Chapter 212 : Light Day Morning


-A day after I successfully sold out my cucumbers in the village square-

Today is Light Day, the day Tori-san usually holds a class for children in this village. Today is also Nicola’s day off from working at Ester’s house, so I woke up a bit later than usual.

When I got up, Nicola was still sleeping soundly in the bed next to mine.

She told me not to wake her up until I prepare breakfast, so I walked to the kitchen slowly so as not to wake her up and started preparing breakfast.

By the way, I made the kitchen yesterday after I helped Celine with her Portal Stone. I added a little room to my house and used it as a kitchen.

I approached the kitchen table, took out a loaf of white bread, and sliced it into several pieces. Then, I sliced a cucumber and a freshly boiled sausage, that I got from bartering with someone yesterday, into pieces. I put the sliced cucumber and sausage on a piece of bread, put some mayonnaise on them, and put another piece of bread on top. I did the same thing one more time and then two Mark’s special sandwiches are now completed!

Well, there’s nothing special on these sandwiches, so I don’t think they’re worthy to be called “Mark’s special” though. Still, I think it’s enough for breakfast.

If only I had ketchup, they could be more delicious. I wonder if anyone sells ketchup in this village. I should look for them the next time I go to the village square in the morning.

After I finished making the sandwiches, I took out two wooden cups and poured Legion Sheep milk into them. Then, I went to wake Nicola up.

「Hey, get up. Breakfast is ready.」(Mark)

I shook Nicola’s shoulder as I said that loudly, trying to wake her up, but she curled up in her blanket like a pillbug.

「Mmm… Today is a day off, right? …Let me sleep a bit longer… I’ll wake up in ten minutes…」(Nicola)

「Hahh… You always say five more minutes or ten more minutes but in the end it takes you an hour to wake up every time.」(Mark)

「No. If I say I’ll wake up in ten minutes, then I’ll wake up in ten minutes. You think it takes an hour because there’s something wrong with your sense of time.」(Nicola)

「Hee, is that so? Then I will ask Tori-san to make a clock magic tool for me next time.」(Mark)


Clocks exist as a type of magic tool in this world. However, most people don’t normally have them because they are super expensive. Only rich people have them.

Each town or village in this world has bells that tell time, and that’s how people are aware of time even if they don’t have clocks.

「Alright, alright. I’ll wake up but please don’t buy a clock. I don’t want my life to be ruled by time…」(Nicola)

After saying that, Nicola sluggishly slipped out of her bed and trudged to the kitchen.




After eating breakfast, I went outside to take care of my vegetable field.

It was a little bit later than the cucumbers but the tomatoes and cabbage have grown enough to be harvested. Still, it’s way faster than normal because I used water containing E-grade potion and poured my mana into the soil regularly.

After picking all the tomatoes and cabbage and putting them into my Item Box, I approached Nicola who was basking in the morning sun on the bench. She wasn’t helping at all.

「I’m going to Ester’s house to share these tomatoes and cabbages. Wanna come?」(Mark)

「Umm… I’d like to meet Ester-chan but her house is my workplace, and I don’t wanna go to my workplace on my day off.」(Nicola)

「So you don’t wanna come? Alright then. Are you going to lay down on this bench all day?」(Mark)

「Of course not. I’m going to Celine’s house and continue sleeping with Eclain mama.」(Nicola)

I was going to say, “You still wanna sleep, huh?” but considering that Nicola had done her best these past three days, waking early in the morning and working until noon, I decided not to say it.

「I see. I’m going to join Tori-san’s class this afternoon, so tell Celine that I’ll help her with her Portal Stone before lunch.」(Mark)


「Alright then. I’m going now.」(Mark)

I turned around and headed to Ester’s house, leaving Nicola behind.




Right when I arrived at Ester’s house, I bumped into Ester in front of her house. She seemed to have just returned from the village square.

「Mark, good morning! Did you come to play?」(Ester)

Ester rushed to me with a bright smile on her face.

I feel kinda sorry because I didn’t come to play with her.

「Good morning, Ester. I’m sorry but I’m looking for your parents. Are they home?」(Mark)

「I see. That’s too bad… I think my parents are in the kitchen. Want me to call them for you?」(Ester)

「Umm, I want to meet them in person if possible. Can I get in?」(Mark)

「Of course! Come in!」(Ester)

Ester looked disappointed for a second but then she smiled again and grabbed my hand. She then pulled me into the kitchen.

When we entered the kitchen, I saw Stina-san, who is currently pregnant, chopping vegetables with a kitchen knife while sitting on a chair. Meanwhile, Miguel-san was simmering soup, preparing the broth for tomorrow’s menu.

