Chapter 134 : Mountain Bandits


I had a feeling after looking at their appearances, but these three men really are bandits after all.

I wonder if their hideout is on the mountain not far from here.

「Hey, Boss~ Looks like your plan to pretend to guide them and attack them on the way has failed~」(man B)

「Shut up! It’s because this bitch pissed me off!」(man A)

「Boss, I think we should just receive the gold coin and go… This woman seems to be a strong adventurer…」(man C)

「You coward! Look! She is probably doing a job escorting those children. That means she is probably just an E-rank adventurer! We can win easily if we surround her and attack her at the same time.」(man A)

「Alright, Boss, you’re going for that woman, right? Then I will entertain myself with that red-haired girl~ Guhehe~」(man B)

One of the men said that while staring at Delica with lustful eyes. Delica then took a few steps backward with a disgusted face.

「Aa, that blonde boy is mine then. He looks so cute…」(man C)

Geh! One of them is targeting me!?

I got goosebumps all over my body when that man stared at me. Now I know what Delica is feeling right now…

「Geez. You two have weird tastes as usual… Well, you guys can do whatever you like.」(man A)

「That’s our boss!」(man C)

『There’s a super cute girl here but that man is targeting you!? That’s unacceptable!』(Nicola)

『Oi, that’s not the problem here!』(Mark)

They have the confidence to decide who they will have fun with even before they fight us. I wonder if they are strong bandits…

「Celine, do you have a plan?」(Mark)

「Well, because I often encounter these kinds of people, I have various ways to handle them, but I overdo it every time so it won’t be a pleasant sight to see.」(Celine)

「Ahh, I see…」(Mark)

Celine really has no mercy when it comes to dealing with people like this…

「Mark, I think you should be the one to deal with them. If you want to get stronger, you not only have to fight monsters but you also have to deal with bad guys like them.」(Celine)

I knew it. I had a feeling that I would be the one to fight them. Well, I don’t mind though.

I nodded to Celine and stepped forward.

Celine then put her hand on Delica’s shoulder and pulled her backwards.

「Good luck, Onii-chan~!」(Nicola)

When Nicola cheered on me with a carefree voice, the bandits glared at me.

「Haaahh? You got a problem with us, kid? Do you want to play a knight or something?」(man A)

「Sir, do you know that robbery is against the law and can be sentenced to death by hanging?」(Mark)

「Sir, why don’t you get a proper job?」(Nicola)

Nicola cutely tilted her head as she said that, making fun of the bandits. As a result, the eldest bandit’s face turned bright red with anger.

「Shut up! Kids shouldn’t lecture adults like that! I’m tired of working hard!」(man A)

As the man yelled, he took out his rusty sword from its scabbard and glared at us intimidatingly.

Hahh… We failed to persuade them…. Well, in the first place, I don’t think we can persuade them though. I’m just not used to making a move before the enemy.

I quickly pointed my hand at the bandits and used light magic to release three light balls. The light balls then flew and stopped right in front of the bandits’ faces.

「Wh, What the hell are these balls? Magic?」(man B)

「That boy can use magic!?」(man C)

「I’ve seen this kind of magic before. I believe this is light magic. So that boy can use magic, huh? Guhehehe! We’re lucky. We can sell him as a slave at a high price!」(man A)

Sell me as a slave? In your dreams!

I closed my eyes tightly and poured as much mana as I could into the light balls.

Soon after, the light balls suddenly shined so brightly for a moment like a flashbang. So bright that it could dazzle your eyes even when you close them.

「Guahh! My eyes! You damn little kid!」(man A)

The bandits immediately closed their eyes.

The eldest one was moving his hand around while holding his face with the other hand. Meanwhile, the other two were writhing on the ground in pain while holding their faces.

「Gaaaahhh!」(man B)

「My eyes are burning!」(man C)

When they couldn’t see the surroundings, I used the opportunity to activate my earth magic.

A round wall started to rise from the ground around them, taking the shape of a dome cage with a height of about 3 meters and trapping them inside. I made a few little holes so that they could breathe, but of course, I didn’t make a door.

After a while, the bandits, who seemed to have regained their sights, started shouting in confusion.

「W-What the hell is this!?」(man A)

「Are we trapped!?」(man B)

「Hiiiiiyyy! That’s why I told you to just receive the gold coin and go!」(man C)

I could hear they were hitting and kicking the wall but I doubt they could break it unless they have a hammer.

「Oi, Kid! Let us go or we’ll kill you!」(man A)

They started to panic.

「Alright, as you wish.」(Mark)

I made three holes in the wall of the dome cage that were large enough for them to crawl out but of course…

I have no intention of letting them go.

「Guhehe, you’re a good boy.」(man A)

The bandits then quickly brought their heads outside through the holes without thinking.

I wonder if bandits are nothing but idiots…


When their heads were outside, I immediately closed the holes and trap them in the wall. Now they are in a state where their heads are outside while their bodies are inside the dome cage.

「Hey! What the hell are you doing!?」(man A)

「Don’t screw with us, you kid!」(man B)

They were glaring at me angrily as if they would really try to kill me if I let them go.

They looked funny though because I could only see their heads.

「Did you think I would really let you guys out? Now we can do whatever we want with your head~」(Mark)

「Good job, Onii-chan! This is gonna be fun!」(Nicola)

「No, stop it! Let me out! LET ME OOOUUTTーー!!!」(man A)



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  1. I thought he would aerate the ground under them for a moment and bury them up to their head. Similar results though lol~

  2. Eh? Why would these bandits synchronize so perfectly their attempts to get out from the earth prison? Too convenient to be believable.

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