Chapter 63 : Going Home


After moving for a while Gauche oji-san slowed down our carriage and looked back at us with a relieved face.

「Aーhh… That was so intense!」(Gauche)

Gauche oji-san said that with a light tone.
Perhaps, as a person who uses this road often, he thought that it would be better if he didn’t take it too seriously.

「Dad, you said there are no bandits around here!」(Delica)

「Gahaha! Sorry, but they were only three people. Perhaps, they were remnants who fled from somewhere else. By the way, Mark! Good job on dealing with them! You’re really strong, eh?」(Gauche)

「I was the one dealing with them, but the one who detected their presence was Nicola.」(Mark)

I’m sure Nicola also wants to be praised other than because of her cuteness.

「Hoo~ Nicola, too! Good job! Not only are you cute but you’re also reliable!」(Gauche)

Gauche oji-san praised Nicola with his eyes rounded, and Nicola replied with her usual angelic smile. Butー

「Yes! Praise me more!」(Nicola)

『Un! Ehehe~』(Nicola)

The normal conversation and the telepathy are reversed, you know…?

「O, Ou… By the way, we’ll be in town soon.」(Gauche)

When I looked at the scenery ahead, I saw the town of Fatia.

The outer walls of the town were lit by the orange dusk sunshine.

「Mark, Nicola, I will drop you both at the South Gate. After that, I will return the carriage to the rental at the East Gate, and then report the bandits to the guards. They are probably still there.」(Gauche)

Even though my stone bullets didn’t hit them directly, their horses were killed, and they got injured.
Also, there’s a probability that they passed out, so they most likely couldn’t move from there.
Either way, I don’t care about them since I have lost sympathy for bad people like them.

After we arrived at the South Gate, Nicola and I got off the carriage.

「I will come to your house tomorrow to get my Tentacles meat and greet your parents.」(Gauche)


「It was scary at the end, but it was a fun trip! Mark, Nicola…. Thank you!」(Delica)

Delica thanked us a little shyly.

「You’re welcome! We had a lot of fun too! Please invite us again next time!」(Mark)

As I replied like that, Delica smiled at us, showing her white teeth.

And then, Gauche oji-san turned the carriage around, and they headed toward the East Gate.

When we walked toward the gate, we saw the usual gatekeeper, Brian-san, standing by the gate.

We lightly exchanged greetings with him and passed through the gate.

He didn’t ask us anything, so it seems like he already heard about us going to Secard Village from Mom.

And finally, we arrived at our home.

We went to the backyard and entered the house through the backyard door.

Immediately, the smell of Dad’s cooking welcomed us back.

「I’m back~!」(Mark)

「Papa, Mama, I’m back~」(Nicola)

「Welcome back!」(Mom)

Mom immediately replied to us, but she and Dad were busy cooking.

When Nicola and I entered the kitchen, Mom approached us with a frying pan in one hand, while Dad was busy preparing a large pot of soup.

「Umm….. How was your trip? Was it fun?」(Mom)

For some reason, Mom lowered her eyebrows and tilted her head as she asked such a question.

At first, I thought it would be better to keep silent about the encounter with the bandits because I didn’t want to make Mom and Dad worried, but when I thought about it carefully, Gauche oji-san will come tomorrow and tell them anyway, so I decided to tell them now, but I made it sounded like it wasn’t a big deal.

After I told them, Mom let out a sigh and turned off the stove.

And then, she approached me and hugged me gently.

「I see… So that’s why you are making such a face… It’s okay, Mark. You protected everyone. You did great! That’s whyー」(Mom)


Suddenly, Mom slapped my back.

「ーbe proud of yourself!」(Mom)

While still being hugged by Mom, I saw Nicola grinning at me.

Looks like I don’t realize that I’ve been making a pitiful face.

Well, I said I don’t care about those bandits, it’s true, but you know? I’ve never had a fist fight with someone in my previous life.
So honestly, injuring three people is still a little too much for me even though they are bad people.

Dad also approached me and stroked my head roughly.

Uhh… It’s getting embarrassing now…
So let’s change the subject!

「By the way, I bring gifts from the village! I want Dad to see them, but…」(Mark)

「Gifts~? I wonder if you bring me gifts too~」(Celine)

Suddenly, Celine came into the kitchen without permission.

Oi… Yes you’re close with us, but you’re still a customer, you know?

But, nice timing!
I also want to hear what she thinks about Tentacles meat.
She will be a customer who will eat it in the future after all.

「I bought monster meat in Secard Village. The monsters are called Tentacles. People there really like eating their meat, but because it looks a bit disgusー I mean, not really good… people from other areas don’t like it. But it’s really delicious! So I want you all to taste it. Of course, Celine too.」(Mark)

「Ohh~ I’ll gladly taste it for you then~」(Celine)

Celine looked excited about it.

Because Tentacles are big, first, I put things away from the kitchen table to create some space.

「Alright, I’ll take it out.」(Mark)

And then, I took out the Tentacle meat from my item box on the kitchen table.



An unknown scream was heard in the kitchen.



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