Chapter 147 : Luck And Jack


「Aa, is that you, Mark!?」(Luck)

「Luck onii-chan.」(Mark)

「If you’re here that means the doll sitting in the store next door is your sister?」(Luck)


「Haha. Yeah, I thought she was a doll. She didn’t move at all. Is she alright?」(Luck)

「Aahh… Don’t worry, she’s alright. She’s just tired after climbing the slope over there. By the way, are you guys the adventurers who are gonna deal with the monsters in the mine?」(Mark)

「Yeah, but there are several other people besides me and Jack. Liza-san told me that Celine-san went to this town as well but she didn’t tell me that you came along with her. Glad to see you, Mark!」(Luck)

Saying that, Luck smiled at me.

Apparently, the adventurers from Fatia town have finally arrived at this town.

「Welcome, welcome! Are you looking for a weapon? Please take a look at my creations here!」(Nei’s father)

Nei’s father was so excited to see the long-awaited adventures came to his store. He approached Luck and immediately promoted his weapons and armors.

「Ou. Let me see….. Uwa! Oi, oi, Old man, they are freaking expensive!」(Luck)

「Wha…!? Of course they are! I put my soul into them! They are my masterpiece!」(Nei’s father)

「Seriously? Can you lower the price a little bit?」(Luck)

「No way!」(Nei’s father)

They started arguing about the price.

The tools for miners that he made unwillingly are super cheap while the weapons and armor that he made earnestly are super expensive…

Looks like Nei’s father is not good at business…

While the two were arguing, I approached Jack who was watching them while scratching his head.

「Hey, Jack, long time no see.」(Mark)

「Yo, Mark. It’s been a while.」(Jack)

「By the way, when are you guys going to start your mission?」(Mark)

「Probably tomorrow. The other members are now talking with our client.」(Jack)

It’s been a while since the last time I talked with Jack. He is now more quiet and looks much more mature.

The last time I heard about him was when I met Luck and he told me that a girl Jack teased took her revenge by throwing a bottle of ointment at Jack’s head when Jack asked her to heal his wound. (chapter 82)

Looks like he has learned from his mistakes.

After talking with me, Jack glanced at Delica, who was browsing weapons behind me.

Delica’s behavior was a bit suspicious for some reason. Perhaps she was pretending not to notice Jack.

However, Jack approached her and talked to her.

「Y-Yo, Delica…」(Jack)

「…What do you want?」(Delica)

「Ah, umm… W-We always fought with each other when we were at Sunday School, but…」(Jack)

「Yeah, and you were the one to start the fights most of the time.」(Delica)

Saying that, Delica glared at Jack.

Now that he mentioned it, our Wolf Team was the rival of Jack’s team… What is the name of his team again? If I’m not mistaken, it was Dark Skull something… I don’t remember. (chapter 23)

Jack used to tease the girls he liked in Sunday School, right? Since he always had a fight with Delica back then, I wonder if he used to like Delica as a girl…

「I, I know… and I regret it now… I mean it…」(Jack)

Saying that, Jack stepped closer to Delica while looking into her eyes with a serious face, but… For some reason, I could feel fear in those eyes.

「I won’t ask you to forget what I’ve done. I won’t forget it either. But I want you to forgive me! If you tell me to kneel before you, I’ll do it. If you tell me to lick your shoes, I’ll do it. I’ll do everything, so please forgive me! I barely sleep every night thinking that you might come to get your revenge on me…!」(Jack)

Jack’s legs were shivering as he said that. He was trembling in fear for some reason.

Perhaps he became traumatized after many girls came to him to take their revenge.

「H, Hey, calm down…! To be honest, I don’t care anymore about the past, so…」(Delica)

Delica replied to Jack while being taken aback.

Jack then looked at Delica with teary eyes.

「S-So… You forgive me…? I swear I won’t tease girls anymore! I can’t believe I was so stupid to tease those… those terrifying creatures!」(Jack)

Uwahh… I don’t know what exactly happened to him but he is so scared of girls that he even thinks that they are terrifying creatures…

Now I feel sorry for him, but… Let’s just hope Luck will do something about him.

