Chapter 17 : I Want To Go See Laney


The next morning.
When I woke up, I felt my stomach hurt.

Uhh…… It must be because I ate too much last night.

As I thought, buying ten skewered meat to celebrate myself becoming an adventurer was too overkill.

Or maybe because after skewered meat, I ate ten bowls of seasoned rice with grilled fish, Tiaret City specialty rice, Tia-rice, as self reward.

Or maybe because I drank a suspicious drink called “Cancellation Drink α”, a drink that can neutralize fat after eating, because I was afraid of getting fat after eating too much.

Or maybe…… It was because of everything I ate….?

「Uuuu….. I felt very sick….」

However, I couldn’t stay still at the inn.

Because I had an important business at the Adventurer Guild today.


「Oh? Hanna-chan, good morning. Good work on your exam yesterday! I’ll be in your care from now on」

When I arrived at the guild, an onee-san who was pasting quest paper on the bulletin board greeted me.

She was the beautiful receptionist onee-san with a fluffy atmosphere from yesterday.

「I’ll be in your care too… umm….」

「Ah, my name is March. Everyone calls me like that, so Hanna-chan can also calls me March, okay?」

While brushing up her long hair with her hand, the receptioー no, March-san smiled at me.

Umm… she looked so sexy…
I instinctively took a closer look at her chest through her shirt.

March-san is really a good person. The Guild Master also. They didn’t seem to have much prejudice against me who used a blunt weapon.

If there are such good people around, perhaps the Adventurer Guild in this city isn’t that bad.

It was still morning, so there were only a few adventurers in the guild. They were not even ten people here.
Maybe some of them already went on an adventure and some of them were still at the inn.

I heard that the most lively moment here was at night when everyone drank alcohol together.

「Oh, right. I have to give you your Adventurer ID」

March-san returned to her desk, opened the drawer, took a card and gave it to me.


My name was written on the card.

Hanna Falsett
Adventurer Rank : D

The letters were written with glowing magic ink to prevent counterfeiting.

「Let me say it again. Congratulations on passing the exam, Hanna-chan! The story of the Rock Dragon yesterday is still unbelievable, but I’m personally expecting you. Besides, if you do a great job as an adventurer, my overtime work may decrease, fufu」March

「Thank you very much! I’ll do my best!」

Ahh~ I really longed for this thing! An Adventurer ID!

With this, I felt like I was one step closer to Laney.

「You came to get the ID, right? But because you’re a formal adventurer now, you can accept a request. What would you do?」

「Yes! I want to try it! But before that…」

「Hm? Is there something else?」

「Un. I want to know about Laney. What is Laney doing in Demon Land right now? How is she doing there? The guild have the information, right?」

March tilted her neck, wondering.

「Laney…? You mean Sword Princess Laney? Why do you want to know about her?」

「Actually she was the one who raised me. So when I became an adventurer, I thought I’d go see Laney」

「Eh…? Really!? That means… you were the baby Laney raised and the reason why she had to take a break from adventure for a while?? 」


It was somewhat painful to hear because it was like I took away Laney from the guild for a while…

「Aaa, I’m sorry. It’s not like I’m blaming you. I was just surprised. I see, so you were raised by Laney, huh. If so, it wouldn’t be strange if you could defeat a Rock Dragon then」

「It’s nothing big, really」

「You’re being so polite. Well, if that’s the case, I’ll tell you about Laney」

March-san took a thick notebook and opened it.

「Search :【Sword Princess】」

After she chanted like that, the letters appeared vaguely on the blank page of the notebook.

「Uwaa… What just happened? Is it a skill?」

「Fufu. Notebook Skill :【Shared Book】」

Said March-san boastfully.

「If you want to become a receptionist in the Adventurer Guild, you must be able to use this skill. It’s a skill to exchange information with people who also have this skill using a notebook. It’s a very convenient skill to get various information」

「Heeー I see, that’s why the Adventurer Guild can get various information quickly」

So you have to be able to use this skill to become a receptionist, huh.
Isn’t it a skill that can only be learned if your notebook level is high? If I’m not mistaken, it should be at least level 20.

March-san seemed to be a calm person, but she was also the type of person who could do a lot of work.

「Hm, hm… Laney is now challenging one of the four Devil Heavenly Kings, the Daydream, Amuze. She is fighting at Amuze’s base, Azelbaran Castle. It looks like it will be a long battle」

「Amuze the Daydream!? Isn’t he a demon that appeared numerous times in the legend of adventurers? So Laney is fighting against such a strong demon!? So cool! That’s Laney for you!」

Oh no. My legends-lover blood boiled up again.

I cleared my throat and tried to be calm.

「So that means, Laney is doing well right now?」

「Of course. It’s the Sword Princess we are talking about. She did a really great job as soon as returning to an adventure」

Hearing what March-san said, I became more and more happy.

It looked like Laney was in the process of creating a new legend.
I also wanted to catch up with her quickly.
I wanted to stand next to her and fight together with her.

「Hanna-chan… Don’t say you want to go to Demon Land right now…」

As if she read my mind, March-san said that while pointing her finger at my nose.

「Eh? Of course I want to go as soon as possible. Is there a problem?」

「Of course there’s a problem! In order to enter Demon Land, you have to raise your rank to B at least」



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