Chapter 236 : Skilled Teaser Celine-san


「So, are we going to Eclain-san’s stall first?」(Ester)

Ester asked as she walked next to me and grabbed my hand.

「Hmm… You’re right. We should probably go there first. She must be serving wine to customers while drinking, so I think I will give her a potion along with the pickled cucumbers.」(Mark)

「Ara, you know my mom very well. By the way, it seems like you two are getting closer day by day.」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine glanced at my and Ester’s hands that were holding each other.

「Well, we see each other almost every day. It would be strange if we didn’t get along.」(Mark)

After I answered Celine without telling her the reason why we became even closer, Ester looked at Celine and made a big smile.

「He’s right, Celine! It’s because we always play together! We have even bathed together in the same bath and seen each other naked! In other words, there’s nothing hidden between us anymore!」(Ester)

「Bathed… In the same bath!? …Mark, you always declined my invitation to take a bath together but you went in with Ester, huh? Hee… I see…」(Celine)

Celine pouted as she said that. She seemed to be a bit sullen.

However, I have something to say to her about this.

「Celine, you invite me to take a bath with you because you want to try to tease me, right? That’s why I always decline. If you promise not to tease me, I might take a bath with you next time.」(Mark)

I’ve gotten used to bathing with women, but I don’t want to take a bath with them just to be teased.

After I replied to her, Celine opened her eyes wide for a moment and then started fidgeting, acting a bit suspiciously.

「A, Ahaha… You know, I just couldn’t help but tease you for some reason. Well, I don’t mind if you don’t want to take a bath with me though.」(Celine)

She said she didn’t mind, but her face turned a bit red as if saying the opposite thing.

She then quickly turned her face away from me and continued walking.

『Uhihi~ Celine’s so cute~』(Nicola)

Nicola clung to Celine’s waist as she laughed like a perverted old man with telepathy.

Meanwhile, Ester glanced at me and talked to me while still holding my hand.

「Say, Mark, next time, I want to take a bath with Celine, so please tell me when you want to prepare the bath next time!」(Ester)

「Alright, but Nicola always bathes with Celine, so she will join too. I hope you don’t mind.」(Mark)

Nicola annoyingly insisted that she wanted to take a bath with Ester after she learned that I had bathed with her a while ago, so I wanted to help her.

『Good job, Onii-chan! Thank you!』(Nicola)


She looks so happy. Howeverー

「Ah, I see… Nicola will join too, huh…? Umm… Never mind, then… I’m sorry, Nicola, but I’m still a little embarrassed to take a bath with you.」(Ester)

Ester stroked Nicola’s head and said that apologetically.

「I… I see… I, It’s okay…」(Nicola)

『HwaAaAaaAaaa…!! Onii-chan, I think my heart is breaking apart!!』(Nicola)

I honestly feel bad for Nicola.

But, I wonder if Ester declined because Nicola is not her friend yet or because she sensed danger and instinctively avoided Nicola…

Whichever it is, it seems that Nicola has to walk a long and steep road before she can take a bath with Ester.




After walking for a while, we arrived at Eclain’s stall.

As we expected, Eclain is drinking wine while eating fried beans with her face all red and her elbows resting on the table.

There are a few large barrels filled with Gupul wine on the table and a wooden sign that says, “Self Service Free Drink” next to them.

People are gathering around the stall, talking to each other while drinking the wine with the cups and glasses they brought themselves.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves, including Eclain.

A festival wouldn’t be complete without alcohol after all.

A few days ago, I helped Eclain brew Gupul wine to prepare for the festival today, so she brought a lot of wine and I don’t think it will run out any time soon.

「Welcome, welcome~ Ara, it’s you guys~ *hic*」(Eclain)

「Eclain-san, I brought you my pickled cucumbers. I hope you like them.」(Mark)

I put out a big plate and some pickled cucumbers from my Item Box and put them on the table.

「Ara, thank you, Mark~!」(Eclain)

Without waiting even for a second, Eclain grabbed a pickled cucumber and took a bite of it.

「…Mmm~ It’s really good! …*gulp gulp* Pwahhh!! And it’s going very well with wine!」(Eclain)

She then gulped down the wine in the glass she had in her hand and exhaled.

Soon after, I smelled the weird smell of Gupul wine coming from her mouth.

I frowned and Nicola, who was traumatized by the drunken breath, quickly hid behind Celine, but Eclain didn’t seem to care. She kept drinking and eating the pickled cucumbers.

「Uhh… Eclain-san, you better drink this potion if you feel sick from drinking too much.」(Mark)

I took out a small bottle of E-grade potion from my Item Box and handed it to the drunk woman.

「Ara, you’re very considerate, Mark~ Thank you! By the way, do you still have more cucumbers?」(Eclain)

「Yeah, I still have a lot.」(Mark)

「Great. Can you leave some for these guys?」(Eclain)

Saying that, Eclain pointed her thumb at the people who were drinking her wine around the stall.

「Alright. Everyone, I’m leaving some pickled cucumbers here. You can freely grab them if you want!」(Mark)

As I shouted to the people, I put some more pickled cucumbers on the plate.

「Oh, the Cucumber Boy!」
「Thank you! I just thought of eating some snacks!」
「You’re so considerate for a little boy!」(people)

Several men and women picked up the pickled cucumbers on the plate and ate them.

「Ohh! It’s sour but refreshing!」
「I think it’s better than the usual one.」
「Yeah, it goes well with wine too!」(people)

Their reactions are as expected.

I have a feeling that my pickled cucumbers will become one of the most popular foods in this village.

「Mark, you spoil my mom too much, you know?」(Celine)

Celine shook her head as she glanced at her drunken mother.

「It’s alright. Besides, I think it can be a good advertisement if I leave my pickled cucumbers here. I’m looking forward to selling them the next morning market.」(Mark)

「Fufu, is that so? Well then, shall we continue walking around the festival?」(Celine)

「Alright. Eclain-san, good luck with your stall!」(Mark)

「Thank you, Mark~ *hic」(Eclain)

While resting head on the table, looking so drunk, Eclain waved her hand at me.

Ester, Nicola, Celine, and I then left her and continued looking around the other stalls.



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