Chapter 257 : Becoming An Adult


Currently, Celine, Nicola, and I are walking through the forest, heading to the Portal Crystal where Ester is waiting.

「Mark, don’t be too harsh on her, okay?」(Celine)

「I know. Don’t worry.」(Mark)

After I replied to her, Celine sighed.

She seemed to be worried about Ester.

When we had dinner last night, I told her I that would help Ester refine her Crystal Branch, but she disagreed at first because she thought it would be too hard for Ester to handle my mana.

However, when I told her that Ester was envious of her because I helped her, she reluctantly agreed.

She gave me one condition. I had to limit the amount of mana I would supply to Ester.

Celine thought that Ester might pass out if I gave her too much mana.

For some reason, Nicola didn’t stop grinning while eating her dinner. She said she looked forward to seeing me help Ester refine her Crystal Branch.

I bet she just wanted to see Ester breathing heavily with a sweaty red face…




When we arrived at the Portal Crystal, I saw Ester standing alone in front of the Portal Crystal with a tense look on her face.

Instead of wearing her usual boyish clothes, she wears a light blue blouse and a white flared skirt today.

「Ester, thank you for waiting. You look so different today.」(Mark)

「U, Un… What do you think…?」(Ester)

Saying that, Ester pinched her skirt up a little shyly.

「It suits you really well. You look more girly today.」(Mark)

「Th, Thank you…」(Ester)

Ester looked away and smiled shyly.

She then was surprised when she saw Nicola who was standing next to me.

「Eh…? Nicola will… join us…?」(Ester)

「Yeah, she always accompanies me and Celine here almost every day. She will be on the lookout.」(Mark)

It would be bad if some monsters suddenly attack us while we’re refining the Crystal Branch, so it’s safer if Nicola is here with us.

Without saying a word, Nicola hid behind Celine and stared at Ester with upturned eyes, hoping that Ester would allow her to be here.

「I, I see… So she will be on the lookout… Alright then. But, Nicola, please don’t look over here too much when we are… do, ‘doing it’, okay…?」(Ester)

Nicola then smiled brightly at Ester and nodded.


『Guhehe~ It’s getting more interesting~』(Nicola)

Nicola was grinning for some reason. She seemed to be happy that Ester allowed her to stay.

「So, Mark… Umm… How are we going to ‘do it’…?」(Ester)

Ester timidly asked.

Just like yesterday, her face was so red somehow.

Since Ester is not very good at magic and not used to feeling the flow of mana inside her body, she may pass out all of a sudden if I inject too much mana into her body.

With that in mind, I think refining her Crystal Branch while standing would be dangerous. She might hit her head on the ground if she suddenly passed out.

「Alright. First, please get down on all fours. Celine, you too.」(Mark)

「Me too?」(Celine)

「I’ll be handling both of you, so I won’t be able to support your head in case you pass out.」(Mark)

「I see. This position is a bit embarrassing, but, I got it.」(Celine)

Saying that, Celine kneeled and put both her hands on the ground. She then glanced at Ester and smiled.

「Ester, you don’t have to be nervous. Just leave it to Mark and it’ll be alright. You just need to enjoy it~」(Celine)

「O, Okay…」(Ester)

Ester nodded to Celine and then kneeled on all four on the ground as well.

「Uuu~… It’s kinda embarrassing… but I think it’s easier for Mark to ‘do it’ if we are in this position.」(Ester)


I don’t know why but Ester seemed to be very nervous. Her body was trembling a little.

I gently stroke her back to calm her down.

「Don’t worry, it’s gonna be alright. It may feel a little strange at first, but you will get used to it eventually.」(Mark)

「I, If you say so…」(Ester)

Ester looked away and nodded.

She then lifted her skirt, put her thumb in her panties, and then slowly pulled her panties down.

『Uhyuu~! What sexy panties!』(Nicola)

I was surprised by Ester’s sudden unexpected act.

I immediately grabbed her arm to stop her from lowering her panties further.

「E, Ester, what are you doing!?」(Mark)

「Eh? Don’t I have to take off my panties?」(Ester)

I wonder if she doesn’t want her panties to get wet. She will be sweating a lot after all.

But it will be awkward for me to support her if she doesn’t wear panties!

「No, no, you don’t have to! It will get wet but we will be going to the bathhouse after this, so you can clean yourself later.」(Mark)

「I, I see… So you like ‘doing it’ with wet panties on… You sure have a weird taste… Alright then, I leave it to you…」(Ester)

「I don’t know what you’re talking about but you can leave it to me.」(Mark)

While saying that, I put my left hand on Ester’s back and my right hand on Celine’s.

「Are you guys ready?」(Mark)


「P, Please be gentle on me…」(Ester)

After she nodded, Ester closed her eyes and muttered to herself.

「Mom… Dad… I’m going to be an adult today…」(Ester)



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