Chapter 181 : Mother And Daughter Sandwich


While taking a walk in the forest, I thought about what I would need while I’m living in this village for the next three months.

The first thing that came to my mind is… a field.

Yeah, I will need a field to grow Segilia Grass to make potions.

I still have many potions in my Item Box but I will occasionally prepare a potion bath for Celine and her mom while I’m living here, so I don’t think the number of potions I have will be enough.

Also, even though I will be living here to help Celine, I don’t want to rely too much on her. I want to be able to live on my own.

Therefore, I’m thinking of growing tomatoes and cabbage as well. I can trade them for food or something else with the villagers.

「In order to make a field, I will need land. Hmm…」(Mark)

I muttered to myself while looking around, trying to find a perfect place to make a field. After I found it, I immediately started removing the nearby trees and leveling the land with earth magic.

After doing the task for a while, I heard Nicola’s voice in my head. She sounded happy for some reason.

『Onii-chan~ We’re about to get out of the bath. You can return now~』(Nicola)

『Okay. You sound happy. What happened?』(Mark)

『What a foolish question~ Of course, it’s because taking a bath while being sandwiched by a mother and daughter is the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had! Because Celine is a bit tired today, she didn’t mind at all when I leaned on her boobs! Eclain mama, too! She didn’t mind when I grabbed hers. She smiled at me and stroked my head instead! Mother and daughter sandwich is fantastic!』(Nicola)

『ーAlright, alright. I understand… Anyway, I’m going back now.』(Mark)

I let out a long sigh and looked around at the land that I had leveled.

It’s still not finished yet but I can continue later.

By the way, I stored all the logs of the trees I had removed in my Item Box.

When I closed my eyes and looked into my Item Box, the logs were labeled with the name “Naab Log”. That means the name of the trees around this area is Naab tree.

I stored a good amount of logs today but it seemed that my Item Box still had plenty of room, so I decided to store them for a while. When I get back to Fatia, I can sell them to the commercial guild. Well, I will need Gill ojii-san’s help to sell them since I’m still too young to register and become a guild member.

When I got to the bathhouse, I didn’t see anyone. They seemed to be in the dressing room.

I made a bench with earth magic, sat on it, and waited for them.

A few minutes later, they came out.

Eclain waved her hand while approaching me. She seemed to be in a good mood.

「Mark-chan~ The bath was amazing! I think I’m addicted to it!」(Eclain)

「I’m glad you like it.」(Mark)

「Filling that big bathtub with hot water is a bit of a hassle but I’m fine with it if I can bath like this every day~」(Eclain)

「Mom, Mark’s bath is special because he mixed the water with potions.」(Celine)

Celine no longer looked exhausted after taking a bath.

Her black dress that was drenched in sweat didn’t look wet either. It seemed that she dried it with wind magic.

As usual, Nicola was wrapping her hands around Celine’s waist. Since Celine was no longer drenched in sweat, she didn’t seem to mind Nicola hugging her at all.

「Ara, is that so? But I think soaking in hot water still feels good even without potions.」(Eclain)

「Well, you’re right. Then, how about asking Tori jii-san to make a magic tool that produces hot water? You can bathe in hot water every day with it.」(Celine)

「That’s a good idea! But… I feel like it’s gonna be pretty expensive. Say, Celine~ Would you pay for it for me~?」(Eclain)

「Eeehh… Tori jii-san likes your Gupul wine, right? You can give him some wine in exchange for the magic tool.」(Celine)

「Yeah, but, how many barrels of wine do you think I need to make in exchange for that expensive magic tool? Ahh… I already feel tired from just imagining it…」(Eclain)

「Come on, stop being lazy and start working hard! It’s for your own sake.」(Celine)


Eclain pouted at Celine like a little child.

As usual, Celine and Eclain look like a younger sister and a good-for-nothing older sister somehow…

Speaking of Gupul wine, I remember that I wanted to ask Eclain to teach me dark magic.

「Eclain-san, when we get home, can you teach me dark magic? I’ve never used dark magic before.」(Mark)

「Ara~ You want to learn it? Of course, I will teach you. However, you won’t be able to use dark magic if you don’t have the aptitude for it. For that reason, only a few people can use dark magic. I wonder if you have the aptitude.」(Eclain)

「Aptitude, huh…?」(Mark)

「Well, we won’t know until you try it~」(Eclain)

So, there’s the chance that I won’t be able to use dark magic.

「Mom, you saw how Mark made the bathhouse earlier, didn’t you? He used earth and wind magic to remove the trees, and fire and water magic to make hot water. He can even use light magic to make potions. He is a prodigy child. I think he will be able to use dark magic as well.」(Celine)

「Now that you mentioned it. He is still a child but he’s able to use five attributes of magic. He’s probably better than Deel who has the Blessing of The Four Origins.」(Eclain)

Oh? Those are words I’ve never heard before.

「The Blessing of The Four Origins?」(Mark)

「It’s a Gift that allows you to use high-level fire, water, wind, and earth spells.」(Eclain)

I see. It’s a Gift, huh?

So it’s similar to my Item Box and Nicola’s ability to feel others’ presence.

「Ugh… It reminds me of Deel’s annoying face when he bragged about his spells…」(Celine)

「Celine is good at using fire-attributed spells but not with the other attributes. I remember she cried after Deel showed her a fire spell that was better than hers. She then went to the river bank and practiced until late at night. Fufufu~」(Eclain)


「Wai… Mom!? Why did you tell him such an embarrassing story!? Mark, that happened when I was still a child, okay?」(Celine)

「I know, I know~」(Mark)

「Geez… Mark, if you want to learn dark magic, you better pick up some Gupul fruits later on the way home. Well then, we’re going home first.」(Celine)


Celine, whose face looked a bit red, pushed the back of Eclain who was still giggling.

「Stop laughing and start walking already!」(Celine)

「Okay, okay~」(Eclain)

「Mark, enjoy your bath~」(Celine)

Celine, Eclain, and Nicola then headed to Eclain’s house, leaving me behind.



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  1. Does he still keep all leftover bath water so far in his Item Box, or does he dump it somewhere periodically? To water the plants he grows, for example.

    1. Nicola would probably be happy if he purified the hostesses’ bath water using his new water purifier and let her drink it

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