Chapter 222 : Sex Education Is Important


While eating baby castella and enjoying tea, Ester exhaled lightly and muttered.

「Haahh… Eating this delicious sweet makes me want to leave this village even more. I don’t hate this village but I want to go see the outside world. I bet there’s a lot of fun things outside this village.」(Ester)

「Then you have to complete your Portal Stone as soon as possible. When will it be completed, by the way?」(Mark)

She once told me that it would be completed soon but she didn’t tell me the specific time.

After I asked her that question, Ester glanced up at me.

「Umm… You said that Celine will complete her Portal Stone in three months, right? I don’t know how she can refine her crystal branch so fast though.」(Ester)

「Y, Yeah… That’s right.」(Mark)

Ester doesn’t know that I help Celine refine her crystal branch every day.

I wanted to tell her but I’m not sure if I can expose a side of Celine that she can’t show to other people.

Ester seemed to be curious about it but luckily, she didn’t ask further.

「After she finishes her Portal Crystal, you will go home with her, right…?」(Ester)

「Yeah, that’s our plan. What about it?」(Mark)

「Umm… Actually… Umm…」(Ester)

Ester opened and closed her mouth as if she was hesitant to tell me something.

She then swallowed her saliva and nodded as if she had made up her mind.

「Mark, actually, I will also complete my Portal Stone in three months, so… Umm… I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but… Mark, can I join you when you go home…? I… want to see your hometown…」(Ester)

「Eh? You want to go with me?」(Mark)

Ester nodded and closed her eyes tightly, nervously waiting for my answer.

Seeing her cute behavior, I couldn’t help but smile and answer her.

「Of course, you can. I don’t mind at all. I’m sure Celine and Nicola wouldn’t say no either.」(Mark)

There’s no way I would say no.

A fifteen-year-old girl wants to leave her home and go to see the outside world. Even if she didn’t ask me, I’m sure I would ask her to go with me.

Besides, we have Celine who will definitely take care of Ester. If Ester wanted to be an adventurer in Fatia, Celine would look after her for sure.

As for Nicola, I don’t even need to ask her opinion. I can imagine her happy face already when she learns that Ester will join us on our way home.

「Re, Really!? Yaaayy~!!」(Ester)

Ester cheered as she raised her arms. She then crawled on the carpet, got close to me, and hugged me.

I let her hug me without hesitation, probably because I’m used to her behavior.

The smell of flowers coming from her hair brought a pleasant feeling to my nostrils.

「Uww… I was kinda scared because I thought you would say no.」(Ester)

I can’t see her face because she is hugging me but I can tell that she is somewhat nervous.

「Haha, there’s no way I’ll say no. But, are you sure you want to leave your home? Stina-san will give birth soon, right?」(Mark)

I stroked Ester’s back and asked about her mother.

Stina-san is currently pregnant. It would be a huge burden for the family if Ester left.

I was worried about her mother but Ester pushed her cheek against my chest and answered.

「Don’t worry. She said she will give birth next month, so I think she will be fine the moment I’m ready to leave this village. Besides, I consulted with her and she seemed happy. She allows me to go with you. Well, my dad, on the other hand, was against it though…」(Ester)

「I see.」(Mark)

As Ester’s mother, Stina-san will feel more at ease if her daughter leaves the village with people she can trust. That’s probably why she gave Ester her permission.

Ester moved her face away from my chest and looked to the side.

「And… Mom told me to show her her grandchild’s face when I come back to this village in the future…」(Ester)

She then glanced at me as her face turned slightly red.

…Eh? …Hold on… That means… Eh…? Eeehhh!?

「E, Ester… Don’t tell me… Your mom still thinks that…」(Mark)

「Un… She still thinks that we are a couple… Hahh… I told her many times that it wasn’t the case but she didn’t listen.」(Ester)

「I, I see…」(Mark)

Honestly, I think that it’s only natural that her mom thinks so. After all, we hold hands and hug each other all the time. Moreover, in this village, people are advised to have boyfriends or girlfriends since childhood to maintain their population.

However, I wonder if Ester really understands what it means to be a couple…

「Say, Ester… Do you know what kind of things a couple do to each other?」(Mark)

Ester looked to the side again and her face turned even redder.

「U, Umm… They… kiss each other and then… ma, ma, ma… make babies with each other… ri, right?」(Ester)

「From kissing to making babies!? That escalated too quickly!」(Mark)

Now I understand why Ester often hugs me and holds my hand as if it’s nothing special. It’s because she thinks that those are not included in things that couples do to each other.

Seeing my reaction, Ester pouted while her face was still dyed red.

「Muu, I don’t know why but your reaction shows that you understand what it means to be a couple more than me.」(Ester)

To stop this conversation from becoming more awkward, I think I should pretend I don’t understand anything about this kind of topic.

「Eh? W, What are you talking about? I’m still eight years old. Of course, I don’t understand. Th, That’s why I asked you, didn’t I?」(Mark)

「But your reaction earlier… Oh, well… Aa-ahh… If you really don’t understand this kind of topic, then I shouldn’t have acted so shy like this!」(Ester)

「Ahaha… I’m sorry. Well then, shall we go to Tori-sensei’s place? He must be waiting for me by now.」(Mark)

Ester, who was pouting, changed her expression completely. She stood up, stretched her hand toward me, and smiled.

「Un! Let’s go!」(Ester)

I grabbed her hand, and then we left my house, heading for Tori-sensei’s house.



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  1. Sex education is very important but also not important for a kid skill. It’s will be weird suddenly a kid say want to master sex skill like other education like math and science. But unfortunately, sex education at teen time is more no good for that time is full of reckless and challenge. A teen that learn from book will might be changed to physical learn suddenly.

  2. “from kissing to making babies?! That escalated too quickly!” Boy, you’re already on holding hands terms, it’s nothing short of a miracle she’s not pregnant yet.

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