Chapter 201 : Face Shield


「Stina-san, you have exercised enough, right? Please get some rest. Don’t worry, I can do it alone.」(Mark)

「Alright then. Thank you, Mark-kun.」(Stina)

After walking Stina-san back to the house, I continued pushing the cart.

I parked the cart at the back of the kitchen and dumped all the firewood and charcoal from my Item Box into the cart.

After that, I opened the back door leading to the kitchen and called out to Miguel-san who was currently cooking.

「Miguel-san, the firewood and charcoal are in the cart if you need them.」(Mark)

「Alright. Thank you, Mark-kun.」(Miguel)

「By the way, Stina-san is resting. Is there anything else I can help with?」(Mark)

「Hmm, can you help Nicola-chan cut the vegetables?」(Miguel)

As he said that Miguel-san turned his face toward Nicola.

He seemed to be too busy to help Nicola at the moment.

I entered the kitchen and walked toward the table where Nicola was working.

Currently, she was chopping onions. She was quite good at handling a kitchen knife. She was cutting the onions rhythmically and neatly. Although she sometimes skipped Dad’s training, it seemed that her training so far had paid off.

As I approached the table, I could smell the pungent fragrance of the onions. It was quite strong.

However, Nicola didn’t even shed a tear or look like she was struggling at all. She was chopping the onions while looking straight at them as if it was nothing.

When I wondered why her eyes didn’t sting, I noticed something like a thin greenish layer floating right in front of her face like a face shield.

It must be some kind of barrier she created with wind-attributed mana.

『Onii-chan, did you notice it? I used wind magic to create a layer of air to protect my face from the onion acid floating in the air. What do you think?』(Nicola)

While saying that, Nicola glanced at me and smirked as if she was saying, “I’m a genius!”, looking so proud of her idea.

『I see. That’s a great idea. I’m honestly impressed.』(Mark)

『You can do this if you want to help me.』(Nicola)


I began to concentrate my wind-attributed mana in front of my face. However, it turned into a strong wind and blew my face.


「Mark, are you okay?」(Ester)

Hearing me making a weird noise, Ester, who was working at a different table, called out to me.

I hurriedly canceled my wind-attributed mana and answered her.

「I, I’m good. Don’t worry.」(Mark)

『Bwahaha! What a weird face! Too bad Ester-chan didn’t see it.』(Nicola)

『Oh, shut up. I put too much mana and turned it the wrong way so it blew my face.』(Mark)

『Encore! Encore! I wanna see it again!』(Nicola)

『I won’t make the same mistake!』(Mark)

The amount of mana I have has increased, but I still need to practice controlling it more accurately.

While I was fixing my messy hair, Ester came with a basket full of vegetables.

「Mark, Nicola, there are still a lot of vegetables to cut. I will help you, so let’s do it together!」(Ester)

When Ester put the basket on the table, Nicola sighed, thinking that there was still a lot of work to do.

『Uhee… This is why I hate working…』(Nicola)

『Ester is helping, so stop complaining.』(Mark)

Not only onions but there are also carrots and a few vegetables I’ve never seen before in the basket.

Judging from the types of the vegetables, it seems that Ester’s parents’ catering business prioritizes quantity over variety. In fact, they only sold stew in the village square when I went there with Celine the day before yesterday.

We put the chopped vegetables into big colanders. Nicola and Ester would bring the colanders to Miguel-san once they were filled up.

Every time Nicola and Ester took the colanders to Miguel-san, he would teach them how to deal with the chopped vegetables in the colanders. In the meantime, I kept chopping vegetables alone at the table.

After we finished cutting all the vegetables, we went to the dining room for breakfast.

By the way, Miguel-san was still cooking, so the ones who were sitting at the dining table were only Stina-san, Ester, Nicola, and me.

The breakfast was a big pizza topped with onions, cheese, and bacon, and there was an iron kettle filled with milk for the drink.

I’ve never seen livestock in this village but since they both are dairy products, there must be some people who keep livestock somewhere in this village.

「Mark-kun, Nicola-chan, you have been a great help today. Thank you! Here, have some milk.」(Stina)

While thanking Nicola and me, Stina poured the milk into wooden cups and handed them to us.

As soon as I took a sip, I felt a comfortable sensation from the moderately chilled milk as it went down my throat.

Somehow, it tasted different from the milk I usually drink at home. I feel like this one has a richer flavor.

「It’s very good! What kind of milk is this?」(Mark)

「It’s Legion Sheep milk!」(Ester)

I asked Stina-san but the one who answered me was Ester.

「There’s someone who keeps Legion Sheep as livestock in this village. We got the milk from him in exchange for our food.」(Ester)

「Legion Sheep…? Are they monsters?」(Mark)

「Yup. They are sheep-type monsters that usually move in groups. However, sometimes there are Legion Sheep that stray from the group, and you can catch them by blinding them with dark magic, and then you can take them to the village. Their milk has a richer taste than the milk of regular sheep, so the food that is made from their milk will naturally taste better. Well, I’ve never drank regular milk, so I don’t know the difference.」(Ester)

While explaining, Ester took a piece of pizza and took a bite of it.

「By the way, the cheese in this pizza is made by fermenting Legion Sheep milk with dark magic. It is said that it’s better than regular cheese.」(Ester)

Seeing her explaining while eating the pizza deliciously makes me want to take a bite as well.

Mmm~ It’s indeed better than regular cheese.

That would be great if there were Legion Sheep near the town of Fatia. I could makeー No, I mean Dad could make a lot of delicious food with their milk.

Not long after we finished our breakfast, Miguel-san came to the dining room.

「Guys, the food is ready to sell.」(Miguel)


I followed them to the kitchen and saw a cart with three big pots filled with beef stew and several boxes of pizza.

「I’m gonna clean up the kitchen. Can you guys go to the village square?」(Miguel)

「Alright! Mark, Nicola, let’s go!」(Ester)

As she said that, Ester pulled the cart outside the house.

「Ester, I can put them in my Item Box.」(Mark)

「No, you don’t have to. Pulling this cart to the village square is my morning practice!」(Ester)

「Ah, I see.」(Mark)

That cart looked heavy but… That’s Ester for you. She really likes to practice.

The sky had gotten brighter and the sun had started to rise when we went outside.

The three of us then headed to the village square.



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