Seeing those two working in the kitchen reminds me of my mom and dad.

I don’t feel homesick because I keep in touch with them every day via Resonance Stones but I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to go home as soon as possible.

「Mom, Dad, Mark is looking for you!」(Ester)

「Ara. Good morning, Mark. Do you need something?」(Stina)

Stina-san stopped chopping the vegetables and turned her face to me.

「Good morning. I want to share some tomatoes and cabbage I grew. I hope you like them.」(Mark)

While saying that, I took out some tomatoes and cabbage and put them on the table.

「Ara. I heard from Ester that you grow an unusual vegetable. What is it called again…?」(Stina)

「Ah, do you mean cucumbers?」(Mark)

「Yes, yes. Cucumbers. But I didn’t know that you also grow tomatoes and cabbage. Are you sure you want to give them to us? You can sell them at the village square tomorrow, you know?」(Stina)

「No. Umm… The thing is… I can’t sell them…」(Mark)

After I said that, Stina-san put her finger on her mouth and made a surprised face on purpose.

「Ara~ So you are giving me vegetables that can’t be sold?」(Stina)

「N, No, no! It’s not that I can’t sell them because they’re bad, but… Uhh… How should I put it…」(Mark)

「Fufu. I’m just kidding. There must be a reason, right? Anyway, can I try them?」(Stina)

「Of course.」(Mark)

Stina-san took a tomato, sliced them into pieces, and put them into a plate.

Then, Stina-san, Ester, and Miguel-san, who was standing behind Stina-san before I knew it, each took a slice and ate it.

「Mmm! Mark, it’s really good!」(Ester)

「Mmm~ It’s so juicy and sweet. Delicious!」(Stina)

「Not bad… Not bad at all. Mark-kun, did you grow them with magic?」(Miguel)

「Yes. I regularly pour my mana into the field as magic practice. I also use water that contains potions to water the field.」(Mark)

「I see. Some people in this village grow vegetables with that method too, but this is the first time I’ve ever eaten a rich and fresh tomato like this. Mark-kun, I think I know the reason why you don’t want to sell them. It’s because you don’t want to hurt other people’s business, isn’t it?」(Miguel)

Miguel-san said that while looking at me with a worried face.

「That’s right. I might sound arrogant but I’m aware of how delicious my vegetables are. If they sold well, other people who sell the same vegetables would have a hard time selling their goods.」(Mark)

「Hmm, it will likely happen, I think. But, Mark-kun, I don’t think it’s something you need to worry about. Competition between sellers is a normal thing, you know?」(Miguel)

「Still, I don’t want to make other people’s lives harder. Selling only cucumbers is more than enough for me to survive in this village. Luckily, no one sells them in this village.」(Mark)

After I said that, Miguel-san sighed while Stina-san stretched her arm toward me and stroked my head.

「I may have said this but Mark, you really are a mature kid for your age. Oh, right! I will give you Ester in exchange for these tomatoes and cabbages! What do you think?」(Stina)

「Oi, oi! Stina! Ester is not a thing! Besides, it’s still too early for her!」(Miguel)

Miguel-san shouted as soon as Stina-san made that joke.

「Mom, does that mean Mark and I will become husband and wife?」(Ester)



「But I think it’s too early for me. Besides, Mark is my friend, not my lover.」(Ester)

「Y, Yeah! Tell her, Ester! It’s still too early for you!」(Miguel)

「Haahh… Ester, you’re fifteen years old this year, so stop behaving like a child. Oh, well… Mark-kun, I’m sorry. It looks like I can’t give you Ester yet, but I’ll gratefully receive these vegetables. Thank you, mark-kun.」(Stina)

「N, No problem…」(Mark)

Ugh… This is really awkward…

No, I’m not disappointed at all, okay?

「Well then, I’m going home now.」(Mark)

「Mark, I will walk you halfway! Let’s go!」(Ester)

Immediately after I bowed to Stina-san and Miguel-san, Ester grabbed my hand again and pulled me outside, leaving her house.




Seeing Mark and Ester leaving the house while holding hands, Stina squinted her eyes and smiled.

「Fufu. I think it’s only a matter of time before she changes her mind~」(Stina)

「Come on! It’s still too early for her to have a boyfriend!」(Miguel)

After saying that, Miguel quickly returned to the large pot, continuing his task of making broth.

「Hahh… Why is my husband overprotective of his daughter…?」(Stina)

Stina lightly sighed while gently stroking her swollen stomach.



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