Chapter 24 : Duel


『Oi, Nicola! I’ve never hit people in my previous life, you know!?』

『Onii-chan, you have magic! Just making him cry a little is enough! I’m counting on you! Fight, onii-chan~』

Nicola seemed to be in a good mood because she was able to leave the trouble to me.

It somehow irritated me, so I pinched Nicola’s cheeks on both sides.
Gui gui, gui guiー!
I feel refreshed.

「Ommii-cyan, Am chewwing fow u ! (Onii-chan, I’m cheering for you!)」

Even though I was pinching her cheeks, she could still say that while smiling.
No, this is not refreshing at all.

I ignored Nicola for now.
But she was right, I can use magic.
Jack didn’t tell me not to use magic, right? So there’s no reason not to.

「Oi, are you two finished talking? This way, follow me!」

Following Jack, who had been waiting for us, we arrived at the backyard of the church.
There was a field in the corner of the backyard.
Oh? Cabbage and cucumbers.
I felt the presence of mana faintly. I wondered if one of the sisters cultivated this field.

When I crouched down to observe the vegetables, Jack yelled at me.

「Oiー! What are you doing!?」

Oh, right. I just realized this wasn’t time to observe vegetables leisurely.
I turned toward Jack. There were two other children lined up to Jack’s right and left. They were Jack’s underlings.
Oi, oi. It will be a duel, right? Not three vs one, right?

Jack noticed when I stared at those two children. He crossed his arms and saidー

「These two are just observers! I’m not a coward, you know!」

No, the moment you challenged a 6-year-old for a duel, you were already a coward.
But, those two are just watching huh. Well, it saves me some trouble.

「Alright, alright… You. Yes, you in the middle. Come」

I taunted Jack by raising my index finger up and making a ‘come on’ gesture.

「Don’t make light of me! You’ll lose if you give up! Understand!?」

To be honest, I’m a little nervous because I don’t know anything about duels between kids in this world.
Don’t tell me… he will shoot magic that can kill me instantly!? He can’t use magic, right? Right?
In Moonlight Wolf Team, there was no one who could use magic, so maybe children in this world normally can’t use magic.

「Ready…….. FIGHT!」

One of the observer children gave a signal.


Jack raised a war cry while running at me.

I used earth magic to turn the soil in front of him into soft sand to slow him down.


Jack’s leg buried up to almost to his knee. Then I solidified Jack’s foothold.
With this, he shouldn’t be able to move easily.

「Ehh!? What is this!? Magic!?」

While Jack was screaming, I injected more mana to increase the hardness of the soil.
I need to be careful.
If he can use magic that can destroy the soil and come out, it would be troublesome.

「Yea. It’s magic… So? Are you giving up?」

「Damn it! Using magic is not fair!」

It seems Jack can’t use magic.
I was relieved.
Now, I just have to make him give up.

Next, I used wind magic to blow a little strong wind toward Jack.
He lost his balance, bumped his butt against the ground and put his hands on the ground. Immediately, I restrained his hands with earth magic.

「Now, Jack-kun~ Earlier, you were trying to lift Nicola’s skirt up, weren’t you? Let’s see how you would react if I did the same thing to you~」

Suddenly, I remembered the saying, “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”
It means if someone hurts another person, they will get the same amount of punishment.
But the original text says that the purpose of this saying was to prevent excessive retaliation by forgiving the doer after they received the same amount of punishment.

But this time, I don’t care about excessive retaliation.
Not only his pants, I also pulled his underwear.
I hope he will give up with this.

「Uwaaaaaaー! Stopー! Stop itー!」

Jack made noises with his little ‘sausage’ exposed.

When I looked at Nicola, she raised her thumb and smiled with a refreshing smile.
It seems I can’t expect a reaction like blushing while covering eyes from her.

「So? Are you giving up? Or….. should I call everyone who is still inside the church?」

「S, Shut upー!….. Oi! You two, help me!」

Jack shouts at his underlings.
The two tried to surround me, but they just raised their right hand and stopped moving.
Hey hey pitcher~ Are you scared~?*

*/”Hey hey, Pitcher, are you scared?” was a popular yell in Japanese children baseball. It used to intimidate or give pressure to the opponent team pitcher. It’s rarely used nowadays though.

After he realized that his underlings can’t save him, Jack shoutedー

「I, I give upー! You win!」

「Really? You’re not lying? You won’t attack me once I release you?」

「I won’t! Nii-chan told us not to get involved with those who can use magic!」

「Alright then」

I released him from the ground.
Jack hurriedly put on his pants and underwear, and then yelled with his face bright red.

「Y, You will regret thisー!」

Leaving a classic line after defeat, Jack and his underlings ran away, leaving Nicola and me in the backyard.
I hope he learned and won’t bully us from now on.

After I restored the ground back to its original state, it’s time to go home.

「Let’s go home, Nicola」

「Un, let’s go, shotacon onii-chan~」

*/opposite to lolicon. It means young boy complex.

「Uhh, I’ll cry if you say it again… I’ve helped you, but what’s with that attitude…」

I sighed.

「Just joking~ I’m grateful, you know? Shall I give you a kiss on your cheek?」

「No, thanks…」

I’m not at the age where I’ll be happy to be kissed by my little sister.

I went home with Nicola.



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