Chapter 84 : Potato Salad


「How about we make potato salad?」(Mark)

I made a suggestion but Camilla and Gill oji-san’s reaction was in a sense as expected.

They both tilted their heads, looking confused.

「What kind of food is that? A salad made of potatoes?」(Camilla)

I knew it. It seems like there’s no such dish in this area, or maybe in this world.

There are potatoes in this world, but no one has ever made a potato salad before, huh?

This world’s food culture is strange…

Alright, let’s show them how to make it!

As always, I demonstrated how to make food before explaining so that I didn’t waste too much time.
It would take time to boil the potatoes after all.

I always used a microwave in my previous life because it was faster, but of course there are no microwaves in this world, unfortunately.

「Gill oji-san, can I have some of these potatoes?」(Mark)

「Y, Yeah, of course.」(Gill)

I took out a few potatoes from Gill oji-san’s basket, made shallow cuts in their skins with a knife, and washed them with water.

After that, I placed them in a pot, poured boiling water I created with water magic and fire magic, and then boiled them on a magic tool that looked like a stove.

Honestly, I don’t know how long I should boil these potatoes.

I know they are called “potatoes” thanks to my language translation skill.

In terms of name and how they look, they are the same as the potatoes in my previous life.
However, I don’t know if they are exactly the same thing, so I’m not really sure if I can make a potato salad with these potatoes to be honest.

Well, that doesn’t matter. I have no choice but to try it anyway.

Normally, I would tell Dad the recipe first and let him cook it.

If it turned out bad, Dad would do research to make the recipe better.

However, it would be such a hassle if I go home now, so I decided to make it with the recipe I learned from my previous life as it is.

「Mark-chan, I didn’t know you’re also really good at using fire magic.」(Camilla)

「Well, both my mom and dad are good at fire magic. Maybe that’s the reason.」(Mark)

「Hee~ I see. If they both are good at fire magic, they are really a good match then. I bet they get along very well.」(Camilla)

「Yeah, they get along very well, but… how can you know it? What do you mean by ‘good match’?」(Mark)

「Have you ever heard of the compatibility horoscope? People’s love affair can be predicted depending on their magic element. Two people who are good at fire magic will be burned in passionate love. In other words, they will be madly in love with each other. On the contrary, people who are good at fire magic and people who are good at water magic have bad compatibility with each other because water will extinguish fire.」(Camilla)

Camilla taught me with a mischievous smile.

I see. I got the idea.

So it’s like the blood type compatibility horoscope, huh?

But there are not many people who can use magic in this world even though they have mana, so I don’t think people care about such a horoscope too much.

「Say, Mark-kun, is fire magic your best magic…?」(Pamella)

Pamella asked me with a worried face for some reason.

「Nope. My best magic is earth magic.」(Mark)

Because Nicola was originally an angel with earth attributes, so there’s no doubt that my main magic attribute is also earth.

Camilla said I’m good at using fire magic, but actually, I’m not that good at it.

To be honest, I’m a little afraid of using fire magic.

If I inadvertently put too much mana, I feel like I will burn the house I’m in…

Because of that I rarely used fire magic other than to make hot water, and also because of that I don’t practice fire magic much.

After I said that my best magic was earth, Camilla looked at me and Pamella alternately and grinned for some reason.

「People who are good at earth magic and people who are good at water magic have a great compatibility with each other. They will nourish a healthy love as if a green sprout grows in the ground. Their love will firmly rooted in the ground and can overcome any adversity.」(Camilla)

Listening to her mom saying that, Pamella nodded several times.

No matter if this is earth or another world, girls really love horoscopes, huh?

I remember when I was in elementary school in my previous life, girls in my class made me an object to test their love horoscope…
Honestly, I was happy when there was a girl who had a good compatibility with me, but she didn’t seem to like me…

…Woops, I forgot that I’m boiling potatoes now. I should focus on making potato salad for now.

I took a cucumber from my item box and cut it into slices.

After that, I asked Camilla for bacon, and cut it into thin slices.

I should have put onions in it, but I thought they might not like it, so I skipped it.

While cutting the other ingredients, I looked at the pot, and the potatoes seemed to be boiled enough.

I turned off the stove, took out the potatoes and placed them on a cutting board.

While enduring the heat, I pushed the surface of the skin diagonally, and it peeled off easily thanks to the cuts I made in advance.

And after I took off the potato sprouts with a spoon, I mashed the potatoes with the same spoon.

Gill oji-san was watching me doing it with a confused expression.

「Hmmm…. So you will mix the other ingredients you have cut into it? It looks dry and I feel like I will get thirsty if I eat it. It’s maybe good enough to be eaten while drinking alcohol, but…」(Gill)

「You’re right about mixing them together, but I will add another ingredient into it so it’s not dry.」(Mark)

It’s necessary to remove the heat, so I let it cool for a while.

In the meantime, I prepared an indispensable seasoning for potato saladー Mayonnaise!



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  1. as someone that doesn’t like mayonaise or potato salad and mostly prefers eating old fashioned staple recipes in general. This whole introducing ‘modern food’ in isekai novels always just seems fucking stupid.
    Most meals are less nutritious compared to before and don’t taste very good in comparison. Most ‘modern’ recipes aren’t even that modern they’ve often been around for long time they just didn’t take off because they don’t taste good, the only reason such recipes have taken off in modern day is because marketing is king so making something look pretty on camera or making something quick to cook and then shilling out lots of cash on good marketing and making food filled with preservatives that can last long time is what has primarily driven ‘modern food’. It’s not better, the reason it’s modern is because it’s quicker, simpler, easier and is more preservable.
    If you introduced such foods to people in the past they’d look at you as if you’re crazy, and if you said you ate that frequently they’d look at you with pity. This whole introducing these garbage recipes to medieval fantasy people and then them being like yummy, just removed any semblance of reality or believablity for anyone reading that isn’t a complete fool.

    1. You are forgetting several things.
      First, the belief that knowledge is power, so it shouldn’t be publicized, including cooking recipes. That was the prevailing mindset throughout the human history.
      Second, the difficulty with distribution of goods, including spices. You can’t use what you don’t have. Merchandise that traveled long distances used to be extremely costly due to the risk of robbery and the multitude of taxes and tariffs along the way, so no commoner would have any access to it.
      Third, the invention of refrigerators and its significance for the taste of cooking ingredients. There is a reason something as vile smelling as Surströmming even exists.
      And last, the frequent famines (plus the low volume of long distance trade I have mentioned earlier) which made the issue of taste a very low priority in the lives of commoners (the vast majority of people), compared to the risk of starving.

      I wonder what grows inside your head. Could you be more specific why your idea of the past times would look so appealing?

      1. I forgot one detail. Could you imagine cooking and especially learning to cook to be easy when you don’t have any common standard nor reliable means of measuring weight and volume of ingredients plus the timing and temperature of cooking process?

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