Chapter 155 : Going To The Other Side


「Nicola-chan, you look tired. Do you want to wait here?」(Celine)

When I was about to clean up the table and chairs I made, Celine asked Nicola.

At first, I thought Nicola wanted to stay and continue taking a nap here, but her answer surprised me.

「No, I will go to!」(Nicola)

Does she really mean it? She kept complaining when we were climbing this slope.

『Are you sure? You can take a nap here while we are gone if you’re tired.』(Mark)

『Did you forget why my boss sent me to this world with you? I feel like there’s something going on in the mine, so I think I should go with you as your support.』(Nicola)

『Alright then…』(Mark)

I don’t know anymore if she is a lazy-ass or a dutiful person…

Certainly, from Weikel’s condition, there must be something bad going on in the mine, but I don’t know if I want to enter the mine…

「Nicola-chan, if you want to go with us, I’ll piggyback you!」(Nei)

Nei stepped forward and tapped her chest, offering help to Nicola.

Certainly, she has a lot of physical strength since she is a dwarf, but she and Nicola have the same height, so I think carrying Nicola up and down the slope will be difficult for her.

It seems like she wants to make up for her mistake of punching the horse statue earlier and find another way to show off her strength to me.

If so, I have to wish her good luck then.

「Waaii~! Nei onee-chan, I love you!」(Nicola)

「Ahaha! Come!」(Nei)

Nei turned her back on Nicola and crouched down. Nicola then hopped onto Nei’s back.

『Guhehe~ I’m riding a loli~』(Nicola)


What a rude girl…

「Are you ready?」(Nei)


「Let’s go!!」(Nei)

While carrying Nicola on her back, Nei turned toward the slope and started running down the slope really fast.


「Uwaaaー! Nei onee-chanー Can you slow down a bitー?」(Nicola)

「Whatー? I can’t hear youー!!」(Nei)

Nicola hugged Nei tightly as they went down the slope.

Celine, Delica and I then hurriedly chased after them.




When we arrived at Bian’s store, Nei was waiting in the store while still carrying Nicola.

『Ugee… Apparently, you can get motion sick from riding a loli… But I can’t miss this opportunity! I won’t get off no matter what!』(Nicola)


Anyway, let’s ignore this weirdo and tell Bian what we saw at the entrance to the mine.

「I see… Seems like getting rid of those monsters is not easy even for professional adventurers. So you guys want to go there to see what happened?」(Bian)

「Yes. We will come back later.」(Mark)

「Alright. I’ll always be here if you need me.」(Bian)

After that, we left Bian’s store and ran toward the mine.




「Hahh… Hahh… I’m tired…」(Mark)

I put my hands on my knees while breathing heavily.

I’m not as weak as Nicola but going down a slope and then immediately climbing another one was really tiring for me.

Even Delica and Celine looked a bit tired.

I took out one E-grade potion from my Item Box and drank it to help me recover from fatigue.

「Hey, Nicola-chan, how long are you gonna cling to me? Can you get off already?」(Nei)

「…Alright~ Thank you, Nei onee-chan.」(Nicola)

Nicola unwillingly got off Nei’s back. She looked somewhat regretful.

We approached the entrance and saw the three miners sitting on chairs and Weikel sitting on the ground.

「Hey, Weikel, what the hell happeー」(Celine)


When Celine was about to ask Weikel, three of Weikel’s party members suddenly came out of the mine, running frantically.

When I looked into the entrance, there was a Stone Lizard chasing after them.


「Un! Stone Bulletー!」(Mark)

I immediately shot a Stone Bullet at the Stone Lizard and blew its head off.

「Wh, Whoaa…」
「That was awesome…」(adventurers)

The three adventurers opened their mouths in awe while looking at the Stone Lizard’s corpse.

If I’m not mistaken, Weikel’s party has seven members including Luck and Jack, right? But where are Luck, Jack and one other member?

While I was wondering, Celine glared at Weikel and asked.

「So, what the hell happened inside?」(Celine)

「Ce, Celine-san! Three other members are still inside!」(Weikel)

「Yeah, I don’t see Luck and Jack… Don’t tell me… Did you abandon them!?」(Celine)

Being glared at by Celine, Weikel immediately shook his head.

「N-No, no! What kind of jerk do you think I am!? We were so panicked at that time, and because it was so dark inside the mine, we ran in different directions!」(Weikel)

Certainly, there was a time lag between when Weikel came out of the mine and when these three came out, so I don’t think he is lying.

「I see. So they will come out soon?」(Celine)

「I don’t know… If those lizards chased after Luck and the others, then they are in danger!」(Weikel)

「Is the Mother of Stone Lizards so strong that you can’t defeat it?」(Celine)

「Yeah, moreover, there are three of them! They are surrounding a Stone Lizard that seemed to be male. We couldn’t do anything since they attacked us as soon as we approached them.」(Weikel)

「Three Mothers, huh…? Then this mission is impossible for you and your party members. What are you gonna do now?」(Celine)

「You’re right, this mission is too hard for us, but we can’t just return to Fatia without completing it. Besides, we can’t leave our comrades behind! Celine-sanー No, Celine onee-sama, please lend us your hand!」(Weikel)

When Weikel bowed his head to Celine, the three other party members followed him.

「Please help us, Celine onee-sama!」
「Celine onee-sama!」

「Hahh…. Can’t be helped…」(Celine)

Celine looked disgusted with the way they beg, but it looked like she couldn’t refuse.

She approached the entrance, stared into the mine for a moment and turned her gaze to me.

「Mark, let’s help these helpless men complete the mission, shall we?」(Celine)

Eh? Me too…?



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