Chapter 19 : Selecting a Quest Is the Same as Praying to God


「Hey, Roze. How long do you plan to get along with her?」Cecil

Yeap. There she is.
Wherever Rozelia is, you will definitely find her. Cecil Sortlarc.

Unlike a self-proclaimed genius like Rozelia, she is a real genius.

The girl who has an Adventurer ID from the age of 13 and has been promoted to Adventurer Rank C while attending school.

「Eehhー Is there a problem? Besides, she’s from the same school. Ah, Cecil, could it be… are you jelly looking at me getting along with another girl? Ahh~ you have a cute side tooー☆」Rozelia

「Not that. I warned you not to get along with her because she is a failure who was dropped out of school」Cecil

Hmph! Cecil looked away from me as she said that.

She irritated me.
I stood in front of her and glared at her.

「Ee, yes yes. I remember. I got dropped out because of ‘someone’!」Hanna

「Aa. Because we have to teach the reality to the students who have no ability as soon as possible」Cecil

「Eh? Ehh? Ehhh? It’s weird~ How can a student who has no ability get an Adventurer ID?」Hanna

「That’s because you stole Roze’s magic stone, right? Obviously!」Cecil




Sparks appeared between my eyes and Cecil’s.

Aaahh! She really pissed me off!
I was irritated that I felt like I had a nosebleed right now.
Cecil’s face seen at close distance was strangely beautiful, it made me even more irritated!

「Calm down, calm down both of you… Fighting in the guild is prohibited, you know」Rozelia

With Rozelia’s mediation, Cecil and I took a distance from each other.

Aahhー! I don’t want to be with her any longer even for a second!

And Rozelia! Why didn’t you tell her the truth even though she’s your close friend!

Ahh, really. The more I deal with these two, the more I lose my time and energy.

「I don’t have time for the likes of you. I have to contribute to this city and raise my rank as soon as possible」Hanna

「Hm? Are you aiming to rank up with the special-case route?」Cecil

「Yeah. So what?」Hanna

Cecil then laughed, mocking me.

「That’s impossible. Who do you think decides whether or not you contribute to this Tiaret City?」Cecil

「Eh?…. Wait… Could it be…..!」Hanna

「Yeah. It’s my father. Bazel Sortlarc」Cecil

My head became blank.

The chairman of the Adventurer Academy, Bazel Sortlarc.

I know that he has power in this city, but I didn’t expect that he was even involved in the approval of the special-case rank up.

「Well, to be exact, it’s decided by five councilors including my father. If my father disagrees, you can’t be allowed to rank up. Obviously」Cecil

「W, Why is it decided if the chairman disagrees? Whether I rank up or not, it doesn’t matter to the chairman anyway, right?」Hanna

「Not really. You’re a stain for the school, you know? It’s still good if those who have been expelled from school become adventurers. But to rank them up as a special case is unacceptable. It’s against the tradition of the school」Cecil

Again. The tradition of the school, huh… The heck is that?

To protect the school from rotten by the weak? Bullshit!
I don’t think a school like that deserves to be protected at all.

「Cecil, don’t say that. It’s okay to admit her, right? If Cecil say something to the chairman, I’m sure he will change his mind」Rozelia

Rozelia… I didn’t expect her to say such a good thing.
Still, I don’t need her strap though.

「Dunno… Well, she won’t be a subject of special rank-up evaluation for sure. Besides, I don’t think she can make such an achievement in the first place. And above all, the weapon she’s using is just… You see…」Cecil

Cecil looked at the hammer on my back with a scornful look.

Ah, as I thought. She had prejudice against blunt weapons as well.

「What? It doesn’t matter if the chairman disagrees. It doesn’t matter if I use a blunt weapon. I just have to get a lot of achievements until the other councilors have to admit my rank-up! I’ll do it! I’ll show you I can do it, you fool!」Hanna

I decided to ignore them after saying that.
I turned my back and stood in front of the bulletin board.

The client’s name, the contents of the quest, the amount of reward and the letters B to F indicating the difficulty level of the quest were written on the quest paper.

Adventurers cannot accept quests that have difficulty above their rank.
In other words, I could only choose D to F difficulty quests.

By the way, there was no A difficulty quest on the bulletin board because there were no A-rank adventurers in this city.

If there was a quest with A difficulty level posted here, the adventurers who could accept it would be dispatched from another city.

Well, there were only a few A-rank adventurers in this continent in the first place.

The chairman, The Sword Fighting King, Bazel Sortlarc, was one of A-rank adventurers who had a “Special A” rank. But now he’s retired.

Alright. Let’s see…
There were about ten D to F difficulty quests.
Monsters subjugation, collecting medicine materials, looking for people, escorting a peddler, ect.
The one with higher difficulty had better reward after all.

If you clear a D difficulty quest, you can get at least 1,000 pels per quest.

That was equivalent to the monthly income when I was working as a carpenter.
It’s really a good amount.
As I thought, if I want to pick a quest, I should pick D difficulty quests.

『……The smell of【Magic-seal Jar】is getting strong』
『You’re right. This is not good. This is not good』

Suddenly I heard such voices.
I looked down at the two bears, the god of blunt weapons.
They were staring at a piece of quest paper.

「……..This one?」

When I pointed at the quest paper, the bears nodded.

For now, I decided to confirm what kind of quest it was.



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