When I was worried about Jack, suddenly I heard Luck and Nei’s father laughing together.

「Gaahahaha! It’s been a while since I met a man like you!」(Nei’s father)

「Hahaha! I don’t hate an old man like you either!」(Luck)

「I’m starting to like you! Alright, you can take one weapon you like for free!」(Nei’s father)

「Really!? Are you sure!?」(Luck)

「Of course! I swear to the god of the blacksmiths!」(Nei’s father)

「Hyuu~! You’re very generous, Old man!」(Luck)

Eh? What is going on?

They were arguing just a moment ago, but now they’re laughing together…

Well, I don’t know what happened but I’m glad for them.

「Aa-aah… Here we go again… Another reason why we don’t make much money from this workshop is that my dad will give weapons and armor away for free to the people he likes…」(Nei)

Nei held her forehead and shook her head while looking at her father.

「Ahaha… I see…」(Mark)

After receiving a new sword from Nei’s father, Luck approached Celine.

「So, are you guys going home soon?」(Luck)

「No. Mark wants to see you and your team doing your mission, so we’re going to stay for a while. By the way, we’re going to watch you from that side of the mountain, so do your best so as not to fight miserably~」(Celine)

「Heh, you don’t need to worry about that. But, hee… Mark, you want to watch us, huh? I think you should join usーー No, never mind. I don’t think the other members will agree. After all, I’m sure they don’t want to lose their share of reward money even for a bit.」(Luck)

「It’s okay. I just want to watch from a distance in the first place.」(Mark)

「I see. Our job will surely be way easier if you join though.」(Luck)

「By the way, how many people in your team exactly?」(Celine)

Celine asked Luck curiously.

「There are seven people in total including me and Jack. Everyone except Jack are D-rank adventurers. At first, they didn’t want Jack to join, but then they let him in after I told them that Jack’s share would be taken from mine. I just wanted my little brother to gain more experience as an adventurer.」(Luck)

「Hee~ You’re such a good big brother. Good luck, you two~」(Celine)

「Thanks. I hope I will be promoted to C-rank just like you someday. Well then, we’re going back to our inn. See ya later, guys! Let’s go, Jack!」(Luck)

Luck and Jack then left the store, heading for the inn where they are staying.

When they left, Celine looked at the two with a long face for some reason.

「Celine, what’s wrong?」(Mark)

「Umm… I’m just thinking that they may fail at completing their mission. Normally a subjugation quest requires a lot more people after all.」(Celine)

「Eh!? Then we must tell them!」(Mark)

「No, it’s no use. Even though Luck and Jack will listen to us, I don’t think the other members will, and even if you and I join them, we will only end up annoying them. Rewards have to be shared among the adventures who participate in the quest after all. That’s the rule. And they clearly don’t want to share it with anybody else.」(Celine)

「You have a point, but…」(Mark)

「Well, I don’t know exactly what the objective of their mission is. They probably just have to seal the hole that connects the Stone Lizards’ nest with the mine without fighting them. Anyway, we should watch them first and see what happens.」(Celine)

「Alright then…」(Mark)

They are professional adventurers so I think I should believe in them.

Luck is a talented adventurer. I saw the way he fights when we went to the Kobold Forest with him. His movements when he killed the Kobolds silently was extraordinary.

Well, I don’t know how strong Jack is but I believe the other members are as good as Luck since they are on the same rank.

All I can do now is to wait until they begin their mission.



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  1. Why didn’t the Adventurer’s Guild warn Jack’s party about the subjugation mission when they signed up at the guild? The guild would know the same reasonable thing that Celine said about subjugation parties needing way more members especially when they are just six D-rankers for a stone lizard nest that is already too big for a town’s adventurer’s to handle.

    1. It’s not impossible for them to ignore the warning out of greed, right? And I guess it will be another episode of Mark saving the day, considering his earth magic proficiency being essential to sealing that hole. Unless the subjugation goal means explicitly killing all those lizards.

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