Chapter 136 : The Mining Town, Sadola


When we could see the town, Delica slowed down the carriage a little and brought us toward the town’s gate.

This town was originally built for miners, so it was located on flat ground surrounded by mountains.

There were fences built surrounding the town just like Secard Village, but they looked quite damaged, probably because they have not been repaired for a long time.

Because there was no gatekeeper, we entered the town without a problem.

Unlike the houses in the town of Fatia, the houses in this town looked a bit disorganized and were built in a crowded manner.

It doesn’t seem to be as big as Fatia but it seems that there are enough supplies and facilities to support the lives of the people living here.

Even though there are monsters outside, it seems that this town is pretty safe.

The residents were looking at us curiously while we were passing through the town. Perhaps it’s because travelers and adventurers rarely come to this place.

「I heard from Liza that this town was quite lively. I wonder if it became a bit gloomy because of the monsters that appeared in the mine.」(Celine)

Celine observed the town as she said that.

「Anyway, let’s find an inn. According to Liza, there is an inn near the entrance. That inn has a bar on its first floor, so we can find information from customers there. The inn is called “Iron Ore”. I wonder where it is…」(Celine)

「Aa, isn’t that the inn?」(Delica)

While controlling the carriage, Delica pointed her finger to a slightly old but well-built building.

There was a signboard saying, “Iron Ore”, attached to the building.

「Yes, that’s the one. Can you bring us there?」(Celine)


Delica nodded and drove the carriage toward the inn.

After Delica parked our carriage in front of the inn, Nicola, Celine and I entered the inn while Delica waited outside, taking care of the carriage.

Just like our inn, I could see the reception and the dining hall as soon as I entered the building.

However, compared to our inn, the dining hall here has a much larger space, and the types of alcohol sold here were more varied than our inn. But… I wonder why there are just a few people here… Are the miners still working in the mine?

「Do you guys want to stay here? If you came to this town to buy ores, then you came at a bad time.」(landlady)

The woman who seemed to be in her forties warned us while resting her elbow on the counter.

She looked like she just woke up from a nap. Apparently, not many people came here.

「We didn’t come to buy ores but we’d like to stay for a night here. Can you also take care of our carriage?」(Celine)

「There’s a stable nearby. If you give this tag to a man who lives in a house near the stable, you can rent it for a night, but of course, it won’t be free. Also, the meals here take an extra charge as well.」(landlady)

The woman who seemed to be the landlady took a wooden tag from under the counter and handed it to Celine as she said that.

「The lodging cost for one person is two silver coins per night, and one silver coin for the stable.」(landlady)

「So it will be nine silver coins in total for four people and the stable, right?」(Celine)


After confirming the total cost, Celine took out a gold coin from her pocket and gave it to the landlady.

「I don’t need change, but in exchange, can I ask you something?」(Celine)

「Alright, what do you want to hear?」(landlady)

The landlady put the gold coin under the counter and looked at Celine.

「I heard from someone that monsters appeared in the mine. Can you tell me more about it?」(Celine)

「Okay. Two months ago, the miners dug the mine as usual, but they were unlucky that day. The wall they broke was connected to the nest of Stone Lizards.」(landlady)

「Hee… Stone Lizards, huh?」(Celine)

「Because the nest wasn’t that big, those foolish miners thought of dealing with the lizards themselves. As a result, there have been a lot of people injured these past weeks. They finally gave up and decided to ask the Adventurer Guild for help. Hahh… If they did it from the beginning, no one would have gotten hurt…」(landlady)

The landlady put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

「I see. That must’ve been terrible… Thank you for the information, but can I ask you another question?」(Celine)

「Sure. What is it?」(landlady)

「We caught a trio of bandits on our way here. Do you know someone who may want to report them to the guards in a nearby town on our behalf? They can have the reward money. Ah, this is my adventurer card, by the way.」(Celine)

Celine took out her adventurer card from her cleavage and showed it to the landlady.

「Whoa, so you’re a C-rank adventurer… Alright, what do the bandits look like?」(landlady)

「One of them is a middle-aged man with a beard, and the other two are young men.」(Celine)

「Hold on… I think I know them… They are probably the Zam Family who used to work in this town. I heard the rumor that they joined a bandit group, but… Haahhh… I wonder if most of the men here are idiots…」(landlady)

The landlady let out a sigh again. She seemed to be disappointed with the men in this town.

「Don’t worry, I’ll ask my husband to report them to a nearby town tomorrow morning. By the way, is the reward good?」(landlady)

「It’s quite a lot, I guess. I’ll make you a map with the location where we trapped them.」(Celine)

「Alright. Now I think you should put your horse in the stable. I will guide you to your room after that.」(landlady)

「Understood. Mark, Nicola-chan, let’s go.」(Celine)




After putting the horse in the stable and parking the carriage nearby, the four of us returned to the inn, and after that, the landlady guided us to our room.

Our room was a large room on the second floor. It has four beds, a wooden rack, a square wooden table and four wooden chairs.

I opened the window to look at the scenery, but the sky was completely dark.

By the way, there were a couple of lighting magic tools that were faintly illuminating the surroundings attached to the walls of the room.

I sat on the bed closest to the window. It’s a simple bed but I think it’s better than the mattress we used last night.

Actually, I want to take a bath before going to sleep, but unfortunately, this inn has no bath. I can’t build a bathroom outside either because people will definitely spot me.

While I was thinking, Celine sat next to me. She brought her face closer to mine and whispered.

「Say, Mark… I can’t hold it anymore… Can I do it now…? Please~」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine leaned her body against me and pleaded with a slightly red face and moist eyes.

I see. It looks like she’s almost at her limit.

「You did well refraining yourself from doing it so far. Alright, you can do it now.」(Mark)

When I answered with a gentle voice, Celine smiled bewitchingly at me.

「Wh, What are you guys gonna do!?」(Delica)


Delica suddenly shouted at me with a blushed face for some reason.

『Onii-chan… Since when did you make such a lewd promise with Celine!?』(Nicola)

『Huh? What are you talking about?』(Mark)

Nicola also asked the question I didn’t understand with telepathy.

I feel like there’s a misunderstanding here…

「Well then, Mark. I’m going now~」(Celine)

「Okay, have fun.」(Mark)

Celine jumped off the bed and hurriedly went to the dining hall on the first floor.


「Ah, Celine hasn’t drunk alcohol since yesterday, so she was looking forward to drinking in the dining hall.」(Mark)

Celine really loves alcohol. Well, I can understand since I was also quite a drinker in my previous life.

「I, Is that so…? I-I see…」(Delica)

『Eeeehhh…. That’s so boring…』(Nicola)

『I don’t know what you’re expecting and I don’t want to know.』(Mark)

「Anyway, we should go to the dining hall as well and grab some food for dinner. Let’s go.」(Mark)

「O, Okay.」(Delica)

The three of us then went down to the first floor and headed to the dining hall.



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  1. This novel continues to make ecchi jokes too much to children. Author may think it’s funny. But to me, it’s SEXUAL HARASSEMENT of UNDERAGE CHILDREN.

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