Chapter 71 : A Late Reunion


「Umm… Princess…?」(Hanna)

I want Princess Marian to reunite with Galle-chan as soon as possible, but she ignored me and was getting ready to recreate the barrier.

Recreating the barrier is important, but can’t she at least spare a minute or so?

「I know you just blurted out and told me that your dog was Galle-chan. I didn’t believe that from the beginning.」(Marian)



Galle-chan tried to approach Princess Marian, but the Princess kept stepping back as Galle-chan got close to her.

「Stay away from me, dog! I always get annoyed whenever I see a dog because it reminds me of Fenrir!」(Marian)

「Aa! Princess, watch out! There’s a hole behind you!」(Hanna)



Princess Marian lost her balance and was about to fall into the hole I made to trap the Dragoon.

I quickly grabbed my hammer to help her, but she managed to regain her balance and stepped away from the hole.


I let out a sigh of relief and stroked my chest.

「Ho, Holy shit… I almost died… Oi, close this fucking hole now! You made this, right!?」(Marian)

「O, Okay…」(Hanna)

I should have closed this hole as soon as the Dragoon fell.

I grabbed my hammer and raised it.
But when I was about to swing it down, suddenlyー


A shadow popped out of the hole along with a strong gust.

「What theー」(Hanna)

What appeared from the hole was the Dragoon covered with blood all over its body.

「Eeehh!? It’s still alive!?」(Hanna)

Although the Dragoon was badly wounded, it still wanted to fight.

Its mouth glowed bright red. It looked like it was going to shoot the【Flare Ray】again.

From the direction where its mouth was facing, it seems like its target was Princess Marian who was close to the hole.

This is bad!


The first person to react was Slad-san.
He quickly threw one of his magical spears at the Dragoon.

The glowing spear that looked like a falling star penetrated the Dragoon’s right wing and made a big hole in it.

So cool!

Wait, there’s no time to be astonished!

「ーーBlunt Weapon Skill :【Air Stakes】!」(Hanna)

Not wanting to lose to him, I launched my attack at the Dragoon’s left wing.

Now that the Dragoon lost both of its wings, it began to fall.

However, before it fell into the hole, the Dragoon managed to shoot out the【Flare Ray】from its mouth.

The power of the ray seems to be incomparably higher to the ones from before.
Maybe because this is the Dragoon’s last strike.

The ray cut the giant magic stone vertically as the Dragoon fell, and it would soon hit Princess Marian’s head.

However, Princess Marian was frozen.
She didn’t try to dodge or create a barrier to protect herself.

At that moment, Galle-chan jumped on the Princess’s back, trying to get her down, but because her body weight wasn’t that heavy as a dog, Galle-chan transformed back into a human and managed to get the Princess down to the ground in time.

「Well done, Galle-chan!」(Hanna)

「Yes! Master, I leave the rest to you!」(Galle)

「Hyaaaー! 【Skull Crusher】!」(Hanna)

I jumped toward the Dragoon and hit its head with my hammer.

I could feel that its skull had shattered into pieces inside its head.

I kept pushing my hammer downward and sent the Dragoon to the bottom floor.

After I landed, I immediately closed the hole.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Hole Closing】!」(Hanna)

When I hit the ground, the large hole closed and became flat ground.

I don’t think that the Dragoon is still alive, but even if it is, it can’t come up anymore.

「Ga.. Galle…chan…?」(Marian)

Princess Marian looked back at Galle-chan, who was on top of her body, with her eyes rounded.

Galle-chan raised her body up and scratched her nose as she smiled shyly at Princess Marian.

「Marian-chaー No. Princess, do you remember me?」(Galle)

「Galle-chan…. You’re Galle-chan… right?」(Marian)

「Un! I’m glad you remember me! I’m still alive because, well, we faked my death. Masterー Hanna-san saved me.」(Galle)

Princess Marian raised her upper body vigorously and hugged Galle-chan.

「Galle-chan! Galle-chan…! Hwaaaaaaー!!!」(Marian)

Tears started flowing from her eyes as she hugged Galle-chan tightly.

She looked like a grumpy woman earlier, but she now looked like a little girl who met her long lost mother.

Galle-chan also put her arms around Princess Marian’s back and hugged her tightly.

「Princess… I missed you…」(Galle)

「Un! I also missed you so much, Galle-chan…!」(Marian)

Ahh… What a beautiful scene…
My sight became blurry with tears.

Galle-chan, Princess Marian, I’m glad for you!

For Princess Marian, it’s like her best friend has come back to life.
No wonder she’s so happy that she started crying.

「Umm… Hanna-chin… Can you explain what’s going on?」(Slad)

Slad-san asked me with a confused expression on his face.

The other two male party members had the same reaction as Slad-san.

Claire-san was the only one crying even though she didn’t know what’s going on.

I have to explain this later and tell them to keep it a secret.
It would be bad if the other people, especially the people from the royal capital, knew that Galle-chan was still alive.

When I was thinking like that, suddenlyー


A sound like the scream of a giant rang out in the hall of the cave.

「What is it now!? Another monster!?」(Hanna)

Oh please, give me a break!

After wiping her tears, Claire-san answered me.

「Maybe the barrier that covers the Human Land is about to break…」(Claire)

「Eh!? Why!?」(Hanna)

「Oi, Hanna-chin, look closely at the giant magic stone…」(Slad)

Slad-san pointed to the giant magic stone that was broken in half by the Dragoon’s【Flare Ray】earlier.

「Aaawawawa…. Isn’t this bad!?」(Hanna)

The barrier was supported by the magical power from the giant magic stone.
Now that the stone was broken in half, the magical power that supported the barrier has also reduced by half.

「Well, yeah… Princess can still recreate the barrier, but the range will be reduced by half. That means half of the area in this country can no longer be inhabited by humans…」(Slad)




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