why?

Could it be…

「Aah~ You two… Are you both afraid of ghosts?」(Hanna)

「Hu, Huhh!? W-What are you t-talking about!? There’s no way I, the Silver Flash, am afraid of g-g-g-ghosts!」(Cecil)

Suddenly, Cecil, who looked gloomy from earlier, flusteredly denied me.

Meanwhile, Rozelia sneakily extended her arm behind Cecil and stroked Cecil’s nape with her index finger.

「Hiiiiiiiyyyー! I-I feel like someone just poked me from behind…!」(Cecil)

While shouting with a strange voice, Cecil quickly stood up and turned around.

However, there was no one behind her.

「Perhaps the ghosts are gathering because we’re talking about them~」(Rozelia)

「Ro, Roze, don’t say anything weird like that!」(Cecil)

「See? I’m not afraid of ghosts, but Cecil is. Isn’t she cute~?」(Rozelia)

Listening to what Rozelia said, Cecil glared at Rozelia with a pouting mouth.

Perhaps she just realized that the one who poked her nape was Rozelia.

「Uuu! Roze, you’re such a meanie!」(Cecil)

Cute, she said?

When I saw her scared like that, A shiver ran up my spine.

I started to think that I’m glad I’m insensitive to things like ghosts…

「Because she’s really, really afraid of ghosts, I don’t think she can walk properly without us covering her from both sides. And even if I go alone, I might end up wandering around the city without being able to go home. I can use an exploration type of spell, but I don’t wanna use it ‘cause it’s such a boring spell.」(Rozelia)

No, no. It’s not that you don’t wanna use it, but you can’t use it, can you?

「Besides, Hanna, you used to be a carpenter, right? So I thought that you might be able to tell if a house was occupied by someone lately or not to find out where Bazel used to live.」(Rozelia)

「…..I see… Well, yeah. I might be able to do that.」(Hanna)

Bluntly put, Rozelia’s theory is messed up.

Being a carpenter doesn’t make you have the ability to tell if a house used to be occupied by someone or not.

However, I’m special.

Because my level of blunt weapons is ridiculously high, I’ve acquired a certain ability.

Yes. It’s the ability to see the gods who reside in various things.

I can see the two bears, which are gods of blunt weapons who reside in my small and big hammer, but I can also see the other gods who reside in things around me.

There are even gods who reside in the table and chairs we are sitting on now.

The gods often ignored me when I talked to them, but if I keep speaking patiently, I think they might at least give me some clues.

Hm? Why can’t I see ghosts even though I can see gods, you ask?

How dare you equate ghosts with mighty beings like gods! Be careful or else you will get divine punishment!

「If we manage to find the house my father once lived in, maybe we can find his diary or some other clues.」(Cecil)

Cecil said that optimistically.

Even though she’s depressed she can be overly optimistic, huh?

「Don’t expect too much. I think the chance we will get any clues is only 10% or less.」(Hanna)

「Un… Maybe you’re right…」(Cecil)

Hm? Hmm?

She agreed with me?

Normally, she would definitely say something like, “We will definitely find clues! Obviously!”, and started arguing with me.

Uhh, talking with the current Cecil is really awkward…

「Still, if possible, I want to find out why he raised me as his daughter, and why he joined the army of the evil god…」(Cecil)


….I kinda sympathized with her.

Even though I was raised by Laney, I was an orphan, so I understand the feeling of wanting to know about our roots like where we came from, who our true parents are, and who we really are…

Before Slad-san left, he told me to get along with Cecil, so I feel like I would have an unpleasant feeling for a few days if I refuse to help Cecil now.

Aa-ahh… I shouldn’t have listened to them… but it can’t be helped.


I sighed bigly and decided to give up.

「Alright… I will join you both…」(Hanna)


「But only this time, okay!」(Hanna)

「Okay, okay~☆」(Rozelia)

If we’re going to explore the city, maybe Galle-chan can help with her sense of smell.

I parted with Rozelia and Cecil, and returned home.

I explained to Galle-chan as soon as I got home, hoping that she would help, but…

「A city… full of… g-g-g-g-ghostー!?」(Galle)

Galle-chan quickly hid behind a chair.

Her body was trembling, and her animal ears and tail were withering.

I never knew that she was afraid of ghosts…

She looked just like Cecil earlier, but unlike Cecil, Galle-chan’s scared appearance looked very cute.

But, hahh… Looks like I can’t take her with us…



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